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SUMMER 2012 is ON!

Are you IN? What are YOUR Goals?



This is a picture from the GE BackYard yesterday at 3pm!

Jack Gallagher will be a sophomore football player at Franklin & Marshall. Jack is performing a sled drag during his Monday LOWER BODY Workout & will come EveryDay, 2x on Tuesday - Thursday & Saturday when he performs Speed & Agility.

Taylor Grbelja will be a freshman Volleyball player at Muhlenberg College next year! She has trained with us since 8th grade and we are thrilled for her Successful High School Career because we know how Hard she Worked for IT! Taylor will be training 3x per week this Summer and currently works with Heather Campanile our Sports Nutritionist to get her diet "right" before she heads away to school.

Spencer Morgan will be a sophomore at Skidmore College where she plays lacrosse. Spence trained with us during her final two years at Ridgewood H.S. where she played soccer & lacrosse player. Although only seeing spot time during Ridgewood's County & State Lacrosse Championship team of 2011, Spencer took her Good Energy to Skidmore and started as a Freshman on Skidmore's lacrosse team.

Both Spence and Taylor will be training 3x per week and will include GE Speed & Agility to their training regiment as well.

Are you planning on working out this Summer? Do you want to play at the Next Level? The REAL question is: Are YOU committed to Work Hard & Will YOU PAY THE PRICE to take the next step?

Good Energy Training
Making the Difference for You in 2012!


16th Straight Win is the BIGGEST thus Far in 2012


Mahwah High School

In his hometown, Brian Kittredge is pictured lifting up the Bergen County Lax Championship Trophy with his Don Bosco Prep teammates after stifling Ridgewood 8-4 for their 1st Ever Bergen County Lacrosse Championship.

Kittredge, a senior longstick defender, did not unveil his Leadership qualities until prior to this year, his last season.

Brian was apparently "discovered" to be a Leader prior to this Season by his teammates and coaches as he continually locked up highly recruited attackmen from the entire tri-state area. Now with the "C" on his jersey, he has saved his finest play during his senior campaign.

A Gibbs Division Championship, Bergen County Championship and now the States to come this Saturday.

We are Beyond Proud of March's Athlete of the Month because he worked his butt off with the GE Staff this Fall & Winter every day at our Facility. ALL his Hard Work is Paying Off. No surprise here, Brian! Congratulations on ALL your Success this year so far - YOU EARNED IT.

Good Energy Training
Making the Difference for You in 2012!

GE Staffer - Gets Down & Dirty!

Sunday - April 29, 2012


GE Strength Coach, Mike Deutch seen yelling but apparently not at his girlfriend Nicole in front of him during the 10+ Miles of Mud, Water, Obstacles and plenty of mountainous terrain in Pennsylvania last Sunday.

Not pictured is Jack Gallagher and many of his teammates from the Franklin & Marshall Football team that took part in this race for Lauren's 1st & GOAL Charity.

Congratulations, to Mike, Nicole and their team as well as ALL the other participants who at the end of the day ran, walked, swam and crawled closer to 14 miles to cross the FINISH LINE!

Good Energy Training
Making the Difference for You in 2012!


Positive Peer Pressure!


Chris Gormally, Ramsey Jr. WR/DB driving up 290 for his Squat TEST this week on the Patio in the GE BackYard!

We are excited for Everyone's Improved Results this Spring and for Summer to start with GE College Athletes home in just two weeks.

Contact the Shop if you WANT to be a part of our Summer Strength & Conditioning Program, but only if you are serious. We don't want any "Pretenders" this Summer.

Please have Goals IN Mind so we can MAKE IT HAPPEN for U!

Good Energy Training
We will Make the Difference for you in 2012!

Bosco BEATS Bergen's ELITE - Ridgewood

No. 1 Ranked beats no. 2 - 13-9 Saturday


Ramsey, NJ
@ Don Bosco Prep

Great opening the BERGEN RECORD on Sunday with headlines mirroring our Athlete of the Month.

Of course we are celebrating BRIAN KITTREDGE, our Athlete of the Month because he WORKED so HARD to start for DBP as a long stick defenseman and was named Captain because of RESPECT, no politics involved.

We were not surprised that we didn't see his name in the article, after all, a long stick defenseman is much like an interior lineman in football - a team player with very little notice unless they make a mistake!

Congratulations to Brian and long time GE Client, Max Everett for Don Bosco's win over Ridgewood. Bosco may be ranked number one in Bergen County this year, but Ridgewood is ALWAYS the Standard in Bergen County Lacrosse.

Good Energy Training
Making the Difference for You in 2012!

Zack Borglum - Starts Season with "W!"

