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FALL 2011 - Game Week #1


Cory Connell has been impressing everyone up at Albany University this Pre-Season.

We await with anticipation on word whether Cor will be redshirted as a freshman which was the plan, before he started making plays behind the line of scrimmage during training camp.

It's an exciting time for sure, especially when a kid like Cory who has trained with us since 7th Grade, is about to play Scholarship football.

We look forward to sharing All the GE Results as they come in this Fall and let you know what is up with the Shop as we start our Expansion Phase.

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Back to School - Fall 2011

Michael Barrett


Michael Barrett will not be training this Fall at the Good Energy Training Shop.

Mike has decided to cram all his necessary Education classes into the Fall Semester so he can be one step closer to his Teaching Masters.

We will miss him at the Shop, but glad that he is following his passion for leading our nation's youth in the classroom.

It should be mentioned that Michael & Ty Nagel led a STRONG Ocean Beach II Lifeguard Team this Summer in which they boasted some impressive finishes in the National Lifeguard Competition in Cape May, New Jersey.

Good Luck Mike!

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Summer 2011 comes to an end at the Shop

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Kelly Kittredge struts her stuff after a Bootcamp IN THE SHOP on Wednesday.

Soon to follow is Indian Hills senior volleyball player, Taylor Grbelja.

Both Taylor & Kelly were missing most of the Summer, but came back in GREAT Shape & took advantage of "Finishing OUT" with GE before they head back to school.

Taylor is fresh off a family vacation to Africa and Kelly was WORKING HARD at Hockey Camp in Vermont.

Great to have them Back at the Shop and IN SHAPE!

Good Energy Training
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Wednesday 8-17-2011


12 PM
Ramsey High School

During Ramsey's Band Camp & the HEAT of the Day, we were able to complete Kimmy Hahn's 2nd Successful Test Running under an 8 Minute Mile.

Today Kimmy performed the test on the track, not the perimeter of the Field & during her Final Lap, the entire Band was breaking up and we had to Sprint through the Band as they walked off the field, across the track and into the school.

Pictured is Salve Regina incoming soccer freshman, Zak Bissell. Zak is in amazing shape, in fact Sprinted a 6 minute mile yesterday on the treadmill at the beginning of his "In-Shop" Bootcamp. We met him on the field because he wanted to perform his Conditioning Test consisting of two 300YD Shuttles with a two minute break and practice the 5-10-5 Agility & 10 Yard Sprint.

Good Energy Training IS Different because We WILL do what we HAVE TO in order to get our Athlete's physically & mentally prepared to test & PLAY!

Kimmy & Zak are GE READY!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Finishing Up at the Shop

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Vince, Neil, Kevin, Chris G, Teddy & a flock of High School Athlete's have finished up today with what was a LOT OF HARD WORK over the past 4-5 Months in our program.

We know that Everyone is Ready and we look forward to their Feedback. Hopefully All of our Local Athlete's will come back in two weeks to train with us "In Season" but for those off to College, we look forward to sharing their GE Results!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

2011 Spartans Testing

August 13, 2011


The Spartans are Ready for Football!

After a solid week of work during their Captain's Practices, the 7th & 8th grade Ramsey Football team went thru their Combine testing on Saturday.

It was our pleasure to help coordinate the stations for the 3rd time in the past 5 years for Jim Kelly and his Staff. The boy's worked hard & showed that they will be a formidable team this year with many impressive athlete's.

Thanks to the Coaching Staff for their help & GE Client's Andrew Sayler & Neil Forrester who stepped up to help us run some Stations.

New Performance Coach, Dana White did a more than adequate job with the GE Camera & we will put up some shots in the "Roster" section of this site on Monday.

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Squats - Cleans - Bench Press


Susquehanna University Junior Defensive Lineman, Andrew Sayler showed no signs of weakness after his Outer Banks, NC vacation.

Andrew did 4 reps with 455LBS for a MAX Squat of 510 pounds!

This FINAL Testing Week is Not just to prepare our Athlete's for their team's Testing Program, but also to instill the Confidence & MOJO that THEY CAN & WILL PERFORM WELL in their School's Weight Room!

