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"Wintry Mix" Puts end to Good Energy Training streak

6am Crew - Rosetta Galfus & Amy Fanning


Thursday: 1.20.2011

For 16 months, Rosetta (front & center) & Amy were clockwork - Tuesday & Thursday morning at 6am. A few weeks they had to switch days, but for well over one year they have trained with GE 2x per week without a hitch.

Then it happened! This past Tuesday morning's "Wintry Mix" created a Stoppage in their Routine and we were stuck with "JUST THURSDAY" this week.

We put together an Intense Total Body Bootcamp to make up for Tuesday's Cardio Routine (Shoveling Slush), but we had to acknowledge the "end of THE STREAK!"

Clearly this News is tongue & cheek.

"The Lady's Before the Sun" became the Amy & Rosetta Hour and we are psyched to be a part of their Weekly Fitness Routine.

Rosetta & Amy will be on track next week & we look forward to the Duo being back in Form "in their Good Energy Routine..."

...after All - that is what we are trying to provide at Good Energy Training. A facility that is your Fitness Resource & part of your daily/weekly/monthly routine.

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

GE Youth Speed is Working!

January 18, 2011


Two years ago we provided "Winter GE Youth Speed" at the Shop - it was a test for us.

Our Staff tested four 8 year olds in the 10yd dash, broad jump, vertical jump and 5-10-5 Pro Agility Shuttle.

After 8 weeks we performed a Final Testing with the boys because we GUARANTEED to their parent's that their Times, Speed & Quickness would improve during this training program. It did.

Two years later we have now included 10 year old's in our Winter Speed Program. Our business has NOT been built on group training or youth speed programs. However, we do have several parents and younger siblings who have shown interest in training with Good Energy!

Thus far this Winter, our Staff has seen impressive improvement in Running Mechanics, Foot Quickness and Improved Athleticism in many of our young Athlete's (10 in Total) based on the drills we have been performing since November 30th at the Waldwick Dome.

We look forward to sharing with you our end results on March 3rd as well as watching these young Athlete's compete this Spring with their increased Confidence and improved Running Mechanics thanks to their Hard Work with the GE TEAM this Winter.

It's Personal!

Neil Forrester - Ramsey Heavyweight

Rams wrestler earns first victory in pin @ Indian Hills


Congratulations to Neil Forrester #76 in the Fall and a heavyweight wrestler in the Winter.

One week after his GE workout partner, Ryan Woods earned his first Varsity wrestling victory, Neil won his in style with a convincing pin!

In just :38 of the first period, Neil finished off James Remza from Indian Hills to complete the Rams dominance over the Braves 63-12.

Congratulations, Neil!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Let the Lineage of Ramsey Captains continue...

Good Energy Training 2011


Tommy Kelly
Ramsey H.S.

Tommy chose Good Energy Training to prepare for his senior season next year. Why not, GE has been preparing Ramsey Football Captains since we were established in 2003.

Sean Welch, Mike Darmante, JR., Brian Maher, David Duval, Andrew Sayler, Cory Connell, & now -Tommy Kelly.

After the first FULL week of training Tommy 5 days both in the Shop and on the turf - we can NOT wait to watch Tommy play with Good Energy in the Fall of 2011 for the Ramsey Rams!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Good Energy continues to Lead for Ramsey Hockey

Jake Fassler, Sr.



The Ramsey Hockey Team is up to its winning ways again with a 10-1-1 Record this Winter.

Led by Jake Fassler, the Rams continue to be a perennial Public School Hockey Power in NJ and our Team is glad to have build some the Foundation for the squad.

Connor O'Callahan is having a solid year on defense for the Rams and he really did a great job at the Shop every day after school in addition to his Club team commitment and the Rams "off season" program.

Good Luck the Rest of the way boys, & we look forward to watching you LIVE in the days to come.

Good Energy Training
It's Personal

1st Weekend of the "NEW" Year

January 9, 2011


We hope everyone enjoyed the first full weekend of the New Year - & the Bowl Games/NFL Playoffs!

No excuses about the Snow or the cold weather. We hope you ALL went out for some Winter Weather Fun and stayed on point with your New Year's Changes & Goals - Resolutions are not GE!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

College GE Rolling at the Shop this Winter Break!

Friday, January 07, 2011


Despite being across the pond this Fall in Italy, Krissi Gorsuch (Fairfield Crew) kept in great shape while studying abroad.