Ramsey 10 - Hackensack 0


Saturday - 4.07.12

Saturday morning GE Winter Intern, Zack Borglum got "the Sleepies" out of his eyes at the Shop and pitched a gem for the Rams.

Thanks to HOT Bats and hitting the strike zone consistently, Zack erased the Comets easily in 5 innings to bring the Union College bound senior his first victory.

The GE STAFF was excited that Zack spent 30 minutes before he reported to the field to get some cardio, flexibility and dynamic stretching/band work "in" before he headed to the mound.

That is Why we Made GE BIGGER...
...for Athlete's to come in and Utilize our Facility to PLAY BETTER!

Thank U, Zack!

Good Energy Training
Making The Difference for You in 2012!

Calm before the STORM!

Saturday April 7, 2012


Real Excited for the Choreographed Saturday about to take place in the GE EXPANSION!!

GE Original Client, Krissi Gorsuch will be here with Camera Crew to shoot video for her Senior Project at Fairfield University.

We have put together a diverse Saturday of Training so Krissi can shoot ALL that goes on in the Shop and NOW in the Expansion so she can share with her Professor and class what Good Energy Training is All about.

Good Energy Training
"Making the Difference for You in 2012!"

The Finishing Touches



Everyone keeps asking about Spinning, YARDWORK Class Schedule, Massage Appointments, when the showers will be Ready...

...It's ALL Happening, folks.

We are excited for EVERY NEW detail, like the GE Athlete's over the Mirrors!

Athlete Training is going well in the BackYard, Speed is Great now that it's IN HOUSE and the GE Faithful are starting to take advantage of XTRA Cardio time.

Keep Posted to the Site for NEW Happenings, Program schedules, pricing and MORE to DO at GE!

Making The Difference for You in 2012!

BackYard Strength Training Finishes 1st Week

Saturday, March 17, 2012


The long wait for GE BackYard Strength Training is here and is going to be a great addition to our facility.

Not only will our Athlete's have their own Private place to train on the "GE PATIO" but they also will learn a lot more about the nuances of Strength Training.

GE Athlete's will now be asked to hold their own EACH workout by monitoring their weights and assisting their workout partners with spotting and technique.

Therefore, GE will not only be a place to get their game to the Next Level, but GE Athlete's will be LEADERS in their high school weight rooms by understanding proper spotting technique and weight room mindset.

The program is still Fresh in the GE BACKYARD but we are excited to develop the culture and environment for Our State of the Art - Serious Strength & Conditioning Center. Know your Goals or stay Home, PLEASE!

Good Energy Training
Making the Difference in 2012!

Northern Highlands Boy's Lacrosse - 2012

GE Stops by Practice Session


After working with the NH Boy's Lacrosse team ALL winter, we wanted to check on their progress after the first week of Pre-Season.

We were pleased to hear that the Hard Work has already Paid Off for several of the young Highlanders as two of the Freshman that were Regulars in Our Program are running with the Varsity.

Coach Rourke also informed the GE Staff that Dan Barrack has made the team. Dan was a cut casualty as a freshman but after working hard this winter, he solidified his spot for at least a JV Goalie position.

We are excited for the smooth transition from GE Winter Training to the Playing Field and look forward to watching the Highlanders LIVE On Thursday night at Mahwah H.S. in their first Scrimmage.

Good Energy Training
Making the Difference in 2012!

GE is BALLIN' That's What IS New!

- early Spring 2012



"DELI" Anthony D'Alessandro #3 back in Left Field for Duke in his sophomore campaign for the Blue Devils. Deli is currently batting .316 and has 12 hits.

Spencer Morgan has taken Skidmore Women's Lacrosse by storm and #5 is starting for the Thoroughbreds who opened with a WIN at Utica, 9-6.

Jenna Stoller is pitching well in her Senior year for Cornell Softball and we are psyched that she logged some throwing with Kayla Gravalis in the GE BackYard this Winter.

Sammy Giordano is seeing some time as a Freshman for the Georgetown Hoyas. They play former GE Sammy Cermack on Wednesday and Johns Hopkins. Should be a great game.

So that is a little News from the College front!

More to follow with High School Pre-Season and ALL the College Athlete's that are getting some GE while home on Break!

Good Energy Training
Making The Difference in 2012!


What's your plan for Spring Break?


We are excited to have Susquehanna University Junior Defensive Lineman, Andrew Sayler in the Shop this week to Load up with some GE before Spring football and the rest of the Spring Semester.

Andrew is a GE Old Timer who was taken back by the GE Expansion and all the XTRA GE he will be able to enjoy this Summer!

Unless you are out west like Kelly Kittredge (Brown Hockey) in this picture or in the tropics, be sure to come by GE and check out the NEW digs and get a lift or some Cardio in!

Good Energy Training
Making The Difference in 2012!

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