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Saying Good Bye to our last College Athletes

Kyle Fanning - Ramsey H.S. / Willam Paterson


Six years ago Kyle Fanning was a freckled face boy who thought it was cool to wear his older brother's @getraining hat - backwards No Less.

Last year he earned 1st Team All League honors at Linebacker for Ramsey High School.

Today he had his last GE Workout before he plays College Football at William Paterson.

Goals & Dreams become reality with a Lot of Hard Work, Commitment to our GE Program & Believing in yourself.

Good Energy Training
Personal since 2003!

GE Throwback Football School

2015 - Day 1: With Pads


GE Throwback Football Camp - W/Pads Day 1 in the books in the GE BackYard. The GE Staff had a great time Teaching & Coaching - Fundamentals, Basics, Techniques, Skills. Blocking, Tackling, Getting Off Blocks and Fun Drills too!

Our Football School consists of Two hours of Happiness for your kids in the GE BackYard. We look forward to Day 2 - Sunny and 70's at GE, i.e. No Raid Outs!

We will work on "Football Specific Movements," Blocking, Tackling, Stances, Defensive Get Offs and Hand Movement. We will Finish our Day with the NEBRASKA DRILL - 2 vs 2 Lineman & 1 RB vs 1 LB. It's LIVE.... Crank UP the MUSIC! #FullClass #Allendale #FranklinLakes #GlenRock #Montvale #Ramsey #TrainWithAPro #GE4Life

GE: First Week of August 2015

- Schedule Changes -


Although it's a "Dead Period" for high school sports in Northern NJ, we will be open this first week in August.

Some changes include no semi private classes at 5am for the next three weeks, ONLY Spin on Monday morning at 6am with Victor, all other Spin classes will be cancelled this week.

No 6am Total Body Class on 8/01 or 8/08, but the 7am will stay the same.

Our Strength Training will transition to "IN SEASON" Training as we will not have Power or Chest workouts, but will offer Total Body, Lower Body, Core & Cardio, Upper Body and Yard Work.

Please contact Kevin at 201-760-9900 for schedule changes. Leave a message and he will get back to you at his earliest convenience.

Good Energy Training
Train Hard - Play Great!
since 2003


Wednesday - 7.29.15


The GE BackYard Patio

GE Summer Intern and St. Francis University senior FB - Frank Failace leading the way in our Sports Performance Training.

That look of "WOW - 415 for my one rep max didn't seem too bad!" That's how it feels when you have PUT IN ALL the HARD WORK and the Results are Positive.

Great Job - Frank and the GE Athletes who "Got their Weights" this week for Squat and Bench. Power Day is tomorrow and it's ALL about Technique with the Heavy Weight.

Good Energy Training
since 2003


Mon 7/27 - Thur 7/30 2015


What does your son have next week?
Baseball over?
Get your Football pads yet?
Come have Fun at our No-Pads Jr Football Camp in the GE BackYard!
Mon-Thur (7/27-7/30 12-2pm) - $200.
4th Graders - 6th Graders
Shirts, Short, Sneakers & a Positive Attitude!

Good Energy Training!
We KNOW Football .

It's NOT too Late for GE...

July 22, 2015 - Caroline Ryan


Caroline Ryan is an incoming Freshman for Northern Highlands Regional HS.

A Hohokus native, Caroline will tryout for the field hockey team this Fall, and the lacrosse team next Spring. She played basketball up until now too, but isn't sure whether she will play in high school and needs time for her studies as well.

Caroline was quiet and shy when she came to GE just three weeks ago. Now, as you can see in this GE YardWork Picture - she is attacking our workouts and just knows and feels that she is getting stronger and IN Better Shape to play at a higher level this Fall.

Thanks to the Summer field hockey League at Ramsey HS, and Captain's practices at the high school - Caroline realizes that her EXTRA Work at GE 3x per week is helping her make strides physically and mentally preparing for high school sports.

We are psyched that Caroline and her Mom - Jeannie chose GE as their Performance Center of Choice and we are glad they are on Our TEAM.

Good Energy Training
Great RESULTS since 2003.

Blue Mountain Spartan Race

Saturday - July 18, 2015


Jason Nagy!

His GE Journey started after a brief conversation on a friend's deck during a 40th birthday party.

Talked about how Good Energy Training is the same training he did for high school football and that it would be a great way for him to start his day and get his Mojo back.

