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USR 5K - 2015

Thanksgiving Day - 150 Strong


Upper Saddle River, NJ

The smiles say it All! An amazing way to start Thanksgiving morning, especially when Mother Nature cooperates and the race has a record participation.

Christina, Jenny & Connor sharing a special moment during the home stretch of the 5K.

We are so grateful for race director Marshall Grupp facilitating our sign ups this year. The Good Energy Training "Race team" was able to sign up online through team "Good Energy Training" for a discount and the girls scouts helped stuff our race bibs and bags.

We exceeded our projected team of 150 and All for a great cause - Upper Saddle River Recreation Commission and Scholarships for Northern Highlands Regional High School up the street in Allendale, NJ.

A Huge "Thank You" to Everyone that participated with our team and if you missed out this year, give us a heads up that you would like to join in the Thanksgiving Day morning fun in 2016. Remember - we always design a Special Turkey Day Trot Tshirt which is an additional $10.

Good Energy Training
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Way back - Wednesday

November 25, 2010


Here's our GE Team Picture from the 2010 Dick Meighan Memorial Run renamed as the USR 5K. I think this year's Race tshirts (2015) are the same lime green as this year - but without our "Tough Guy - Turkey!"

We will be doing the unveiling of our Tshirt tomorrow am when the 150 shirts are shipped in. This year, race coordinator Marshall Grupp did a great job facilitating our team and groups like our's with regard to registration and we really appreciate it.

Looking forward to lots of Good Energy on Thanksgiving morning in Upper Saddle River, NJ and we look forward to seeing a lot of you there!

Good Energy Training
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Countdown to Turkey Trot - 2015

Final Tshirt Order... 11-10-2015


Allendale, NJ

We are Finalizing the design and the order for GE Team "Turkey Trot Tshirts 2015" and we are hoping to get word that "YOU'RE IN!" or you are "out of town this year." (Pictured is last year's design)

We have 49 currently signed up through the website and hope that everyone realizes the new sign up system in place this year. A BIG Thank You to Marshall Grupp the race coordinator for facilitating our sign up this year.

When you register at the above website, click on the Good Energy Training team and you can call the Shop - 201.760.9900 or Inbox us to get the Discount Code.

Let's start off Thanksgiving with a HUGE GE Team Event in Upper Saddle River!

Good Energy Training
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Richards, Northern Highlands victorious in County Championship

Sunday - November 1, 2015


Indian Hills High School

The number one team in the country, Northern Highlands girls soccer team controlled the play for both halves of the Bergen County Girls Soccer championship recording a 2-0 win vs. perennial non public rival - Immaculate Heart Academy.

The field was stacked with future Division I scholarship players including GE's Casey Richards #9 (Georgetown University) who controlled much of the midfield play and assisted on one of the Highlanders goals.

After training close to two handful of girls on the Northern Highlands team, it was so rewarding to see their success first hand on Sunday. All the girls work so hard all year whether it is in our training program as well as with their individual club teams.

Good Energy Training
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Eye on what's NOW at GE!

Thursday - October 29, 2015


Allendale, NJ

Pictured is Morgan Micallef, a freshman basketball player (and elite equestrian) "GOING FOR IT" in an acceleration drill this past Tuesday during our Speed & Agility workout.

Morgan was new to Strength & Conditioning one month ago but now is attacking our workouts like a veteran in our program. The importance of her approach is that she now has the confidence to excel in her tryouts for basketball in early December and play with confidence instead of being a "typical Freshman." At GE we are building an edge for our Athlete's by making them stronger, more fit and confident in our professional training program.

After 20 years of training, we know what to do for each athlete and create a mental and physical edge to be the Best he or she can BE.

Good Energy Training
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Richards named H.S. soccer All-American

Monday - October 26, 2015


The Bergen County tournament final on Saturday between Northern Highlands and Immaculate Heart will feature three All-Americans: Northern Highlands’ Casey Richards and Morgan Busacca and IHA’s Sophia Gulati.

The trio was selected as part of the East Region’s 20-player roster in the 2015 All-American game in Raleigh, N.C. on Dec. 5.

Richards, the Highlanders’ dynamic center midfielder bound for Georgetown, has scored a team-best 16 goals this season while adding another 13 assists for the nation’s top-ranked team.

Good Energy Training is on a roll with regard to highly touted high school talent recognition. Two years ago Clare Shea (Army-West Point) was named National Player of the Year for Northern Highlands HS and last year Hana Kerner was the local player of the year and NJ's Gatorade Player of the Year for soccer.

Casey Richards is this year's highly recognized senior for the GE girls soccer team - who will be next?

Good Energy Training
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IHA Volleyball at Paramus High School

Friday - October 23, 2015


Paramus, NJ

Can't express how Great it was to watch Caitlyn Floyd LIVE yesterday vs. Paramus HS. Ithaca bound Caitlyn is "the setter" for IHA's powerhouse Volleyball team and she impressed GE on our "Field Trip." It's a dream training Athlete's that get the Importance of Strength & Conditioning like Caitlyn, but then to watch the training Pay Off LIVE with her serving, defending, setting - it's the Ultimate and why Good Energy Training will always be a Personal Performance Center!

