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SPRING SEMESTER begins Monday 3.05.2012

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The BackYard is near completion as well as our Programing for Training Athletes in the Back while keeping "the Shop" the semi-private personal training center.

We look forward to evolving our business into a "PROGRAM" and coordinate our Athlete's Training with their high school season and program.

From 1 day per week to 6 days, our Athlete's will be given a Complete Program to enhance their Performance in their sport while minimizing their risk for injury.

We look forward to Making The Difference for Athletes that understand the Commitment needed to play at their Best and only sign up to Work Hard at GE and Remain Hungry to Be Great!

Good Energy Training
Making The Difference in 2012!


DISTRICT 5 - Don Bosco Prep


Ramsey, NJ

Fitting that the site of District 5 Wrestling Tournament was in the Hometown of GE's two BIG Wrestler's Neil Forrester & Ryan Woods, Ramsey H.S.

Fitting because both the 225 & Heavyweight wrestlers continued their Success from the gridiron for the Rams this Fall to the Mat this Winter.

Both Neil & Ryan scored 2nd place finishes to move on the Regions and stay Alive IN their season. GE'S Anthony Peri & Ryan Carney were not as fortunate, but we are PROUD of them just the same!

Good Energy Training
"Making The Difference in 2012!"


Patio "Shaping Up" in the BackYard



Updates have been long overdue, but the GE Expansion is still in "GO MODE!"

On Tuesday we received our XXXL Hammer Strength delivery. This picture does not even do "The Patio" justice, but we are excited that EVERYTHING is coming together.

The GE STAFF couldn't wait for the NEW Equipment, but we are thrilled how excited Everyone is to Break It In and see what is to come during MARCH MAKEOVER MONTH at Good Energy Training!

Many NEW GE Programs will be put into place for the Spring 2012 & We Anticipate a lot of different & New Faces Participating in the 2012 Spring GE Experience!

Making The Difference in 2012!

The Shop has - Exploded!

It's Official - GE CARDIO Ready to GO


Allendale, NJ

Still in the same location, but next door to the "Original Shop" is NOW Cardio to be used by Our Team as well as the BackYard, Spinning, Massage, Nutrition and Showers.

We know, we know...Finally!

It's still exciting that the Vision has come a Reality and we are excited to share the GE Cardio with you!

Please Call for more details on our NEW Programs and to Find out how You can be a Part of the GE TEAM.


Good Energy Training
"Making The Difference in 2012!"

Don Bosco Prep Star signs on with Good Energy!

Safety Kyle Sakowski #27 will train at the Shop


Wednesday - 2.08.12

Pictured on National Letter of Intent day last Wednesday, Kyle Sakowski signing with Lafayette College to play Safety.

Less than one week later, Kyle was performing his "GE INTRO" Workout, Leg Workout & Speed & Conditioning yesterday. That's right, Kyle was so READY to start his Good Energy Training routine that he got ALL three workouts IN, and In a Row!

We look forward to training him just 1 Hour today with the ChainZ Upper Body Routine, but also having him on board with Our Team. Kyle is a Hard Working Student-Athlete from Chester, NY. He will NOW Add GE to his Routine Every Day after school & Get Prepared to PLAY - DAY 1 for the Leopards.

We have a Proven Track Record with training Lafayette Athletes and look forward to Adding Kyle to the Leopard Standout List trained by GE!

Good Energy Training
"Making The Difference in 2012!"

BIG Weekend!

Super Bowl Sunday, & GE goes B-I-G!


@ the Shop
@ The Cardio
@ The BackYard!!

Happy First Week of February!

A Picture tells 1,000 WordZ...
...Stretching "Our Arms" this Month!

Sign is up, definitely MORE than 5x as BIG.

Cardio Equipment is in.
Transition from Shop to the other 8,000 Feet is almost complete and Programs are being implemented for this Month.

All the kinks should be out by March, but we are excited to share all the "NEW GE" With our Current Team!

Happy Saturday, GE...
...Let the Excitement Build.


Good Energy Training
Making The Difference in 2012!

BIG DAY For the GE Strong Man!

