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"NEW GE" - Summer 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Pictured is Junior Northern Highlands Field Hockey player, Kayla Alward. She is in Europe as we share her picture on the site, but Kayla has been working hard at the Shop since the Spring to take her game to the NEXT LEVEL this Fall & get on the College Recruiting Radar for 2013.

7pm last night we trained an up and coming Track Junior who's expertise is in the 800 and Mile.

At 6am this morning we trained a new mid-40's Dad who wants to find his Inner Athlete having played Division 1 Soccer 25 years ago and currently participates in 1/2 Marathons, and local races.

It's AWESOME to have our `Ole Faithful back from College ALL Summer, but also FUN to introduce Good Energy Training to NEW Folks!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

GE at the Ramsey Junior Football Camp

Today: Monday - 7/11/2011 - 9am


Ramsey, NJ

On the Turf Field...80 degrees at 9am!

The BoyZ were NOT ready for Good Energy Training. Some of the young football players wore BRAND NEW CLEATS. A few other Campers had their hands IN THEIR POCKETS!! Actually, we caught a few others with Lion-esque Yawns WHILE THEY STRETCHED in their Stretch Lines...

But WAS IT GOOD to be out on that field with the young-ins from Ramsey...slowly (for them) getting into "Football MODE!"

We are going to give it two days before we head back and put them thru a Conditioning Circuit at the end of the Camp Session.

We are encouraged that the crew will be More Energetic & Responsive to the GE "Ready-Ready" Calls on Wednesday!

A HUGE "Thank You" goes to Head Coach Vic Tribuzio for allowing the GE TEAM to introduce some of our Warm Up exercises & Form Run Routine to the 45 Campers participating today!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Just LIKE Old Times - RHS @ Sunrise!

Ramsey Junior Football Camp


This picture was taken with some of the Good Energy Team in 2007!

Turn the clock to Monday

We are excited to be back on the field Monday morning with the Ramsey Junior Football Campers under the direction of Head Football Coach, Vic Tribuzio.

Coach Tribuzio has invited Good Energy Training to lead the Warm-Up & Form Run for Camp this Year as well as introduce some Speed & Agility Drills on Wednesday!

What a GREAT WAY to Kick Off the week
as we nudge closer and closer to Pre-Season...
...Don't Blink Fall Sports are Coming!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

...more GE Athlete's Back IN to the Shop



Sammy Giordano is back after leading the Ridgewood Maroons to a State Championship in Lacrosse & following her first Pre-Season runaround with the Lady Hoyas Lax team last week down in Washington, D.C. at Georgetown University.

It's ALWAYS our pleasure to have the Gr8 one's come back - making GE TRAINING a Priority even though they have jobs and socializing one last time with friends from home before college begins.

Sammy G. is TRUE GE:

Welcome Back, Sam.

Good Energy Training
It IS Personal!


at the Shop


Franklin & Marshall Senor wide receiver, Kevin O'Shea pumping out some ChainZ with Kettlebells Flat Bench today at the Shop under the guidance of Strength Coach, Pat Carley.

It's a short week, thanks to July 4th falling on a Monday - but our Strength & Power Athlete's will stil get their 3 MAIN WORK DAYS IN:
Bench - Squat - Hang Clean,

...along with a Flexibility Day & Extra Upper Day!

Speed IS Turned Up a Knotch so our GE Athlete's are a Step Ahead of their teammates at Captain's Practices...and we are still getting our Speed & Agility Work done at the Dome!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Good Energy Training Scores BIG

at the Premier Player Soccer Academy


Ramsey, NJ

On Thursday, June 30th we brought our "Station Style" Workout to the Ramsey High School turf to share our Training with 42 Ramsey Soccer Players at Mike Wright's Summer Camp.

It really worked out well as we broke the field down into 8 stations with 5 players in each group with a few having six to complete the 42 at Camp.

The Athlete's WORKED HARD for 3 minutes straight & the 25 minute Speed & Agility session was NO Picnic in the Heat of this Summer morning on the Ramsey Turf.