Good Energy Training
Don't just Play... TRAIN.

Fall 2015 Testing - Phase I

Speed & Agility Day


Allendale, NJ

On Tuesday we popped a "surprise quiz" on our High School students. They were prepared for our change of direction Speed & Agility workout - but we instead initiated our 1st Phase of Speed & Agility Testing as it is - TESTING WEEK, six weeks into our Fall Program.

Everyone did a great job attacking all 7 components including but not limited to the Broad Jump, Vertical Jump, Agility drills, footwork drills and finishing with a 300 yard Shuttle.

In addition to seeing tangible results in the squat rack, we also want to prepare our athletes to be fit and more explosive in their movements. Tuesday gives us a base line to increase in the next six weeks.

We focus on your Goals at GE and structure our program on making you the Best you can Be.

Good Energy Training
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TESTING WEEK - Fall 2015: Phase I

Monday - October 12, 2015


Pictured is Brendan Kilkenny (spotted by Director of S&C - Kevin Cline)getting low for a 400 plus pound one rep squat lift. TODAY is THE DAY, Fall Squat Test - PHASE I, Get a Number - for You and Us.

This picture and idea may be daunting for you reading this post, but it's important to share with you. In order for a strength training program to have an impact on student athletes, there must be tangible progress shown in order to reflect success within the program.

By improving your MAX Lifts, we can then program the workouts accordingly to reflect your "NEW Number" and therefore increase your Load and progress your strength.

Good Energy Training is a sound program with Proven Results for the last 13 years. We safely administer training for student athletes that participate in any sport and make them stronger, faster, more explosive and athletic.

Today's "Test Day" provides not only a measure of progress in our program but a platform for competition amongst our student athletes and themselves. We provide an environment where high school student athletes of both genders and all grades can compete to beat their previous number and compare their strength with their peers from many different high schools.

This concept and structured program makes our facility a unique entity in northern New Jersey and the US for that matter. The BEST teams have a sound Strength & Conditioning program. Our facility provides individuals with the foundation to lead on the field and in the weight room.

We want our athletes to "Go For IT" on and off the field - compete in Life and Play to Win. Our culture at GE since 2003 is for development of the whole person and by structuring competition through periodic testing, we challenge everyone.

The interesting thing about Brendan is that his numbers were high in the Squat, Bench and Clean going into this Summer and he struggled on his MAX Lifts prior to leaving for preseason. We continued to press him that we wanted to progress his numbers yet assured him that he was More than Ready to play Division III College Football.

Brendan Kilkenny is proof that our program works as he has made the transition from high school football to Division III College Football at Franklin & Marshall College without a glitch. Brendan showed up on campus mentally and physically prepared to play and is currently seeing time for the Diplomats this fall on the defensive line. He did well in his pre season testing and could focus on playing football which is why it pays off to Train with the GE Team.

It ALL starts with getting "Your #" and progressing in our program. Today is the Day!

Good Energy Training
Proven Results since 2003!

Time to Start GE... NOW!

Fall 2015 Program - Week #5


Allendale, NJ

As many of you know, we schedule our Programs based on the School year and High School Sports Schedule. Therefore, we start Fall just after Labor Day and it goes 12 weeks until the Saturday after Thanksgiving which is November 28, 2015 this year.

In the past we have had parents call wanting to know "when our Next Program starts...." However, there really is not a "best time to start" as we can input you in our Fall program now to prepare for Winter or stay STRONG In Season Now or get ahead for the Spring.

We are currently training HS Athletes for ALL Seasons as well as our Adult Training which is a constant 12 months per year.

Feel FREE To Call today should you have questions regarding how you would fit into our Professional Training Program or for your son/daughter. The BEST Time to Start is the minute you are considering Training with Our Team at Good Energy!

Good Energy Training
Proven Results since 2003!

Open House - A Success!

Saturday - October 3, 2015



To get into the spirit of the day and season we opened up our facility to the community and offered FREE Fitness.

ALL our Classes were FREE to new patrons to Good Energy Training.

It was business as usual for our Saturday morning at 6am Crew - although they did notice that the facility appeared buttoned up and tidy.

Thank you to ALL of you "NEW GE" that tried out Spin Classes and Total Body Strength. We look forward to seeing you back real soon and hope that more people will see Good Energy Training and learn more about how we train and what our Program is all about.

Good Energy Training
Still PERSONAL since 2003

Allendale's Fall Festival Day - 2015

Saturday - October 3, 2015



6am - 12pm

6am - Adult Total Body
7am - Adult Total Body
7am - Spin Class
8am - Stretch Workout
9am - Spin Class
10am - High School Total Body
11am - GE Youth Speed & Agility (5th-8th Graders)

If you have always wanted to stop in and see Good Energy Training or try a class - this Saturday is the day to do it. Call for more details:

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