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... Revolution ends with a BIG Turnout

Thursday, December 30, 2010


We had 22 GE Client's who worked their butts off for 1 and 1/2 hours on Thursday night at the Waldwick Dome.

The Athlete's were separated to make a consistent small cluster of College, High School & Grade School Athletes - both boys and girls.

This was a positive way of mentoring the young GE Athletes and creating incentive and pressure to perform better in front of the whole GE TEAM.

In addition to our Movement Prep & Form Run, we directed 5 different stations, 4 Cone Drills, a 100 Foot Tug of War - 11 vs. 11 and 800 Yards of Sprints.

The GE STAFF did not take it easy on the Crew because it was the last workout in 2010 - in fact we wanted to finish the way we started - creating a professional atmosphere and training environment to allow our Athlete's the ability to MAXIMIZE their RESULTS!

Good Energy Training - It's Personal!

The GE REVOLUTION 2010 comes to an end...

December 31, 2010


"IT IS MORE BLESSED to give...
...than to Receive."

From the Good Energy Staff:
Michele, Michael, Pete, Andy & Pat

Thank you for an Amazing 2010! It was an Awesome year that will only be duplicated in 2011 by moving down the street to OUR OWN building 5x as big in 2011.

We have SPRINTED for 364 days and will take the last day, "OFF!"
We won the game of 2010 and there is NO Overtime.

Thank you GE Faithful. We have given you EVERYTHING we have and will take 3 days to re-vamp and be Charged with GE for a Great 2011.

peace - good health - love - happiness in 2011
The Good Energy Staff to the GE TEAM!

Good Energy Revolution 2010 - RECAP

March 2010


NFL Cornerback Jason McCourty Returns to GE!

While attending Rutgers Jason trained with Jay Butler down at the RU Complex and periodically visited the Shop.

With the advice of Andy Romans - Jason returned to Good Energy to "get better as a Pro!"

Just the 3rd Month of the Year & we get the ultimate compliment, one of our clients who learned about training with us, came back as a Pro!

Thank you Andy & Jason!

Taking Pride in giving every workout & being Proud of our GE Athlete's that Maximize their Talent!

Good Energy Revolution 2010 - RECAP

FEBRUARY - continued



Since 2003 we have created a philanthropic tradition at the Shop and we continued our GIVING WAYS during the Revolution.

Pictured are two Baskets of GE for:

The Allendale Women's Club
Don Bosco Prep's "Magic Moments"

We thank those groups and client's that allow us to Spread Good Enegy for a good cause! Good Energy is NOT for everyone, but we do try to Spread our Form of Fitness to those who will listen.

Don't just Exercise - do IT with Intensity!

Good Energy Revolution 2010 - RECAP



Trenton, NJ

Prior to preparing James Kittredge (Don Bosco Prep) for his early arrival to Vanderbilt University, the GE Staff called John Sisk, head strength coach. It was a pleasure to speak with Coach Sisk and learn waht the Commodores do for training in Nashville, TN.

Coach Sisk informed us that they do a lot of "Alternative Work" which includes Kettlebell Training as well as different exercises to increase Grip Strength. He said that we could learn everything we could want to learn in our own State.

We Road Tripped to Trenton, NJ to meet with Alternative Training GURU - Coach John McKenna. Coach McKenna did not disappoint as he prepared several of his Athlete's to "Show us the Ropes" and divulged ALL that they do at Notre Dame H.S. to improve the performance of ALL their Athlete's.

There are NO Secrets when it comes to TRUE Pro's!

Good Energy Revolution 2010 - RECAP



NH sophomore soocer/lacrosse player

Received "the Gift of Good Energy" in her stocking. She was officially the first of over 50 NEW Good Energy Personal Training Clients to join our TEAM in 2010.

GE trainer - Michele Rozar is pictured showing Emma the proper way to perform the Pilates Ring. Emma trained at the Shop in 2010 and also ran with us at ETA during our Summer Speed & Conditioning Program.

Her hard work culminated in playing for Highlands's Varsity soccer team during their County & State run this year.

Emma Bolton - she Started it ALL!

