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Peter Ajello training at GE - 12/14/2010 - 12pm


New Jersey native, Peter Ajello, also known as the "Weight Loss King of South Florida," is returning home to Bergen County. He will be taking his training to the next level at Good Energy Training and Fitness at noon on December 14th.

Peter Ajello has appeared on the renowned CBS television show The Doctors. He has been featured around the world in more than seventeen hundred newspaper and magazine articles because of his life changing and incredible feat of losing two hundred pounds in sixteen months.

During Peter’s weight loss struggle, the movie, Any Given Sunday, inspired and motivated him to keep shedding pounds. Pete Ohnegian, owner of Good Energy, had a principal role in Any Given Sunday. He heard Peter's story and agreed to help him step up his training regiment.

The press and public are invited to Good Energy where Peter will answer questions and share his story following his workout.

GE Revolution 2010 - invades SuperDOME Sports!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Waldwick, NJ

In the year of countless NEW GE Believer's, initiatives & positive Results, Good Energy Training starts the Winter 2010 Speed Training Program today in Waldwick's SuperDome.

Every Tuesday & Thursday from today, November 3oth thru Thursday - March 3, 2011.

Our Athlete's will be working on ALL aspects of Game Speed and Movement Mechanics to become more efficient on the field, help prevent injury by moving better & getting IN SHAPE this Winter!

We are excited to bring our program to the Dome and YOU should "Get IN" while you can. For the first time we are training ALL Athlete's at ONE time.

10 Yr OLDS
Teenage Girls
H.S. & College Boys
Tuesdays: 4-5pm

Thursday is an extra half hour in which we will perform a CoolDown Stretch on the field.

Getting "OUT THERE" so People KNOW about GE!

Pioneering a Healthy Lifestyle

The Bergen Record - 11.27.10 - Local News - page 1


Had to put this up in case our Web Viewers did not get a chance to see the Good Energy Training Team pictured in this picture from the 12th Annual Dick Meighan Run on Thanksgiving Morning!

See Michael Barrett, Michele Hahn, Emma Bolton and our LIME GREEN TEAM with the Turkey on the front! : )

What a nice surprise to see OUR Team front Row and Center in an article about health, wealthness and child obesity...(see Articles on our site)

There is a problem with the "lack of fit" people in America today and Good Energy is HAPPY to play our Role - 1 person at a time!

Thanks for Beliving GE!

Becoming MORE visible across Bergen County...

Mike Pierce - Representing Good Energy!

Flemington Turkey Trot - 11.25.10


"I brought some Good Energy to the Flemington Turkey Trot. I will follow up with the official numbers when available.

The official stats are in... I am younger this year than last year:

473/3861 total (top 12%)
389/2077 gender (top 18.7%)
28/124 age group 35-39 (top 22.5%)
time 23:25

993/3564 total (top 27.8%)
746/1901 gender (top 39.2%)
time 26:56

I know there will be a time when the numbers go the opposite way as I get older but I will not give up without a fight. I hope I did GE Proud?!

It's all good. Time to sleep off the turkey.
Be Good and LiveStrong!"

...Can't YOU Feel it?!!!!

22 Pictured - 40 Strong 12th Annual Dick Meighan Run



Thank you, Thank you - to ALL OF YOU! : )

Proud of the Good Energy Training TEAM & Thankful for Everyone's Belief in the GE REVOLUTION 2010.

Living with Good Energy!
pete at Good Energy Training


Happy Thanksgiving 2010



The Good Energy Team

Wishes YOU and YOUR Family a Perfect Day today!
Remember those who are NOT here so they are included in your "thanks,"...AND

Enjoy Spending Time with Everyone You LOVE from the Bottom of your heart...

...and make Today Count!

Family, Friends, Fun & Football!!
YOU KNOW we HAD TO ADD - Football.

Showing YOU how WE Really Feel!

GOOD ENERGY will BE Glowing!



On the Eve of the 12th Annual Dick Meighan Run, Good Energy Coaches Andy Romans and Michael Barrett display the Event TShirt provided by the our Shop for ALL GE TRAINING Members!

We are very excited to have a BIG presence at the Run and we look forward to leading OUR Community by example with a solid turnout!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving & Get out there & EARN your Turkey!!

Walking the Walk in LATE NOVEMBER!!


Senior OL Patrick Doran - 2006


Sunday - 11.21.10

So it's official! The Ramsey Rams will be defending their Group II State Football Championship against Lakeland in two weeks.

