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Summer 2011 - TESTING - Phase 1

Monday, June 20, 2011


Andrew Sayler preparing for his 1 rep squat of 475 under the watchful eye of Strength Coach, Pat Carley.

Our College Athlete's will test their progress in our program with a 1 Rep Max test in the Squat, Bench Press & Hang Clean so we can monitor their improvement over the next 6-8 weeks.

We are officially half way thru our Summer Program although on the calendar, Summer starts tomorrow.

Congratulations to ALL our Athlete's for a Great Effort on Monday and we look forward to many PR's this Week & New Goals set for the remainder of the Summer.

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Father's Day 2011 - June 19, 2011

...without my Dad


My Dad was a "handshake guy." He didn't need to tell my brother, sister & I "He loved us" - we could tell by his facial expressions, body language & that grizzly bear handshake. He taught us to work hard, to always be a team player & to do the right thing. There were always rules to follow & a certain way to do things - his way was ...usually right.

My Dad taught us to be Proud of who we are and to Believe in ourselves but to Always be humble. He did a lot of great things while he lived & helped a lot of people exactly how he helped us, never looking for credit. My Dad's heart was BIG enough to treat All those he cared about like Family & those who knew my Dad could attest to that. Our first Father's Day without my Dad (today) was not easy & it is difficult to live without "our Backstop." I am thankful for my venue to share the Lessons I learned thru the "Personal" Performance & Fitness Training we do at the Good Energy Training Shop.

Thanks to ALL the GE Believers for letting me pass it on. : )

Pete Ohnegian
Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Added some EXTRA Rope Work

June 18, 2011


Mackenzie Welter still smiling even during the Rope WORK at the end of her Friday BOOTCAMP at the Shop!

With the help of Strength Coach, Kevin O'Shea, Mac completes the overhead rope transfer in this INTENSE Grip, Shoulder WORK with the XXL 50` & Double width ROPE.

Summer 2011 is HERE & we hope to UP THE INTENSITY & Increase the Work Load for ALL our Athlete's to prepare for the Fall!

Mac is a sophomore jumper and sprinter for Northern Highlands H.S. up the street.

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!


Tuesday, June 14th 2011


There is still an NFL Lockout, but our Shop is pleased to continue to provide the McCourty twins with some Good Energy Training during the "Work Stoppage!"

Devin performed an Upper Body workout today and we hope to have both Jason & Devin train together at the end of this week.

We look forward to the guys getting back on the field soon, but it's nice to have two first class people and world class athlete's training at the Shop!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Casimos has good day at Rutgers


Matt Hladik Staff Writer

Talk about it in The Round Table
Throughout this recruiting season, much has been made of the Don Bosco Prep "Fab 5"--Darius Hamilton, Elijah Shumate, Yuri Wright, Leonte Carroo and Mike Strizak. Yet on Saturday, it was a different Ironman who stole some of the headlines at Rutgers' annual Big Man Academy.

Casimos had a big day at RU on Saturday
Junior offensive guard Michael Casimos lived up to his high school's nickname by winning the Strong Man award. During bench instruction, he put up 185 pounds 30 times.

"I wasn't exactly expecting to do that many reps, I haven't tested that weight in a long time," said Casimos, who first began weight training as a high school freshman. "But I knew I was strong, I recently did 410 pounds for a one-rep max."

Standing 6-foot-4 and weighing 275 pounds, Casimos said he is the strongest player on the Don Bosco Prep roster, an impressive feat indeed.

"It feels good (being the strongest) but it is a lot of hard work," Casimos said. "It definitely gives me confidence."

Casimos, who called Saturday's competition "some of the best I have seen at any camp", impressed evaluators and coaches alike with his performance at last month's Northeast Five-Star event in Stamford, Conn.

He made a similar impact on the Rutgers' staff on Saturday.

"They (the coaches) told me some great things," Casimos said. "They were impressed with my talents and skills. I talked to Coach Hafley and Coach Flood. Coach Flood told me good job and said I did well in drills and 1-on-1's."

With teammate Tyler Samra recently committing to UConn, Casimos is the top uncommitted lineman on the Bosco squad.

While he said he is unsure how close to offering the Scarlet Knights may or may not be, he indicated the coaching staff said they will definitely keep in touch.

Casimos is scheduled to camp at Boston College, Maryland, Syracuse, N.C. State and UConn, but said a Rutgers offer would definitely be special.

"It would be great, getting that offer from Rutgers," Casimos said. "They are a very good program, great academics and great football."

Teaching the Good Energy Crew

HOW TO WORK - 100 Degrees + Outside


Kevin O'Shea has not only been an important part of our Staff this Summer, he is walking the walk in the mornings getting his own WORKOUT in.

This morning the Franklin & Marshall senior wide receiver trained with Andrew Sayler(pictured), Junior Defensive Lineman at Susquehanna University & Timmy Culloty a freshman contributor for Steven's Tech this past Spring in Lacrosse.

The three GE Athlete's performed their Power program indoors including 4 sets of Hang Cleans and then took their workout outside.

Battling Rope, Tire Flips, Sledge Chops, Abs, Chain Curls, SandBag Presses & SandBag Curls were a few of the exercises the Crew endured in the middle of 2011's hottest Day in NJ!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!


Tuesday - June 7, 2011


Signing Day 2011!

It's official-Good Energy Training will be 5x as BIG this Fall. Cardio, Showers & an Indoor Turf Field! Landscape Pioneer & Landlord Mark Borst looks on as owner, Pete Ohnegian signs the Contract.

Let's Go!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!


Sunday, June 5, 2011


Tuxedo, NY

Congratulations to Andrew Sayler (pictured) and trainer, Michele Rozar for their efforts in the completion of the Spartan Run in the mountains of New York State on Saturday & Sunday.