NCAA National Letter of Intent Day


Feb 1, 2012

We knew in December of 2008 that four years later today would be an exciting day for Michael Casimos.

Just coming off ACL Reconstruction on his left knee, he was already in the Shop working on his Mind & Body while he rehabbed from his injury.

Now he is coming off a highly decorated Senior season in which he earned All-League, All-County & All Area honors for Don Bosco Prep's Football team - #1 in the USA.

We look forward to sharing with you Mike's decision on where he will play at the Next Level. His Hard Work & Determination is about to pay off.

Good Energy Training
Making The Difference in 2012!


Sunday, January 29, 2012


at the Shop

There is SO Much "NEWS" to cover & yet we have been so delinquent on the site. We Apologize!

NO EXCUSES (that is Not GE!) but we will do a better job bringing our site viewers up to speed this week so you are caught up with this Winter's Happenings at the Shop and with the Result's of our 2012 Winter ATHLETES.

Pictured is half of the "NEW" Cardio area which will also include 2 LifeFitness Bicycles & 3 Treadmills which are on the way this week. We look forward to adding Cardio to your daily menu at GE & have designed the Expansion so you are excited to make GE a Daily STOP for your Fitness Goals & Living a Healthier Lifestyle NOW!

Good Energy Training
"Making The Difference in 2012!"

Preparing for Greatness!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


GE Athlete's Fitness Shop

During the NFL Lockout this past Summer we had the opportunity to train Devin & Jason McCourty a few times while they were in the GE Area.

Today is an exciting day for our clients that trained alongside Dev & know that he has GE! Our Team has someone "Personal" to cheer for!

At GE it's NOT about boasting who we have, because everyone is IMPORTANT on OUR TEAM.
However, when they Play in Professional Championships, it's a BIG DEAL!

Best of Luck to Devin, Blake Costanzo, & Ben Grubbs #66 on the Ravens & to the GIANTS of course of whom we hope to Train a few in the months to come IN THE "NEW" BackYard!

Good Energy Training
Making the Difference in 2012!


Saturday, January 15, 2012



The Brown Bears suffered defeat to Clarkson University on Saturday night in Providence 6-2 and their overall record fell to 5-7, but GE's KELLY KITTREDGE scored her first goal following an early 4-0 lead by Clarkson.

Brown got on the board just 1:25 into the second period as deflection came right back out to Kelly Kittredge (Mahwah, N.J.) who blasted a one-time slapshot, high to stick-side of Clarkson goalie Erica Howe. The shot actually hit the crossbar and fell back into the net for Kittredge's first career goal. Jennifer Nedow (Brockville, Ontario) and Sarah Robson (Mississauga, Ontario) were there for the assists.

Congratulations, to KELLY who also received a Star of the Game for her Performance!

Good Energy Training
Making a Difference in 2012!

Shop is Cheering for Devin!

God will be watching...


If you Believe in God, you know that God will be present on Saturday and Sunday during the NFL games. In fact, people do not have control over God or get more from God depending on how much you pray whether visibly or in your House of Worship!

The GE TEAM is cheering for Devin McCourty because he trained with us way back when in high school thanks to Andy Romans telling Dev and his brother Jay that GE is the Place to BE! This off season the brothers got some work in as well in between their advertisements, photo shoots and busy schedules.

We will ALL be Pats fans on Saturday afternoon and know that Devin is a very blessed person who we are fortunate to know from his time at our Little Shop. Can't wait for him to see The BackYard!

Good Energy Training
Making a Difference in 2012!

Standing Room Only!

Saturday 1-08-12


Allendale, NJ
at The GE Shop!

We literally had "Standing Room Only" at our 11am Sessions on Saturday.

The BIGGEST Tribute by our GE Clients was that they were unaffected by the Construction going on. Everyone was excited to get "in" on a Saturday and get worked out before a Fun weekend!

Thank you to ALL our GE Faithful that trained as if it was "business as usual" at the Shop even though we had a 1/2 dozen MEN IN GE CAMO knocking down Walls, Making Windows and spackling/priming in the NEW Space...

Good Energy Training
Making a Difference in 2012!

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