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Happy New Year!

- from Our TEAM to Y-O-U!


It was "PERSONAL" the Whole Year.

2011 was Great for Good Energy Training.

In the beginning of 2012 we will capture the Highlights from 2011 and share with you on our site as well as on the Good Energy Training page on Facebook.

Thank you for Making 2011 a year to remember.

We are thrilled to share with you ALL the Expansion of Good Energy and we will Start 2012 with Fireworks as "The Backyard" will be unveiled the first week of the NEW Year!

As always, "Thank you for Believing" and we hope you will "Join the Ride" for exciting times in 2012.

Good Energy Training
Making a Difference since 2003!

Winter Break - BUSY at the Shop

December 29, 2011



Kelly Kittredge came home for a few weeks "In Season" for the Brown Women's Hockey team but got right in the Shop to stay IN SHAPE.

Pictured with Michael Barrett performing a resisted band shuffle. That's right, Even MICHAEL BARRETT came "home" to the Shop for a month plus of WORK - during the transformation of "the Shop" to the GE EXPANSION!

It has been like 'ole times with many of the College Athlete's back working out, Michael Barrett training alongside longtime client Karen Gerber & the Shop is Flowing this Winter!

2011 is fading out, but what thing is certain:

Good Energy Training is "FOR OUR CLIENTS!"
It's Personal!

Santa brought the NEW GE to Life!

Sunday December 25, 2011


Allendale, NJ

A special "thank you" to Harry Hahn and his crew(S) for All their "HARD WORK" getting the lights & fans hung, walls put up and painted, and flooring and turf down for Christmas!

Definitely an Amazing Holiday Season this year and HUGE stuff to happen in 2012 at the Shop!

Stay tuned to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the Website to hear about everything "NEW" going on at Good Energy Training in the days to come.

We are NOT trying to be like anyone else in the industry. We are want to Set the standard for a Personal Performance Center and the Proof of our quality is with our Client's Results & the professionalism of our Staff!

Train like a Pro, with a Pro!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!


Friday - December 23, 2011



Black Hoody's & Sweatpants
Long Sleeve White/Black Tshirts
Camo Tshirts
White Short Sleeve Tshirts

Great Stocking Stuffers or Gifts for

Powered by Good Energy Training
Let everyone Know:

"U Train Like a PRO, WITH A PRO!"

Happy Holidays, GE - HAPPY HOLIDAYZ! :)

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

Good Energy & The Todd Marinovich Story

ESPN 30/30 - The Marinovich Project


Good Energy in Los Angeles, CA
2000 - LA Avengers

In 2000, Good Energy Training owner Pete Ohnegian played center/guard for Todd Marinovich in the Staples Center. This picture was taken during a Pre-Game meal.

It was years after Todd's troubles in College & during his stint in the NFL, but one thing is certain - his Gift to play Quarterback was present.

The Todd Marinovich is a sad but Very Real story about one of the first Sports Performance Trainers, Todd's Dad Marv, and his relentless pursuit TO MAKE TODD the Ultimate USC Quarterback.

Try to Catch this Show. It is a great example on what TOO MUCH PRESSURE can do and how we need to Look at why we are playing sports and exercising?


GE is NOT just the Warehouse Trainer.
Life's Experiences have helped us Mold & Develop Athlete's Body's and Mind's since 2003.

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!


GE TRAINING will Make a Difference!


Franklin Lakes, NJ
Elite Training Academy

Despite the Holiday & academic demands on the Highlands Lax players, more than a dozen trained last night with our Staff at ETA.

You can tell by the Body Language, Effort & Resu the TEAM'S Approach that they are going to get a LOT out of Good Energy Training this Winter & we are anticipating a physically tested and prepared team on that first Friday of March!

Great job, Boyz...
Powered with Good Energy!

Good Energy Training
Even TEAM TRAINING is Personal!

"It's THE MOST Wonderful TIME...