If you are not familiar, the Spartan Races are a national race series that is performed in rigorous terrain and contestants must perform stunts and encounter obstacles along the course which ranges anywhere between a 5k run or 10 mile mountain race.

Andrew completed his Spartan 5K Race on Saturday, and Michele competed this morning. We are proud to say that both members of the GE TEAM completed the race and Michele finished 3/68 in her age group and 28/235 overall in the female category.

Great Job "Sayler" and Michele - U Both ROCK!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Prom 2011 - Good Energy Style

Friday, June 3, 2011


Chris Basso looks a little different in this picture then most of his GE pics where he is hustling in a Waldwick #51 baseball jersey or a sleeveless shirt working hard at the Shop!

What he IS "wearing" is the SMILE OF A CHAMPION on his Senior Prom Night!

It's pretty cool that some of our Good Energy Athlete's can enjoy their Prom night after WINNING the State Championship in their sport!

Sammy Giordano & Spencer Morgan included with their Group 4 State Sectional Lacrosse Championship for Ridgewood.

Chris & his Waldwick baseball team defeated Emerson today 7-3 to Capture the Group 1 Sectional Championship & will play again on Tuesday.

After ALL - THEY ALL TRAIN LIKE CHAMPIONS with Good Energy Training - so their Success is fitting.

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Parking Spots are Filling Up at the Shop

Summer 2011


We have been a bit delinquent on the homepage because:

A. Shop IS Slammin'.
B. Camera is at the Shop for a Tune Up.
C. There is So much to share, where do we Start?

Stay Tuned.
We'll let you know:
1. Who's Back at the Shop this Summer.
2. Who is STILL Playing in HS Sports.
3. Who is participating in the Before/After.
4. What else is going on with/at GE Training...

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Bosco beats Ramsey & Ramapo for Bergen Title

Memorial Day Weekend 2011


The Bergen Record did a nice job over the weekend printing the facts and not belaboring the point that Don Bosco is "that far ahead" on the NEXT LEVEL of the Baseball meter than it's opponents in Bergen County.

Last week, Mahwah had a chance vs. Don Bosco until the Ironmen pulled ahead for good in the 6th inning. Their batting lineup, pitching and excellent fielding proved to be too much for fellow Bergen County teams over the weekend.

Saturday at Noon, the Good Energy Staff witnessed first hand the Excellence of Don Bosco Prep at Demarest H.S. against an undermatched Ramsey team starting it's number 3 pitcher. Perhaps an earlier County tournament would allow for teams with less depth in their pitching rotation to compete with regional or parochial schools, but not with the tournaments happening at the same time.

The Good Energy Staff hopes that Tuesday's matchup of Mahwah at Ramsey H.S. is a more evenly played State Playoff match-up between Group II Teams and crosstown rivals. Mahwah's Walker Larson should be back on the hill for the TBIRDS after an impressive 4-0 shutout of Glen Rock on Friday. Larson should be paired up with Ramsey's #1 Chris Mellis.

Good Luck to ALL The GE Athlete's "in the Game!"


Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Captain’s pep talk rallies Ridgewood

Friday, May 27, 2011


RIDGEWOOD – With her high school career on the line, Sammy Giordano looked her teammates in the eyes and made a bold statement few people outside of the Ridgewood huddle would have believed: The Maroons were going to win the North Group 4 girls lacrosse state title.

It didn't matter that they were trailing by seven with only 13 minutes left. It didn't matter that their opponent, Hillsborough, had outplayed them to that point. All that mattered was that they believed it could happen.

Giordano instilled that belief with her speech.

Top-seeded Ridgewood went on to score eight straight goals to complete an epic comeback and win the sectional title with a 15-14 victory Thursday. It's the second consecutive sectional title for the Maroons, who will face Washington Township in the Group 4 final Thursday.

None of it would have been possible without Giordano's passionate speech after Ridgewood had fallen behind, 14-7, and called a timeout.

"I told them that we had to want it, that we had to dig deep and play with heart and believe we could win," Giordano said. "We weren't playing the way we normally play. We were down by seven goals, and that's a big deficit to make up. But I never doubted we would win."

After the captain's speech, neither did her teammates.

Ridgewood (19-1) started its rally 30 seconds after the timeout and didn't stop until junior midfielder Kelci Smesko (five goals) scored the game-winner on a rocket shot with 1:36 left. Kaitlin Concilio, Renee Olsen, Lindsay Weiner and Giordano (three goals) all scored during the run, and the Maroons won the last nine draws of the game to keep it going.

"Sammy is such a great leader on this team and her words really meant a lot to me," Smesko said. "I can get down on myself sometimes, and she picked me up to turn my own game around."

No. 3 Hillsborough (20-3) built its lead with Gianna Minutillo (four goals) and Elyse Malecki (two) using their speed to get by the Ridgewood defense. But after Malecki scored to give Hillsborough its seven-goal cushion, Ridgewood's defense tightened up.

Senior goalie Isabel Sippel (nine saves) came up with two huge stops on free shots when Ridgewood was in the early stages of its comeback and the defense of Kiley Donovan, Sammy Yates and Courtney Tarleton created two big turnovers down the stretch. That kept Ridgewood's run going, as did the draw controls of Olsen.

Olsen was at the center circle for all nine of the closing draws, and she controlled every one of them. Olsen flicked the ball to the same spot where her teammates were centralized for most of the run, and even popped one to herself and scored to pull Ridgewood within four.

"My hands were shaking so hard taking the draw [because] I was so pumped up," Olsen said. "We knew we had to come back and win. We got a pep talk and we somehow got all the confidence in the world and picked it up."

Giordano's pep talk did more than just give Ridgewood confidence. It made the Maroons believe.

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