GE Revolution 2010

...ends with a Blizzard - 12.26.2010


Allendale, NJ

After a GREAT Christmas Eve at the Shop and a Peaceful Christmas Day, the last week of the Revolution started with a Blizzard.

In fact, weather experts are reporting that today's Storm will exceed any storm since 1970.

That's BIG News that will only be exceeded by the Culmination of The GE REVOLUTION 2010 at the end of this week.

We are battling to keep 2011 GE a secret, but are excited about what's to come for Good Energy Training...

Keeping the "ENERGY & TEMPO UP" for the Whole Year!

Good Energy in the Family Room

Christmas Weekend 2010


GE Team Member, Brian Farley opted out of Good Energy Training over Christmas Weekend but as seen in this picture there is "PLENTY OF GE" right in his Family Room.

Good Luck to ALL the Farley's that their Santa Wishes come true and A Fun & Relaxing Weekend for our Entire TEAM!

Good Energy is not just a Workout...'s a WAY OF LIFE! Thanks, Brian.

"NEW" GE Hoody's at the Shop Thursday Afternoon

$50.00 Adult's / $40.00 Kid's Sweatshirts


Limited supply of hoody's and crewneck sweatshirts available for a last minute Christmas gift that will last the whole Winter!

Give the GIFT of Good Energy!

Although we are not crazy about "New" GE Client's receiving training sessions for Christmas - don't want to train them if they are not 100% into getting better.

We do get excited when "NEW" Gear hits the Shop!

Busy Shop THRU the Holidays until 2011!

GE SPEED - Grows to 4 Groups!

Tuesday - December 22, 2010



...& NOW Paul Minetti is joined by the COLLEGE GE ATHLETE's in the Dome!

We had 18 Strong on Tuesday afternoon @ 4pm in the Waldwick Dome.

Our College Athlete's do NOT want to lose a step while they are home for Winter Break so they are taking advantage of our 2x per week Speed-Agility and Conditioning Program at the Dome.

We are fortunate that we have made the SPEED Program a priority in our weekly routine and therefore allocate between 3 and 5 trainers to our time teaching movement & Speed Training at the Dome.

We have created an INTENSE hour of Speed & Conditioning and a positive peer pressure environment that maximizes on our Coaching to facilitate training for ages from 9 to 21.

Not just working out!
Doing so with Proper Technique and Purpose!

Learning the Ropes at Good Energy this Christmas!

Pete Ajello takes Weight Loss Miracle to NJ


Allendale, New Jersey
December 14, 2010

Pete Ajello returned to his native roots of NJ to share the Holiday Season with his Family & Friends.

The "South Florida Weight Loss King" stopped at Good Energy Training to train with Miami Sharks center, Pete Ohnegian - Any Given Sunday.

It was ironic that the very movie that motivated Pete during the height of his 200LB weight loss would be the common denominator between the two Pete's.

While at Good Energy on Tuesday, Ajello learned about the importance of posture, intensity and volume while training at GE. We hope Pete will continue to utilize "Alternative Training" and the Good Energy Training philosophy into his South Florida routine including the use of Battling Ropes, Kettlebells, Wide Bars & Core work for his normal routine.

Being a Home away from Home for Weight Loss Enthusiasts!


...not mourning a loss.


On Friday, Decmeber 17, 2010 we put the GE originator to rest in Ramsey, NJ.

A closure to a life on earth, but not a sad day and not a Loss.

Good Energy took the High Road at the passing of Don Ohnegian. We cheered him with a standing ovation, we celebrated him with songs and words of Praise & Honor.

To those who think it will take weeks to get GE back on track. Think again. We were Rollin' on Saturday with 12 folks at the Shop and this week will be Awesome with the College Athlete's coming back and our GE Faithful trying to get as much Good Energy as possible in-between holiday parties and Shopping.

Don't be a stranger to the Shop and DON'T Think for a second we are not Stronger now that GE's Dad is gone - he left right before the end of the Revolution...

...a NEW Chapter begins NOW and in 2011!

Reloaded with Support from Upstairs! : )

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