We want to "Thank" Coach Wright for allowing us to share GE with his Campers and applaud the Ramsey Soccer players for being receptive to our Training and WORKING HARD!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

July 4th Weekend - 2011

Good Energy wishes YOU a Happy Independence Day!


The Shop is taking a much needed hiatus over the July 4th Weekend!

We ALL have been working Hard to make this the BEST Summer yet at the Shop since 2003. We will resume training on Tuesday, July 5th.

Don't CHEAT Too much on your healthy habits without Good Energy Training, but enjoy family, friends, BBQ's and whatever YOUR TRADITION is on this Special weekend in the USA!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Tommy Kelly CHOSEN as "Top Prospect!"

National Underclassmen Combine - Oklahoma University


Ramsey H.S. senior Captain FB/LB Tommy Kelly has been so impressive at ALL of his National Underclassmen Combine's that he has been invited to the "Top Prospect Camp" in Norman, OK - the Home of the Oklahoma Sooners!

The Good Energy Team is extremely excited for Tommy because we took a lot of Pride training him ALL Spring at the Shop & in the Dome.

We will keep you posted on Tommy's performance in Oklahoma, but we know he is "On the Map" with recruiters and hope this Winning Streak carries over to the Fall!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Graduation Time - 2011

Mahwah's Kristin Kosch & Timmy Culloty


Recent Mahwah H.S. graduate Kristin Kosch has a photo opportunity with Timmy Culloty - a 2010 graduate!

Kristin & Timmy have both been TRAINING HARD with Good Energy Training!

We are excited to have Kristin "on board" thanks to the referral from the Kamback's! Erik Kamback was the 1st Athlete of the Week in 2005 and is a graduate and former football captain for Middlebury College.

Kristin is preparing for her Freshman year on the Seton Hall soccer team & we are psyched that she is training with GE!

Timmy had a successful Freshman lacrosse season at Steven's Tech University and continues his hard work at the Shop & in our Running Program this Summer too!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Summer 2011 - TESTING - Phase 1

Monday, June 20, 2011


Andrew Sayler preparing for his 1 rep squat of 475 under the watchful eye of Strength Coach, Pat Carley.

Our College Athlete's will test their progress in our program with a 1 Rep Max test in the Squat, Bench Press & Hang Clean so we can monitor their improvement over the next 6-8 weeks.

We are officially half way thru our Summer Program although on the calendar, Summer starts tomorrow.

Congratulations to ALL our Athlete's for a Great Effort on Monday and we look forward to many PR's this Week & New Goals set for the remainder of the Summer.

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Father's Day 2011 - June 19, 2011

...without my Dad


My Dad was a "handshake guy." He didn't need to tell my brother, sister & I "He loved us" - we could tell by his facial expressions, body language & that grizzly bear handshake. He taught us to work hard, to always be a team player & to do the right thing. There were always rules to follow & a certain way to do things - his way was ...usually right.

My Dad taught us to be Proud of who we are and to Believe in ourselves but to Always be humble. He did a lot of great things while he lived & helped a lot of people exactly how he helped us, never looking for credit. My Dad's heart was BIG enough to treat All those he cared about like Family & those who knew my Dad could attest to that. Our first Father's Day without my Dad (today) was not easy & it is difficult to live without "our Backstop." I am thankful for my venue to share the Lessons I learned thru the "Personal" Performance & Fitness Training we do at the Good Energy Training Shop.

Thanks to ALL the GE Believers for letting me pass it on. : )

Pete Ohnegian
Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Added some EXTRA Rope Work

June 18, 2011


Mackenzie Welter still smiling even during the Rope WORK at the end of her Friday BOOTCAMP at the Shop!

With the help of Strength Coach, Kevin O'Shea, Mac completes the overhead rope transfer in this INTENSE Grip, Shoulder WORK with the XXL 50` & Double width ROPE.

Summer 2011 is HERE & we hope to UP THE INTENSITY & Increase the Work Load for ALL our Athlete's to prepare for the Fall!

Mac is a sophomore jumper and sprinter for Northern Highlands H.S. up the street.

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

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