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Winter 2016 - Phase II

TESTING WEEK: 2/22 - 2/26 2016


We are real excited to see how our Winter Athlete's have progressed in our program.

Since we started in 2003 we have evolved our training program with an old fashioned strength training template and have subtly infused new age "cutting edge techniques."

We are still big believers in our "Personal Approach" to Training and by evaluating and pre-screening each athlete, we can come up with an appropriate plan and specific strength & conditioning goals for each student athlete in our program.

This is a Big Week because when Athlete's can achieve their short time Strength goals, we know that our Program is on track and their Success in our program will lead to excellence on the playing field for them.

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Monday - February 15, 2016

GE Winter Update


President's Day - Monday

So, it's business as usual at GE Training today and this week. Some school districts have off Monday and Tuesday while others have Winter Break this week.

We have our Normal scheduled "PRE-TESTING WEEK" for our High School Athletes that have been preparing the last eleven weeks in our program. Squats, Bench Press & Cleans will be written to reflect the appropriate weights for each athlete's personal percentages to prepare them for success during next week's Testing Phase II for this Winter's program.

Due to a 14 week program, we can provide an appropriate transition period following testing to send our athlete's into their Spring season in Game Ready shape and prepared to perform at their best from Day 1.

Pictured is Brandon Anderson who is playing at his best right now for the Don Bosco Prep Ironmen as they head to the Semi Finals of the Bergen County Jamboree Tournament and in the Non Public State Playoffs.

We are excited for our Winter Athlete's that are playing at their Best as the Season is on the line because they have trained All Spring, Summer and Fall for this moment.

Good Energy Training
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President's Weekend - February 2016

Friday 2/12/16 - Tuesday 2/16/16


Killington, VT

Megan & Michael Bernius getting a few runs in this morning before they get a little Hot Cocoa and warm up in the lodge today.

Good Energy Training will have our normal hours and regular schedule on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.

Please be kind and let us know if you are away for a long weekend or for this week as we will be preparing as if everyone is in unless we hear from you.

Enjoy your Family time, but remember that Spring is around the corner despite the frigid temps in the northeast this weekend.

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Thursday - January 21, 2016

New Beginnings for GE...


Today marks Day #2 for GE Owner Pete Ohnegian and his internship supporting Army Football's Strength & Conditioning Program.

In addition, Don Bosco Prep's ALL State Center Mike Maietti, brought along a teammate to spread the GE - Brandon Simon, All American Defensive End committed to the University of Iowa.

We are excited to learn from our experiences inside Michie Stadium at West Point and will pass along our new information and established Next Level training program to our newest client, Brandon Simon.

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Saturday - January 23, 2016



Allendale, NJ

The Storm/Blizzard is here... but with only an inch or so, we are shoveled out and ready for a solid Saturday morning of training before we go out and make our snowman and try some sledding.

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IN Season - Looking Good!

Monday - January 18, 2016


Stowe, VT

Ashley Houser sent us this picture from over the weekend in her Ski Racing event.

Ashley is now in her Senior year at Ramsey High School and Stowe Mountain Ski School and is at the Top of her game.

It's exciting for our Staff when we receive texts or updates like this picture of Ashley because ALL the Work we do at our facility is to prepare our student athlete's for moments like this one.

Ashley has been diligent in her preparation at Good Energy Training for the last four years. Fall, Spring & Summer she spends 4-5 days with us in her preparation for moments like this - and because of her excellence on the slopes, will be attending Plymouth State College to continue her Ski racing at the Division I level in New Hampshire.

Good Energy Training
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GE Training: 2003 to 2016


Allendale, NJ
Monday - 01.11.16

Week number two in 2016 and there are smiling faces as Hard Work is being done in the GE BackYard!

This is what it is ALL about at our facility.

We don't have a lot of "New Faces from New Year's Resolutions" but we do have re-energized, re-committed clients with a clean slate in this "New Year!"

Monday's workout was a twenty-four exercise total Body workout in which our clients performed all twenty-four exercises continuously before they rested with a drink. This long circuit was performed two times thru for our Adult's and In Season athlete's.

Following the second circuit, we had some FUN with the Conditioning component which included partner wheel barrel races, sit ups, push ups and Sprints added in.

As you can see, after one hour of WORK - these GE Adults are still enjoying their workout and finishing up Strong.

