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PROOF is "IN" This Picture!

KEVIN O'SHEA - 275LB Bench Press


For three years there has been a difference in opinion with regard to Kevin O'Shea.

Fact is, there is only ONE Kevin O'Shea that lives in Allendale, NJ and plays wide receiver for Franklin & Marshall. He currently trains at our Shop in the morning and then is a trainer on our staff in the afternoon.

This Kevin O'Shea works out HARD & even got this Bench Press Max today (8/02/11) during his session.

Apparently Kevin does not achieve the same results or perhaps "Good Energy" at school & we wanted to go ON RECORD that he is excelling at Good Energy Training this Summer and is Prepared to contribute for the Diplomats this Fall during his Senior Season!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

The TIME is NOW!

August 1, 2011


This picture was taken last year on August 2nd!

Cory Connell pulling plenty of weight on the Backward Sled Drag...

He will have some of those today as well.


For Cory - this is IT.
Last Week of Good Energy Training until Winter Break...It looks like he will be Red-Shirting during his first Scholarship season at the University of Albany, but he is going to Impress!

We look forward to sneak some Testing "IN" for Cory this week so he knows what his weights are before heading up the NY Thruway & Filling his Tank with GE!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Let the GE TOUGH Workouts Continue

Saturday, July 30, 2011



Pictured is Seton Hall University incoming freshman, Kristin Kosch getting her last few Sled Drags "IN" before she heads to Pre-Season this weekend.

We decided that we would honor our 1st College Athlete heading out after Summer Training with Good Energy by making a handful of GE Clients perform KK's workout on Saturday:


Put IN SOME WORK at the Shop Before a FUN Weekend!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Happy Birthday - Timmy Vogel!

July 29, 2011


Timmy turns the BIG 20 today.

NO longer a teenager, but 365 days away from the BIGGER 2-1.

Timmy put IN his POWER Work at the Shop on the Eve of his birthday - both INSIDE the Shop with his Hang Cleans & also two circuits Outside.

ALL this work, including this Tire Flip occurred between 7-8:30pm after his NYC Summer Internship! Timmy has been one of the Most Dedicated GE College Athlete's this Summer hustling Mon-Thur after work to get ALL his Sessions IN and gets the 5th one On Saturdays.

We look forward to Timmy's HARD WORK coming through for him with a starting position in Muhlenberg's defensive backfield this Fall.

Have a great Birthday, Timmy!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Back at the HOT BOX - ETA - Franklin Lakes, NJ

Tuesday - July 26, 2011


Who says INDOOR Training can't mirror outdoor conditions?

Even with the garage door 1/2 open, Andrew Sayler is gassed from the Heat/Humidity inside the 12,000 sq foot Elite Training Academy.

...Or maybe it was the two 300 YD SHUTTLE TESTS after the Warm-Up that got him.

...Or the Towel Bench Workout he performed at 5pm that was based on a 365 Bench Max.


Great to be BACK at ETA & have an Indoor Venue to Train SPEED, AGILITY & HARD WORK before the Fall of 2011.

It's Personal!


Tuesday 7.26.2011


Franklin Lakes, NJ

Let the GE SPEED PROGRAM continue!

The Waldwick "SUPERDOME" is not open after 3pm from today thru August, so GE had to make arrangements with Lee Glover & the Elite Training Academy in Franklin Lakes, NJ for the remainder of the Summer.

With just 2-3 weeks left in the Summer Program, we did NOT want the GE Athlete's to not FINISH their work preparing for the Fall, so we are excited that ETA came through for US.

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Romans - 25th Anniversary All-Patriot League Team

Monday, July 25, 2011


Longtime GE Athlete & former trainer, Andy Romans was honored as one of the BEST Patriot League players in League history today along with only 25 other players. Romans is pictured with Good Energy Training Owner, Pete Ohnegian following the Victory over Lehigh in 2006.

A cornerstone of back-to-back Patriot League Championship squads in 2005 and 2006, Romans was a two-time Patriot League Defensive Player of the Year for the Leopards. Romans, who led the Leopards in tackles in three consecutive All-Patriot League-caliber seasons, was invited to New York Giants' minicamp after graduation and later joined the coaching staff at Muhlenberg College.

Congratulations, Andy.
Hard Work, Pays OFF!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Good Energy Training

Turns the HEAT UP at Ramsey Girl's Soccer Camp


Ramsey H.S.
Thursday - July 21, 2011

Took advantage of the opportunity to introduce our style of Speed & Agility to the Ramsey H.S. Girl's Soccer Team.

40 Strong went thru a 7 Station Workout in 21 minutes in over 90 degree weather on Thursday morning. The girl's really stepped up their intensity during our training session, and were open to our different types of drills:
Battling Ropes, Crab Sled, Figure 8's with Hoops to name a few.

We enjoyed training the Girl's and hope to do some more work with them at their Captain's Practices this Summer!

Special Thanks to Mike Wright & Jamie Phillips for giving us the venue & NEW Audience to share Good Energy Training!


FORRESTER showing his Good Energy Training!

15 WINS & 1 Loss at Rutger's Wrestling Camp - 2011


New Brunswick, NJ
Rutger's University

15 Months ago, Neil came to Good Energy Training a little bit chubby & not too sure of himself. He wanted to Train with GE to get STRONG & Get in Better Condition.

From this picture taken last Friday, YOU can See Neil has been getting IT done this Summer at the Shop.

Neil IS 15-1 this week in Wrestling Matches at the Rutger's Wrestling Camp & Won the Individual Competition!

Not only is Our Training working, More IMPORTANTLY - Neil is Living the Results & Believes in Himself! : )

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Ended the Week with Outside GE Work

Friday - July 15, 2011


Usually save Friday's in the Summer for Upper Body Training or Bootcamps, depending on what our Athlete's need...

...How about both?

It was so Gorgeous out on Friday and Saturday, we took a bunch of our toys outside for BOTH - Upper & Bootcamp.

Timed Circuits of 10 exercises including Tire Flips, Sledge Chops, Push Ups on Tires, Sled Pulls, SBAG Shoulder Presses, and of cours AbZ.

Running out of time to FILL THE TANK with GE, have to maximize on EVERY Session.

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!


Chris Belcolle Returns to Ramsey H.S. with GE!


It's GREAT to have Chris Belcolle on the Good Energy Team!

We kind of just threw a tshirt on Chris & said, "Let's GO!"

Wednesday, July 13th was a FUN day for GE and Chris especially because he got to "WORK" on the RHS Football Field where he used to roam sideline to sideline as a Fullback/Linebacker for the Rams in the early 90's.

The GE Staff, Chris included - put the 45 Ramsey Junior Football Campers thru a 7 Station, 25 minute Speed & Agility Circuit.

It was designed to make these "Little Rams" work so they understand what it takes to go to the State Championship back to back years!

Welcome HOME, Chris & Proud to have U on the GE TEAM.

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

"NEW GE" - Summer 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Pictured is Junior Northern Highlands Field Hockey player, Kayla Alward. She is in Europe as we share her picture on the site, but Kayla has been working hard at the Shop since the Spring to take her game to the NEXT LEVEL this Fall & get on the College Recruiting Radar for 2013.

7pm last night we trained an up and coming Track Junior who's expertise is in the 800 and Mile.

At 6am this morning we trained a new mid-40's Dad who wants to find his Inner Athlete having played Division 1 Soccer 25 years ago and currently participates in 1/2 Marathons, and local races.

It's AWESOME to have our `Ole Faithful back from College ALL Summer, but also FUN to introduce Good Energy Training to NEW Folks!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

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