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Baby & Me....

Back from her 2nd vacation!!

Amy Roark, former Athlete of the Week and now 28 weeks pregnant, continues to train hard 2x week at GE in preparation for Baby "D" - i.e. her 4th!

We are psyched that Amy continues to train hard and stay FIT during her pregnancy. Above she and "Baby D" are performing a light decline leg raise to maintain her strength in her lower abs, hips and lower back.

We look forward to the arrival of the newest Roark in early October, so stay tuned!

OBLIQUES - Medicine Ball Figure 8's

CHARLOTTE is performing a medicine ball figure 8 exercise to work her obliques. Generally we perform this exercise within a circuit either for time(ex. 45 secs.) or 10-20 repetitions both to the right and left.

The key is to lean back so your back is roughly 45 degrees to the bench/floor and maintaining a taught posture while engaging your abdominal complex - therefore maximizing the recruitment of the obliques with the twisting action of the ball.


TAYLOR CIALI, coming off ACL Surgery from this past March, is back full speed ahead!

TAYLOR is wearing a 40LB vest and performing 45 Secs of Russian Twists with a 25 LB Slam Ball!

This is one of the less intense exercises in the POWER HOUR with the weighted vest...can you imagine?

RACK RAISES - Intense Lower Ab Exercise

So if you thought the Roman Chair looked difficult, how about no where to rest your elbows!

A.J.'s partner - Brian Maisch and fellow defenseman for Ramsey Hockey, is taking his lower abs thru a tough set of 20 leg raises on the RACK with just a 65 CM Stability Ball to balance on.

To perform this exercise, Brian has to use his entire CORE including his lower back in order to elevate his legs!

Good Job, Brian ~ You will feel the affect of this exercise tomorrow!

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