The GE Athlete's have been TRAINING HARD ALL SUMMER with Good Energy Training & SHOULD Expect GREAT Results!

It's Personal!

Why is Don Bosco Prep Football # 1 in the USA?

Saturday - August 6, 2011


The Shop

The Ironmen are ranked #1 in the USA Today Pre-Season polls because of guys like Starting Left Guard, Mike Casimos #77.

BIG C-A-S-I-M-O-S came in bruised & battered after his first FULL week of Don Bosco Prep pre-season practice, but was Ready for a solid Chest workout including these 50lb SandBag Presses or "BabyShakers" as we call them at GE!

The IRONMEN DO the Extra, like Mike waking up on a Saturday morning "day off" to get IN a Lift at 10am & Get MORE Prepared for the Season with some Good Energy Strength Training!

Good to have Mike back at the Shop!

Good Energy Training
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Friday, August 5, 2011


We have been pulling out ALL the Stops at the Shop to get our Athlete's/Client's Ready for the FALL so we Finish STRONG!

KATE BRANCIFORTE, Fordham University Crew senior works out hard -Regardless. But for this Bootcamp we threw the 40LB Vest on her just to make it a little uncomfortable for her so THE WORK was that much HARDER!

2 Weeks left until MOST of our Athlete's have Pre-Season practice & or Testing, so our time at the Shop has to be Efficient & MAXIMIZED!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Blake Costanzo casts his lot with 49ers

Thursday, August 4, 2011


The San Francisco 49ers signed another former Ramapo High School standout Wednesday.

Backup linebacker Blake Costanzo, considered one of the top special-teams players in the NFL, signed a one-year contract with the 49ers that could be worth as much as $800,000.

A Franklin Lakes resident who played for Cleveland the last two seasons, Costanzo was an unrestricted free agent. He chose San Francisco over Dallas.

When Costanzo works with the 49ers for the first time today, he'll join fellow Ramapo alum Chris Hogan on the team's practice field in Santa Clara, Calif.

Hogan, a rookie receiver who played one season of college football at Division I-AA Monmouth, signed a three-year free-agent contract July 26. Hogan and Costanzo have the same agent, Franklin Lakes' Art Weiss.

Prior to two seasons with Cleveland, the 6-foot-1, 235-pound Costanzo, who played at Division I-AA Lafayette, played for Buffalo in 2007 and 2008. He spent parts of 2006 and 2007 with the Jets, but was waived just before the start of the regular season each of those years.

Costanzo led Cleveland in special-teams tackles in 2009, and was on track to do so again in 2010 before he missed the final six games with a groin injury. He rejoins Brad Seely, Cleveland's former special-teams coach. San Francisco hired Seely as an assistant head coach and special-teams coordinator on new coach Jim Harbaugh's staff.

PROOF is "IN" This Picture!

KEVIN O'SHEA - 275LB Bench Press


For three years there has been a difference in opinion with regard to Kevin O'Shea.

Fact is, there is only ONE Kevin O'Shea that lives in Allendale, NJ and plays wide receiver for Franklin & Marshall. He currently trains at our Shop in the morning and then is a trainer on our staff in the afternoon.

This Kevin O'Shea works out HARD & even got this Bench Press Max today (8/02/11) during his session.

Apparently Kevin does not achieve the same results or perhaps "Good Energy" at school & we wanted to go ON RECORD that he is excelling at Good Energy Training this Summer and is Prepared to contribute for the Diplomats this Fall during his Senior Season!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

The TIME is NOW!

August 1, 2011


This picture was taken last year on August 2nd!

Cory Connell pulling plenty of weight on the Backward Sled Drag...

He will have some of those today as well.


For Cory - this is IT.
Last Week of Good Energy Training until Winter Break...It looks like he will be Red-Shirting during his first Scholarship season at the University of Albany, but he is going to Impress!

We look forward to sneak some Testing "IN" for Cory this week so he knows what his weights are before heading up the NY Thruway & Filling his Tank with GE!

Good Energy Training
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