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GE = Learning How to Perfom the Lift...

...& then Instilling the BELIEF IN YOU that you can do IT!


Spring Test Day - Phase 1

Ramsey H.S. sophomore WR/DB Kevin Fanning prepares for his hang clean test with 135 pounds. Less than one month before this lift, Kevin was learning how to properly move the bar with the green plates - they are 10 pounds each and the hang clean movement was with 65 pounds.

In one month, the GE Staff did not create a miracle by increasing Kevin's load by 70 pounds or put him at a risk for injury. Kevin just needed to learn the proper lifting technique. In additon he has been receptive to our teaching, coaching, support and motivation style so his weights increased and he is getting stronger.

Many Athlete's never reach their full potential because they are AFRAID to GO FOR IT! Athlete's today have been coddled since they were "put into sports" by their parents at a young age. When it comes time to WORK HARD to improve their physique or conditioning for sport, many young athlete's would rather play video games or just learn their sport at practice.

Kevin Fanning did not get this lift and his final completed lift was 115 pounds - 50 more than one month ago. Kevin will get 135 by testing the second week of August and will far exceed the amount in this picture. However, it's truly NOT about the Number, but rather about the Hard Work, Determination & Increased Confidence Kevin will gain by training with Good Energy Training.

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

SPRING Sports in FULL SWING - 4/27/11

Chris Basso - Waldwick H.S. Senior - Centerfielder


Basso & the Waldwick Warriors face Emerson today in an important League match-up.

Our Spring Athlete's are having alot of Success ON THE FIELD thanks to their Pre-Season & Off-Season Training with Good Energy!

Are you training?

Don't just Play your sport "good." Play GREAT and ADD some Good Energy Training into your Weekly Routine.

"It's 1 or 2 hours per week IN-SEASON! If you don't have the time for GE Training, then you don't WANT TO BE GREAT!"

You can quote us on that & tell your Mom & Dad!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Happy Birthday - Michael Barrett!

April 25, 2011


A BIG Good Energy Birthday Wish goes out to Strength & Conditioning Coach - Michael Barrett.

This is one of Michael B's shots upon return to the Shop in 2008.

Before too long he will be at it again - Leading Ocean Beach II in their Lifeguard Competitions this Summer.

GE Website Readers, head down to Lavalette, NJ to watch Michael & the OBII Team perform this Summer - we Guarantee you WON'T guess his age!

He keeps going and going, event after event!

Happy Birthday, Mike - just a Number.
Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

BIG Numbers on the Final Testing Day

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Before the Holiday weekend we had some stragglers still finishing their Maxes in the GE Power Lifts: Bench - Squat - Clean.

Pictured is Michael Casimos who is definitely not "last but not LEAST!"

Big Mike (Don Bosco Prep - Junior - OL) pressed this 410LBS with some ease as GE Strength Coach Andy Romans spotting him.

Overall we are pleased with the jumps many Athlete's have accumulated over the past 6 weeks and we hope this trend will continue the next six before Memorial Day Weekend!

We are always Evaluating, Assessing and Striving to Make Progress at the Shop!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Teitelbaum Choses Good Energy Training for RESULTS

Spring Testing - Phase 1


Monday 4.18.11

Bergen Catholic senior Captain 1 rep maxing 335 on Monday after 6 weeks in our Spring Program.

Marc plans on not just attending Lafayette College next Fall, but ACTIVELY participating on their Division 1 Soccer Team as a true freshman.

The Good Energy Training Staff has been working in combination with the Lafayette Strength Coaches and Soccer staff to synchronize our training with what is expected of Marc at the Next level.

Teitelbaum is off to a great start with his training and we look forward to preparing him for greatness when he leaves our Shop this August Fueled with Good Energy and in the BEST Shape of his Life!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Tax Day - 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011


We have "Good Friday" this week, but today is TAX Day Monday...

Good Energy Training is Proud to be American,
...and we WILL Keep on Keeping on after the checks are sent out Registered Return Receipt!

Come on IN & Blow Off some STEAM - GE PEOPLE!

It's Personal!

...the eve of the Baseball Parade!

Friday - April 15, 2011


GE circa 1982
"Dreaming BIG before Little League game"

With the high school Spring schedule in full swing, the youngsters in many towns have yet to put on their uniforms for the first time.

Sending a Good Energy "Shout Out" to parents, coaches & athletes related to Our GE TEAM,
"Have a Great Spring 2011!"

If you lose - dust yourself off!

"It's Personal - SO PLAY TO WIN!" : )

Giordano Honored on "A Quick :60"

By MSG Varsity | Wednesday, April 13, 2011


WOODBURY, N.Y. -- Ridgewood senior attack Sammy Giordano was honored on "A Quick :60" on Tuesday evening, being named the girls lacrosse Player of the Week.

Giordano, a Georgetown commit, helped the Maroons hand Moorestown its first regular-season loss since 1999 last week by netting five goals. Watch highlights and a full game of Ridgewood's first victory over the South Jersey powerhouse.

For more in-depth coverage of Giordano and her team, check out this week's New Jersey girls lacrosse notebook.

Watch "A Quick :60" live every Tuesday at 8 p.m. only on MSG Varsity, iO Ch. 14.

It's Personal!

Happy Birthday - Krissi Gorsuch

Monday, April 11, 2011


Krissi turns 21 today!

What makes today even more cool is that we have known Krissi since 1997 - she was only 8 when we coached her brother Ryan in junior football!

That's GE - Personal!

Congratulations is in order for KG as well. Her Fairfield "pair" skull won silver this weekend in the Knecht Cup finishing only 5 seconds behind Duke!

Have a great day Krissi & keep Rowing Strong!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Spring Break 2011

April 9, 2011


Spring Break for GE is coming to an end and so is the Winter temperature...

...we look forward to our Spring Athlete's HEATING UP with some great Results to report you you from our site including College, High School and our Recreational Athlete's who are performing all different RUNS in the tri-state area...

Keep WORKING OUT GE - and Leading the Way!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Kate Branciforte

Rowing on Spring Break in San Diego, CA


Be Like KATE B!

Have a fun Spring Break, but keep Rollin' with GE!

We look forward to sharing ALL the GE Results with you from this week.

Please check in with the Shop so we know how Everyone is Performing this Spring!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

The Hard Work with Good Energy

...Gets Unveiled tomorrow across North Jersey


Thursday - March 31, 2011

No April Fool's!

Despite the snow in the forecast for tomorrow, our high school Athlete's will be Ready to Go for their 1st "official" games of the Spring.

Pictured is Spencer Morgan, Ridgewood Senior lacrosse defender. Spence isn't huge on pictures of her at the Shop, but we can't wait for her & Sammy Giordano to play BIG for the Maroons.

The Bergen Record had plenty of GE Athlete's in their previews and missed a few that should be in the box scores or articles soon.

It's an EXCITING Time at the Shop!

We have worked so Hard to press ALL The right buttons to get our Athlete's prepared - tomorrow is SHOWTIME! That's why they put IN all the Work with Us - to Play the BEST in their Sport!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

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