Krissi is one of the dozen-plus College Athlete's that came back to the Shop to get prepared for Spring sports, or just take advantage of GE Training while they were home on break.

Krissi also ran in our Speed Training at the Dome last night and was welcomed back to GE SPEED by a "Surprise Testing" Workout. Athlete's HAVE TO BE TESTED, and we decided that last night we would evaluate how our Athlete's were progessing with our Winter Speed Program.

We will do a "Follow Up" test prior to Spring Pre-Season in early March, but ALL 26 Athlete's competed last night to excel in the 40 YD Sprint, Crab Sled Drive, 5-10-5 Agility & Broad Jump.

It's Personal!

Woods Scores First Varsity Wrestling Win @ 215

Thursday, January 6, 2011


In mid-December, Good Energy's Ryan Woods turned in his 3-point stance for his wrestling singlet.

It didn't take long into the NEW year (2011) that the sophomore Woods scored his first Varsity Wrestling win for the Ramsey Rams - and it was a big one!

In a match that featured 2010 4th place Bergen County finisher Gus Molina at 215 and the untested Woods, Ryan dominated for an 8-1 defeat and helped the Rams to a 42-28 victory over Westwood.

Congratulations, Ryan!

It's Personal!

Join NYSC for $20.11 & get January free

January 5, 2011


The Bergen Record

"Come in if a noisemaker put you out of breath this new year's."

Join for $20.11 and get January FREE.
New York Sports Clubs

Pictured are 20 GE Athlete's WORKING HARD to be more fit, athletic and have the Desire to play better in their sport this Spring!

Good Energy is a Way of LIFE, but you have to pay and work hard to train with Our team.

No wonder a NYSC executive did not understand how high school athlete's trained on Saturday mornings in the Summer with GE. This Ad is to get people to commit to something they are not willing to work hard or pay for...

Good Energy Training is about Creating Healthy Lifestyles, Building Confidence and Perfecting Bodies to Perform better for Life.

Health Clubs, like NYSC are trying to pay for their bills and hope you will STOP training at their facility by March 2011.

Good Energy Training

GE kind of "NEW YEAR!"

ho hum....2011 - another busy Monday


Allendale, NJ

Pictured is Darcy Caples-Linares performing a Pilates Hold in 2006. Darcy was our 1st "Personal" Training Client of 2011 - 6am.

Followed up by Paul, Yolla, Lynn, Krissi...
...You get the Idea?

Good Energy Training is Rolling and so is Personal Training in Allendale, NJ! We look forward to providing the BEST Fitness Service in Allendale until our "NEW" doors open in 2011 at the Next Phase of Good Energy Training coming this Summer.

For more Highlights of 2010 - go to Roster & Click on the GE REVOLUTION 2010 pictures.

Good Energy Training - It's "Personal" in 2011.

... Revolution ends with a BIG Turnout

Thursday, December 30, 2010


We had 22 GE Client's who worked their butts off for 1 and 1/2 hours on Thursday night at the Waldwick Dome.

The Athlete's were separated to make a consistent small cluster of College, High School & Grade School Athletes - both boys and girls.

This was a positive way of mentoring the young GE Athletes and creating incentive and pressure to perform better in front of the whole GE TEAM.

In addition to our Movement Prep & Form Run, we directed 5 different stations, 4 Cone Drills, a 100 Foot Tug of War - 11 vs. 11 and 800 Yards of Sprints.

The GE STAFF did not take it easy on the Crew because it was the last workout in 2010 - in fact we wanted to finish the way we started - creating a professional atmosphere and training environment to allow our Athlete's the ability to MAXIMIZE their RESULTS!

Good Energy Training - It's Personal!

The GE REVOLUTION 2010 comes to an end...

December 31, 2010


"IT IS MORE BLESSED to give...
...than to Receive."

From the Good Energy Staff:
Michele, Michael, Pete, Andy & Pat

Thank you for an Amazing 2010! It was an Awesome year that will only be duplicated in 2011 by moving down the street to OUR OWN building 5x as big in 2011.

We have SPRINTED for 364 days and will take the last day, "OFF!"
We won the game of 2010 and there is NO Overtime.

Thank you GE Faithful. We have given you EVERYTHING we have and will take 3 days to re-vamp and be Charged with GE for a Great 2011.

peace - good health - love - happiness in 2011
The Good Energy Staff to the GE TEAM!

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