Pictured is Patrick Doran - Ramsey's BIG offensive tackle who will help dominate the line of scrimmage against Lakeland for the Rams powerful ground attack.

Unlike CORY CONNELL who has been a fixture at Good Energy since 2006, Patrick has gone elsewhere to train & is no longer the skinny "pre-freshman" he was in this picture.

Once GE - Always GE!
The Good Energy Staff is proud of ALL the Senior Rams we have trained the past 7 years that will compete in the State Championship Game in two weeks. The list includes Cory Connell, Patrick Doran, Zach Klein & Kevin Carroll to name a few Leaders of this year's Squad.

Good Luck to the Rams!

NEVER Forget & BE PROUD where you come from!

12th Annual Dick Meighan Run - USR, NJ

Thanksgiving Day 2010


The Good Energy Training TEAM is "in."

After a good showing in 2009 with 6 "official" Runners on Thanksgiving, GE will be Out IN Force in 2010.

We have 22 signed up and ready to RUN next Thursday in the 12th Annual Dick Meighan Run. The GE Staff is excited and we have been busy "Recruiting" our TEAM the past few weeks.

Our GOAL is Still 30 Runners in under 30 Minutes so we will keep you posted if there are any GameDay participants who will Sport the Special Good Energy - Turkey Trot Shirt!

Walking the TALK.....

This Week at Good Energy Training

November 15-November 20, 2010


Cory Connell #70 will be in the Shop tonight and Wednesday night after practice to prepare for a rematch at River Dell Friday night (6pm) in the State Group II Semi-Finals.

He is pictured in last year's dominating performance against River Dell in Ramsey's State Championship victory last year at Giants Stadium. Cory hopes to avenge an earlier season defeat against the Hawks in which the Rams did not play at a high level.

We will prepare Cory for a different outcome this week & look forward to watching his State game Friday night.

Testing this week at the Shop so we have the numbers "in the books" and our Winter Athlete's are Ready to Rock for their Pre-Season which starts this week and after Thanksgiving.

Second to last Speed Workout at ETA in Franklin Lakes on Tuesday night, and then we will change venues this Winter to the Superdome in Waldwick, NJ.

Creating WINTER WORKOUT SPECIALS - Stay posted to our Site & Call the Shop if you want to Train this Winter Break or Winter Season - the Shop is ALMOST Filled UP!

Playing BIG when it counts and,
Keeping a Handle on Spreading the GE!

Good Luck wishes to Blake Costanzo #54

NY Jets at Cleveland Browns - 11.14.10


Athlete's are Superstitious. So is Good Energy Training. Pictured is a newspaper clip on our New's board - "Blake Costanzo (Cleveland Browns) was cut by NY Jets then picked up as a future's roster spot to play in NFL Europa."

Blake starting training with us after being recommended by Andy Romans following being cut by the Jets, and never looked back. 1st Team ALL-NFL Europa at LB-Rhein Fire and NOW in his 4th NFL Season.

Blake's NFL success started at Good Energy in 2006 when the chips were down - lots of Hard Work and our Belief & Effort to help him get where he is today.

Good Luck against the Jets, Blake.

Our Staff passionately trains each Good Energy client 1 at a time & is SO PROUD of each Athlete and Client for their positive Results. Blake is one of our clients who happens to play professionally. Same Training, same Result.

Cool for Blake - he makes a lot of money LIVING WITH GE! That means alot because we believed in him and helped him get to where he is today! : )


Good Energy "IN" Superdome Sports for SPEED TRAINING


Good Energy is excited to announce that we have partnered with SUPERDOME SPORTS in Waldiwck, NJ to perform our SPEED & AGILITY sessions this winter.

Superdome Sports is committed to being the top amateur and professional sports complex in NJ, with its state-of-the-art climate controlled venue that is always safe, clean, and friendly.

This state-of-the art sports facility—over 79,000 sq. feet houses soccer, baseball, lacrosse, softball, field hockey and NOW Speed & Conditioning with the Good Enegy Team.

Good Energy SPEED Training will be performed on one of the four massive playing fields with the most advanced grass-like synthetic surface & our Speed TEAM will have access to the three-lane running track.

The GOOD ENEGY SPEED Program starts November 30th. It will be every Tuesday from 4-5pm and Thursday from 5-6:30pm through March 3, 2011.

Stay tuned to the site to see our rates & description of the Speed & Agility Program this Winter at the DOME!

Building NEW Relationships & Making GE BETTER!

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