...of the YEAR!"



The Bergen Record

News Only Fit To Print!
Congratulations to Mike Casimos #77 Left Guard for the ALL Everything Don Bosco Prep Ironman.

The STRONGEST Ironman trained with us at the GE Shop and we are Proud that he has finally received some recognition for his Excellence on the Interior Line for Bosco.

Great Job, Mike!
Look forward to preparing you for the Next Level.
Let's get some Offers on the Table!!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!


Taking the Extra Space by Storm



With only a few weeks until the NEW Year, we anticipate excessive Progress between now and then.

This photo was taken one week ago.

Following the completion of the lights being installed on the turf field and the ceiling painted, the sheet rock is now all up, the rough inspections for plumbing and electric completed and the large items are being ordered for the floor, walls, & finishes.

We are planning on introducing many new programs in the weeks to come and we look forward to your feedback on availability and quality of service.

The Expanded GE WILL BE 5x as BIG,
...but We WILL Keep IT PERSONAL!

Making a Difference for People who get IT.

2012 NH Lacrosse Preseason Starts with GE!

Tuesday December 6, 2011


Franklin Lakes, NJ
Elite Training Academy

We are excited for the opportunity to train the 2012 Northern Highlands Boy's Lacrosse Team this Winter.

We will have them for 3 hours performing Speed, Agility & Conditioning as well as Strength Training.

Thank you to Brian O'Rourke and Kyle Ojakian the two head coaches who have put their Faith in the GE Staff to "Make a Difference" this Winter with their Squad.

Our Goal is to get the boys to WORK HARD so that they go into this Spring "IN SHAPE" and the Coaches can Focus on Lacrosse not Conditioning.

Good Energy Training
It's Personal even when Working with a TEAM!

a GREAT 8 Years at Good Energy Training

- "thank U for Believing!"


at the Shop

During a driving a snowstorm, Good Energy, Inc. held it's "Official" Grand Opening.

The mayor of Allendale didn't make it, nor did many family or friends. But we "officially" started on this day, eight years ago.

We have kept our head in the book, led often times with our Heart & appreciate Making a Difference in People's lives using Fitness, Strength & Conditioning as our Platform to develop Minds - Bodies & the GE Spirit!

Thank You.

Good Energy Training
It's been Personal since 2003!

BIG CASIMOS - #77 Don Bosco Prep



At The Shop

Why we Do what we Do & How we Do IT!

In the Ultimate Respect move, BIG Mike Casimos came by on Saturday morning after helping the #1 Team in the USA win the NJ State Championship to give Pete Ohnegian a BIG Casimos Hugg!

Pretty Good stuff.

The Good Energy Training Facebook page has a profile pic of Mike on 12/08/08 performing seated rows at GE! He was just coming off ACL Surgery during his freshman year and was already working hard to get back on the field.

It was Awesome today - hearing Mike Giggle like a little kid and seeing his BIG Smile walking into the Shop to say, "Thank You" for ALL Our Support at GE and Believing in HIM, and help make him the BIGGEST & STRONGEST IRONMAN!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

KITTREDGE Hitting Stride for BEARS

BROWN takes back Mayor's Cup - Beating PC 2-1



Brown took back the Mayor's Cup with a 2-1 win over Providence College on Black Friday. Brown (3-2-5) was able to net two goals in the first period and then hold off a late surge from the Friars (6-8-3) to win the 17th Annual Mayor's Cup matchup.

Following this exciting win, the Bears suffered a 3-1 loss to the #4 Ranked Boston College Eagles. Although disappointing, we had a great conversation following the lossw with GE'S KELLY KITTREDGE #22. Kelly is seeing more ice time & feels much more comfortable with the style of play implemented by newly hired Brown head coach, Amy Bourbeau.

We are psyched for Kelly, who works so hard in the off-season to play at her BEST Now!

Hard Work does Pay Off & so does Kelly's Mental Toughness!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!

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