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Good Energy Training - Programs - Cardio


Our New State of the Art Cardio Room was designed for Moms and Dads to get their exercise "In" while their student athlete performs a Speed Class or learns about the nuances of GE Strength & Conditioning. For a minimal fee, anyone ON the GE TEAM can use our equipment during our hours of operation.

Good Energy Training - Programs - BackYard Work

BackYard Work

Our turf field isn't just utilized by Athletes! Since January 2012, our clients have enjoyed a GE Style Bootcamp Class consisting of a Variety of exercises and themes. Normally a workout is set up via Circuits or Stations. Our Clients enjoy the camaraderie that exists during these YardWork sessions and have intimated that the atmosphere is similar to practicing or playing on a Team. The standard YardWork session is priced as a Class Session and can be purchased in packages.

Good Energy Training - Programs - Flexibility/Stretch Class

Flexibility/Stretch Class

Wednesday's are generally our "STRETCH/RECOVERY" Day in our Athlete's training regiment to prevent injury and keep our Athlete's Game Ready. Flexibility is a priority for All our clientele and is a portion of each GE Workout. Anyone on our TEAM knows that they can get into the schedule for an extra stretch day or get loose quick before a weekend event, after a difficult workout or before a game. Stay loose, GE!

Good Energy Training - Programs - Nutrition


People who work with Heather maximize their ability to perform better & achieve Results. Regardless of whether you are a young athlete, corporate professional or housewife, Heather can put you on track to live healthier. Her expertise is in Sport's Nutrition, but her ideology of "eating clean" with a scientific formula of meal timing, hydration, recovery & appropriate supplementation enables her Athlete's to fuel properly and play better and for non-athlete's to live a healthier lifestyle. Heather sits with every client at Good Energy Training because without proper Nutrition, fitness is less affective.

Good Energy Training - Programs - Speed & Agility

Speed & Agility

Speed & Agility is a priority at our Performance Center. We encourage ALL our Athlete's to utilize our Speed Program and our "In House" Turf creates an edge for the GE TEAM. GE Athletes are built to be Strong, In Shape and Fast. We pre-script our Speed programs so each Class has a purpose and can be efficiently coached. GE Athlete's enter their Season Ready to Play and are not worried about passing their Conditioning tests. We practice Conditioning tests and teach Combine Drills to improve testing results for our clients. Our Classes include Acceleration, Change of Direction, Transition & Linear Speed.

Good Energy Training - Programs- Team Training

Team Training

In the past our Staff has travelled to high schools and brought our Program to your site. We still do onsite training, but we now have All the tools and space to train your TEAM at our Performance Center. GE Team Training is based on making your Team learn how to Train with Good Energy. Training "with Good Energy" means: formulating the right mindset to Work Hard every workout & Preparing for the Season with 100% Dedication & Commitment so we are ALL held Accountable for the TEAM'S ability to Achieve Success.

Good Energy Training - Programs - Youth Strength Training

Youth Strength Training

A "NEW" Program at our Facility. Without the use of bars & "Heavy Weights" we teach pre-teens & teenagers how to move weighted balls & kettlebells with efficient body mechanics, good posture & proper technique. This Program will offset the "Over Playing" of today's young, amateur student athletes and will serve as "Cross Training" to Improve Performance for ANY Sport. Our Staff will instill Confidence in your youngster & encourage Hard Work in a Positive Workout environment. Our training is NOT for Everybody as it is Serious and we expect 100% concentration & focus in our facility. The Fun comes when you finish the Workout & realize that YOU CAN become stronger & more athletic with GE!

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