Jason lost a bunch of weight, incorporated GE into his weekly routine and just went to the Pocono's this weekend and ran a Spartan - by Himself!

Yes, that's GE.
Congratulations - Jason!
GE since 2003

Embracing the GE WORK!

Vinny Bernier - Incoming HS Freshman


Friday - 7.17.2015
Allendale, NJ

If it's Friday and it's a picture of the GE BackYard, then you're looking at a GE YardWork session.

Check out "wide eyed" Vinny Bernier performing the Sled Drag - Bear Crawl from yesterday's workout. The older guys tend to know where the camera is and subtly showboat for the picture - but not the new kid.

Vinny has been training with GE just less than one week and he is literally attacking everything we throw at him and with wide eyes. Vinny's brother Bobby was a standout defensive end last year for the Rams and Vinny is focused on continuing the Bernier legacy at Ramsey HS. His sister Brooke is a Bergen County Champion with the Ramsey HS Field Hockey team, so Vinny is poised to make his own mark both on the gridiron and in net as an Ice Hockey goalie in the Winter.

We are excited for Vinny joining our GE Team because his drive and serious approach to our training will lead him to Success in high school. Stay tuned - we will be sharing Vinny's Success with you as he matures in our Program and in Life.

Good Energy Training
It's Personal - since 2003!

Summer 2015 - GE Staff "ON!"

Mahwah's Cole Kreshpane Delbarton - 3 Sport Athlete


Allendale, NJ

Cole is an example of how we have been "on Call" all Summer at GE! He's "IN SEASON" going into his sophomore year because NOW is a Big recruiting year for lacrosse. He has been travelling around doing the Lacrosse Showcase Circuit with his Club team.

Because of his intense Summer lacrosse season, we need to pick our spots when he does strength, speed and recovery workouts based on his schedule.

Cole's GE Training Program is a great example why we are considered a Professional Performance Training Center and how it's Personal.

Cole and many of his GE peers playing basketball, baseball, softball are in season and need to train, but have to be smart so they don't overdue it and it fits just right in their schedule.

Cole is pictured from Tuesday morning doing a lacrosse specific drill during our change of direction speed class. A break from lacrosse and 7on7 football allowed us to work on his movement - Tuesday.

Cole is an excellent wrestler too, but is taking a break from wrestling work this Summer.

Good Energy Training!
It's Personal... since 2003.

Turning Speed Up a Notch

Tuesday - July 14, 2015


Had a solid 8 GE Athletes in our Speed & Agility class at 4pm yesterday.

It was warm yesterday in the GE BackYard, but ALL 8 came prepared to WORK like it was a TOUGH Practice. We say that to our Athletes a lot - "Approach it like it will be a HARD Practice"... and very often we get blank stares.

In today's youth Sports world and high school forum, often times practices are set up for working on plays and going over new schemes instead of working on fundamentals, techniques and based around Hard Work.

At Good Energy Training we are teaching "Movement Skills" and running/moving properly during a Game. The class is very much a "Teaching Lesson" but when it's time to participate - our Athletes Go 100%. Train Like A Pro, With a PRO!

Good Energy Training

Mid July `15 - Summer Full GO!

Athletes & Adults: Hard WORK in the GE BackYard


One of the things that is so great about Summer at Good Energy Training is that Athletes train at All different times throughout the day without school and many without steady jobs.

Therefore, a normal adult class hour can be filled with driven, Focused athletes that up the tempo in the class and make everyone work a little bit harder.

It's GO Time right now as our high school and college athletes know that they only have a few weeks left of GE Training and many families are heading out of town in early August - so Crunch Time is Here to TRAIN HARD and Get in Top Shape.

Good Energy Training
Everything to Prove
since 2003

Phase I Testing - Summer 2015

in the Books, ...Back TO WORK.


Pictured is Matt Hughes (Northern Highlands) senior Tight End for Rowan University. Matt failed on this power clean attempt, but has been doing a Super job in our Summer program so far. Lower, Upper, Power & Speed. It will show this Fall when we expect him to have his BEST College season yet.

Point of the picture? July 4th weekend is over and we have one FULL Month to put in the WORK for Fall preseason.

Time to start fueling properly, getting the proper rest and attacking every workout, set, rep like you want to be the BEST you possibly can Be.

Good Energy Training
Hard Work - Pays Off!
since 2003

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