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H.S. Girls soccer roundup:

Jessica Cuttone’s overtime goal lifts Mahwah


Jessica Cuttone scored in the first overtime period as 10th-seeded Mahwah escaped with a 2-1 victory over No. 23 Hasbrouck Heights/Wood-Ridge in the first round of the Bergen County girls soccer tournament Sunday.

The underdog Aviators actually took the lead when Maggie Filja scored in the first half. the Aviators packed the penalty area, but Emily Jordan finally found enough space to get a shot off and tie the score for Mahwah in the second half to force overtime.

Martone Fills Scoring Void for RHS Girls Soccer

September 26, 2012


Sophomore Gabrielle "Geeja" Martone has been leading the way for the Rams the past few weeks, most recently recording a hat trick this past Monday vs. Ridgefield Park in a 6-0 Ramsey Win.

Longtime Head Coach George Wright was hopeful a young Ram or two would step up to somehow fill the huge hole left by the graduation of Lexi Knief. Geeja is making strides to be a goal scorer and offensive player that the Rams can count on as they focus their attention on County & State playoff aspirations.

Geeja came to GE just prior to Pre-Season this Fall with the desire to rid herself of little knicks and injuries during the rigors of a Varsity soccer season. So far so good as Geeja has been committed to her 1x per week GE during September.

Good Energy Training
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Dreams start with Believing in GE!


December 2008

Pictured is a "chubby" Mike Casimos post ACL Surgery freshman year at Don Bosco Prep.

For three years Mike trained hard, changed his physique and became a Leader for Don Bosco eventually being crowned National Champion in his senior season.

Often times he was still given a Hard Time for his Over-XXL Frame and was prodded to get leaner and Run More. Mike kept his Good Energy high, often times getting an Xtra Lift IN during his high school seasons and became a Regular in the Off Season.

This weekend Mike will be dressed and Ready to Play for Akron in Knoxville, TN in front of 100,000+ at the University of Tennessee. Having just beat out a junior, he now is the backup Center as a True Freshman and is Ready should he get the call. We ALWAYS Believed in Mike and glad that his HARD WORK is PAYING OFF!

Good Energy Training
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1,000 Words

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Youngstown, Ohio

Albany vs. Youngstown State

What is this picture of?

"Tackle by defensive end Cory Connell!!"


Good Energy Training is about YOU Achieving your Goals. We Make YOU WORK HARD & Prepare You properly to Perform at YOUR BEST.

Redshirt Freshman, CORY CONNELL is Making IT Happen!

Good Energy Training
Making the Difference for Cory since 2006!

Classes ARE "IN!" Session

Fall 2012


Pictured is the "A" Team who just finished up an Intense 5am YardWork on a Friday morning.

Do NOT forget to check out our Class Schedule on the top of the HomePage. We are offering several different class times per day and have added additional hours as well.

Don't miss out on getting some Good Energy in Your Life! If $25 is too expensive than you are not Ready to be Committed to a Fitness Routine or Prepared to Live a Healther Lifestyle.

Make the Choice Folks - CHOOSE TO LIVE WITH GE!

Good Energy Training
Making the Difference for You in 2012!

2007 ALL Over Again!

FREE Ramsey Hockey Workout TONIGHT



On the eve of the 1st Day of School, the GE Staff will take the 2012-13 "to school" providing an Introduction of how we propose we will get them prepared for this Winter.

Pictured is Captain Greg Maisch who led the 2007-08 Rams and trained with our Staff in the Summer and Fall of 2007. We hope the Boys will Commit to our Program and get their Strength, Conditioning & Team Bond to the NEXT LEVEL by Working Hard at our newly renovated facility.

Good Energy Training
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LABOR DAY - 2012!

...Summer is IN the Books



GE will be Closed today, albeit - "Not OFF!"

Please stay tuned to the Website & our Facebook page as we will be making plenty of changes starting this week.

We will be Posting a tentative Class Schedule & will soon have our new software program up on the site - MINDBODY so you can be interactive with the Shop & see what we have available and lock your sessions in from home or work.

ENJOY your Labor Day, but get some WORK IN and get Mentally & Physically prepared for a GREAT Fall!

Good Energy Training
Making the Difference for you in 2012!

BIG Opening Football Weekend - GE 99

James Kittredge & Cory Connell


8.31.12 - Friday Night Lights!

Exciting times at Good Energy as we head into the first weekend of the College football season.

First up is James Kittredge (L) who will play Defensive Tackle tonight for the Michigan State Spartans who are hosting #25 Boise State in East Lansing. James has been a poster child for our Shop as he has trained with us since 8th grade and put a lot of HARD WORK in at GE!

Cory Connell (R) will be getting his first LIVE Snaps at Defensive End for the University of Albany against Colgate University on Saturday. Cory is a Redshirt Freshman who has been with us since 7th grade and works at GE when he is home from school.

Both James & Cory wear #99 and are Leaders for our Facility. Bottom Line, the Athletes that TRAIN AT GE THE MOST, get the BEST Results!

Good Energy Training
Making the Difference for YOU in 2012!

After Further Review...



August 13-16, 2012
$20. Each Session

Get some XTRA Work In!

Get disciplined at Good Energy!
* Follow Directions
* Improve your Running Mechanics
* Get Better at Football Specific Drills
* Gain Confidence with Efficient Work
* Practice Like a Pro with Professionals

Pads are Optional...
...Why not? Get used to them in Our BackYard!

It's FUN just thinking about some Football & Pads in the GE BackYard! See U next week!

Call to get your Waiver, Registration forms emailed to you: 201-760-9900.

Making the Difference for You in 2012.

Making Believers!

Summer 2012


Rob Caliento, sophomore middle infielder at Lafayette College came to GE to "put weight on" and get prepared to compete for a playing position for the Leopards next year.

He worked as an intern for a mortgage company. He has worked for the Yankees in the Summer Camp progra. He has played on an Elite Summer Travel team and he has WORKED, WORKED, WORKED at GE!

NO Excuses - been consistent and his weights go up and Heather will let us know in a few weeks just how much progress Rob has Made with his Effort at Good Energy Training.


Good Energy Training
Making the Difference for you in 2012!

TESTING WEEK - Final Numbers...

July 30, 2012


Ryan Neumann (Holy Cross/St. Joe's Montvale)has only been GE for several weeks. In fact, he is seen repping 295 on the Bench in this picture - he came here STRONG.

This week will give us the opportunity to get Ryan and dozens of others "GE Numbers" so NOW when Ryan comes back from Worcester, MA we will get him right back into our Program this Winter after a successful sophomore campaign for the Crusaders.

There is a TON of Good Energy going on right now between the Olympics, our Athlete's heading back to school in the days to come and TESTING this Week! We WANT Proof that our Summer Program works based on Our Athlete's RESULTS this Week and IN THEIR SPORT'S this Fall!

That's Accountability at Good Energy Training!


A Success for GE Athlete's & Grown Ups!


For the 5th year we set up our traditional "Beach Workout" early Saturday am at Crestwood Lake in Allendale, NJ.

A great Summer backdrop for a TOUGH GE Bootcamp and no one was dissapointed. The Workout was Fair and the Effort was Gr8 by All 16 Participants. The BIG Board concluded that it was truly a "tie" between Adults/Kids - 9 overall Wins Each, but in the end - Everyone was excited about the Challenge & the Different Venue for the Workout!

Good Energy Training
Making the Difference in 2012!

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