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Good Energy Training on the Road...

...Oregon - USA


Waldwick H.S. senior centerfielder has been working out hard ALL year to have the BEST Spring of his Life!

Over February Break, Chris & Dad headed to Oregon to see his brother Rob.


We were psyched that Rob Sr. shared with us these GE Training Pics from Chris's "old school" workout on this 1960's Universal Machine.

Way to be a Leader, Chris!

For MORE Good Energy on the Road -
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Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Thursday - POWER Day at the Shop!

February 17, 2011


Last Thursday was Teddy Linde's (Pictured) first day performing Hang Cleans at Good Energy Training.

Strength Coach, Andy Romans is cueing Teddy to get him through this Olympic Movement properly and safely.

Teddy is an XXL Junior from Ramsey H.S., but he is NEW to Good Energy and has a LOT to learn to become a Good Energy Trained Athlete.

We ARE encouraged by Teddy's focus and work ethic when he comes to the Shop and we look for him to makes a HUGE Splash next Fall and get on the radar with college football coaches.

Teddy Linde might be a "Sleeper" Recruit now, but he is busting his butt every day at GE - to get HIS NAME out there!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Good Energy Training

a building ground for Captains


Athlete's Fitness Shop

Ramsey senior Ice Hockey Captain is Jake Fassler. Jake is leading the Rams to an impressive 14-4-1 season and is second on the team in points with 23.

Jake started his training with Good Energy in 8th Grade and has been a starter for the Rams since sophomore year.

We are proud that Jake wears the "C" on his hockey sweater but not surprised. At Good Energy Training we are not just putting the Athlete's thru a workout, we are creating a mental toughness & confidence that leads to a leadership role on the TEAM.

That's Good Energy Training - not just a workout.

Go to ARTICLES to read a very good article written in today's Bergen Record by Dave Kaplan, entitled "Captains are key to curbing bullying in sports."

If more people trained "our way" we would have less punks and more LEADERS even in 2011 the age of entitlement, pampering and "Daddy ball."

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

NEW Good Energy Hardware

Krissi Gorsuch & Jess Kelly Medal at 2K Erg Competition


Saturday - 2.12.2011
Nyack, NY

This just "in" Krissi & Jess called us both before noon to share with us their SUCCESS at a 2K Erg Competition.

Fairfield, Manhattan, NYU, Sara Lawrence, and Iona were amongst the other crew teams that competed today and the GE Shop had 2 Medalers!

Krissi being the seasoned veteran - texted us this picture with the caption:

"Placed 3rd at this indoor 2k race this morning (7:36 minutes) Jess Kelly was there
& did well too!"

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Good Energy in South America!

Yolla Rahal - hiking in Chile - at 8,000 feet


Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

When our clientele goes on a business trip or vacation, they BRING Good Energy with them!

We were excited for Bill & Yolla Rahal to "check-in" with the Shop by sending in this picture of them hiking in the Chilean desert this past week.

The only problem - Yolla has NO GE Gear on!!

Thank you Rahal's...
See you on Valentine's Day!

Karen Leavitt - "Diesel" Returns to Good Energy!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011



This picture was taken in 2006 and it looks like Karen was actually "having FUN" doing the pilates ring. But maybe she was!

After 15+ years working in the same company in corporate America, Karen has decided to work in the industry she fell in love with - Health & Fitness.

Karen was certified from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and is currently training to become a certified Massage Therapist. After calling to find out what was new at GE, we decided it was best for her to come check out her old training faciiity to watch first hand what was going on at the Shop.

She felt "at home" coming back to GE and was impressed with the precision of our choreography to train All different people at the same time during the busy hours of training between 3-6pm.

What a nice compliment from a former client who loved her Good Energy being 1on1. 1 Gym and 1 trainer and her!

Thank you for Believing, Karen!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Former GE Teammate's Son - TOP 'Cane

Anthony Chickillo becomes 3rd Generation Hurricane


We thought it was a double take when we saw on "The U" Facebook page that Tony Chickillo's son was signing with Miami.

When we went back and read the article (you can find on our site) from The Miami Herald which tells the exciting news.

15 years ago when GE Owner-Pete Ohnegian started playing Arena Football, Tony Chickillo was an old, cagey veteran for the Tampa Bay Storm, still making a living playing Arena Football 10+ years after his Miami graduation.

"Chick" was a mentor and a Pro's Pro back then. It's not a surprise, but more a Proud Moment to see his son become one of the newest members of The U's 2011 Recruting Class and carry on a Chickillo tradition at the University of Miami.

Congratulations, Chick!
from the Good Energy Team

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Barrise & Amherst College Basketball Roll on...

Monday, February 7, 2011


In an unexpected tight contest against a game Bates College team, Amherst needed all their free throws down the stretch and all of Taylor Barrise's 9 points (8 rebounds) to keep their winning streak alive, 20-0 on Saturday afternoon.

Barrise is a junior shooting guard for the Lord Jeff's. The Good Energy Shop & Team are excited about his amazing season and the team's success in Amherst, MA this Winter.

It's Personal!


Saturday, February 5, 2011


As I post this I'm wondering how exciting it IS GOING TO BE when a Good Energy Athlete plays on the Big Stage.

That is HOW WE THINK over here at Good Energy! The sky is the Limit and Live Each Day to BE Great... can come in 2nd as long as you did everything in YOUR POWER to be 1st. Oh Yeah, and it should not sit well that you lost.

To the Winners & Losers of Super Bowl XLV - We are talking about the Steelers and Packers, not the Advertisers - GO FIGHT WIN!

Make it a GREAT GAME & Play with GE...
... - To the Whistle!

Next Year...maybe there's GE not just at the game, but IN THE BIG GAME.

We will NEVER sit back and gloat on 1 athlete or player because WE ARE A TEAM, but it will be FUN to cheer on some GE "in the BIG Game!"

It's Personal!

Oklahoma Thunder's Front Office

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Spreading the Good Energy Gear!

Good Energy Faithful in Oklahoma, Jennifer Sorrels needed some Good Energy to keep her warm during this crazy Winter.

She will be cheering on Kevin Durant in her new GE Hoody the rest of the season...

It's Personal!

Signing Day - 2011

Cory Connell inks his name with University of Albany


Wednesday: 2/02/2011

It has been a long time coming!

5 years ago Cory may have been dreaming of playing college football during this plank hold.

Today he signed his name to become a Scholarship Collegiate Football player for the University of Albany!


We Believed in Cory and his Goal to keep playing the game that he loves and is really good at.

There will be a LOT MORE Hard Work that will have to be done in order to play at the Scholarship Level...

...but the Good Energy Training Staff will sit back and enjoy this Moment....for a minute.... or two....or three or four...

Congratulations, Cory...
...& to you too - Coach Connell & Mrs. Connell!

It's Personal!

The Weather OUTSIDE is Frightful...

...but GE Client's Continue to train hard - Feb 2011


Amy can deflect her picture taken at 6am on a snowy morning in February, but she can't hide the sweat factor on her neck!

We put Amy through the Athlete's LEG workout for the week, substituting the Grip Work for Extra Abs!!

Our Creativity & Sensitivity to our Client's GOALS is what separates us from the "Gym" down the street, on the highway or in your town.

Great job, Amy!

We will keep you posted on how she does on Thursday in our "NEW" ARMY 101-STYLE Bootcamp we will put her through at 6am on Thursday morning! : )

It's Personal!

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