If you want to try out our classes or learn more about what makes the people that train with our staff "a unique Team" - call today: 201-760-9900.

Good Energy Training
since 2003

Winter 2016 - TESTING: Phase I

January 4, 2016


We don't do "resolutions" here at GE!

In fact, we pride ourselves on consistency and the ultimate "Challenge" is to wake up and train 6 days per week as we are closed on Sunday.

Besides, you do need a day of rest.

Next week is "WEEK #6" of our Winter Program, not week one, and we will be Testing our Athletes in the Squat, Bench Press and Clean.

Pictured is Dylan Herrmann who was testing last year in our Winter Program. Dylan went on to excel in lacrosse last Spring earning his recruitment to Babson College for next year while helping the Mahwah HS Tbirds Win a State Championship in Football this Fall.

Our Athletes know that Good Energy Training is not a "come and go" type training place, but rather a constant in their routine whether they are in their Off Season, In Season or Preseason.

HARD WORK with Our Staff has paid off for hundreds of athletes since 2003. We are excited to begin our 14th year with a heavy dose of Testing to see where are Athletes are at in their Training.

Good Energy Training
since 2003

GE College Athletes - Fill the GE BackYard

Wednesday - 12.30.15


Allendale, NJ

It's great to have a College Strength & Conditioning Class every day this Winter in the GE BackYard & Shop.

The collage features some of the guys from the Chest Workout today. Several of the guys were provided packets to go home with from school, but all our guys know that we do a little extra each hour for them to get sore in places they have not experienced since the Summer and they look forward to getting in as much GE Training as possible before they head back to their Off Season programs.

In some cases, we have called the Strength Coaches to be on board with regard to Recovery Workouts and proper periodization dependent on recent Bowl Games, injuries, etc.

Headed into year number 14 at GE, it's great to have Athletes that have been with us more than five years back for more.

Good Energy Training
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Winter 2016 - Breakin IT Down - GE!

Week #4 - Christmas Week


Allendale, NJ

This picture is from Saturday morning's 10am student athlete crew in the GE BackYard. It's beginning to look a lot like Winter at our facility. Athletes from various schools, grades and sports have converged on the GE Backyard to load the tank this Winter.

Monday, December 21, 2015 starts our College Program at 10am and we will be having a Full week despite being closed on Friday - Christmas Day and the following Friday - New Year's Day.

Call today to get in for our Winter program. It's not too late if you're just getting around to getting yourself or your son/daughter into our program - we will just make sure that the time and program is right.

There is still room in our GE Youth Classes (6th-8th Grade) classes both Strength Training/Total Body on Monday at 5pm as well as Speed & Agility on Tuesday & Thursday at 5pm. We understand that most kids have busy schedules with sport specific training, club practices as well as travel and rec teams, but if you're not performing Strength & Conditioning then your son or daughter will Never reach their maximum potential in sport and their risk for injury greatly increases.

Good Energy Training
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Mahwah State Champs Back at GE!

December 7, 2015


Allendale, NJ

Fresh off their State Championship victory vs. Glen Rock at Met Life Stadium, our Mahwah TBIRDS are back and ready to WORK for Success this Spring and next year.

It was an exciting Fall culminating with Championships, All American status, as well as All League, All County & All State honors.

The GE Staff focuses on the Work & deliberate approach to the process of Strength & Conditioning, but it is satisfying to take "Time Out" and enjoy the Successful Results that many of our Athletes have enjoyed this Fall.

Good Energy Training
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Brad Kroepke back at GE!

All League Indian Hills HS Defensive End


Allendale, NJ

No one worked harder then Brad Kroepke this past off season with our staff at Good Energy Training.
December thru August 2015.

We are so glad that Brad's hard work paid off this past fall as he was a stalwart on both sides of the ball for the Braves earning first team ALL League honors as a junior. Indian Hills made it to the State Semi Finals before they were defeated by Wayne Hills in a rematch of an earlier season victory.

Brad is back to work already and we look forward to providing him with even more gains this Winter & Spring as he begins his college recruitment.

It's an exciting time for sure as Brad's extra work with us will lead to opportunities that other high school students will not have. Our commitment to our student athletes is to not only provide strength & conditioning but assist in the recruitment process as well. We will lend support to both students and their parents as we have personally helped hundreds of student athletes reach the collegiate level since 2003.

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