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Ramsey HS Football - Phase II Complete

Testing - Proof that GE Training WORKS!


Vince Lacagnata was the catalyst in setting up the Winter Off Season training Program for the Ramsey Rams.

Above he is pictured Hang Cleaning 250lbs, a 25 pound improvement from his 225 five weeks earlier. All the 14 Rams had similar Success in the GE Program boasting gains in ALL three Major Lifts - the Squat, Bench & Hang Clean.

Last week we had a Spirited Week in Our Facility with ALL the Sports Performance Athletes Maxing Out in Phase II of our Winter Program.

The Testing Program was definitely Highlighted this Winter by Ramsey's Commitment to get Bigger, Faster & Stronger TOGETHER at GE and we applaude their Dedication to Our Program and to Each Other.

Good Energy Training TEAMS WIN during the Season based on the Hard Work they do prior to Game Time.

Good Energy Training


Winter 2013 - Phase II


Ramsey HS QB/LB Matt Butler Going for IT in front of his teammates on Monday night.

This IS WHY we made GE 5x as Big one year ago. We WANT to MAKE MORE of an IMPACT on MORE PEOPLE who Believe in GE and what we do at our Facility.

The TEAM TRAINING has Reached a HIGH LEVEL of Focus & Intensity which is what we are striving for. Without Focus & Intensity our clients will Not achieve the Results we are trying to attain.

Looking forward to the rest of the Week and Increased Numbers to PROVE that GE TRAINING WORKS... going into our 10th Year!

Good Energy Training

Spinning Starts Monday - 1/14/13

9 Bikes - Professional Instructors - GE!


We are thrilled to Introduce another program at Good Energy Training beginning this Winter - our Spin Class. A state of the art room to grind out a 45 minute WORKOUT on a Spin bike with one of our Professional Instructors.

Sue Larson is a highly decorated teacher coming from several health clubs in northern NJ where she has a Strong following. Chrissy Notorangelo-Flatt is fairly new to the instructor side of the bike but has been teaching Full Time the last 6 months after having been a Spin student for over 10 years.

We have a few other instructors finalizing their schedules, but if you have any interest please call us at 201-760-9900 about reserving your Bike, Pricing or inquiring about the times of classes, etc.

Good Energy Training
ALL-IN 2013.

Record Player of the Year Choses Good Energy!

NH Girl's Soccer - CLARE SHEA #11


January 2013

We have started the NEW YEAR off with a Bang!

Not only have our Post-Thanksgiving Programs taken off this Winter - Kids Classes/Teens Classes, Adult Classes & Sports Performance, we are thrilled to Add some Marquis Athletes to Our TEAM Too.

Certainly a "NEW Marquis Student Athlete" would be Junior soccer player Clare Shea who has already chosen Army over several Division I scholarships including Holy Cross, Rutgers, St. John's & Georgetown to name a few.

Clare performed her "INTRO" Session on a Friday, and the next day went 2 hours Back to Back with a BackYard Total Body session followed up by a 2nd hour of Speed Training this past Saturday. It's Great having Higher Level Athletes at Our Facility to raise Everyone's Level.

After All, one of our Slogan's in 2013 is "EVERYTHING TO PROVE - 2013."

Here We GO GE! Welcome CLARE SHEA!
Good Energy Training


Top Right of Website - SCHEDULE YOUR GE!


As of the NEW YEAR, Please start signing yourself IN to the Classes you would like to participate in.

Our Classes are 1st come - 1st Serve and are normally limited to 12 participants. As our Classes begin to FILL UP, we would as that you help us by putting yourself IN so we do not have confusion with who was "supposed to be in,...etc."

We understand that this is a NEW System and there will be some glitches, but we have waited to implement the self-schedule program until we have configured most of the classes that go along with this process.

It's going to be a gr8 year and we are so excited to Offer YOU More at Good Energy Training in 2013.



December 28, 2012


Everyone is into our YardWork Friday!

Adults: 5am & 9:30am
Kids: 4pm
Teens: 5pm

Alternative Training with an INTENSE Atmosphere and Competitive Spirit in the GE BackYard! Stations, Circuits, Timed Exercises, LOUD Music & Plenty of sweat & Effort!!

If you have not tried it, but want to see what it's ALL about, ...give us a Call.

Good Energy Training
Making a Difference for YOU in 2012!


Wednesday - December 26, 2012


Plenty of Good Energy Training on Tuesday even though the Shop was closed! It was Christmas Day! :)

Today we are Back to our Normal schedule.

Kids Class at 5pm
Teens Class at 6pm
Core & Conditioning for both

Ramsey Football at 7pm

Adult Class at 8pm - Total Body

We will be back in at 5am on Thursday and will resume our Normal Routine until New Year's Eve on Monday.

Call to make your appointment for Class or just come and get some Good WORK In!

Good Energy Training
Making a Difference for you in 2012,...until the END!

Christmas Eve/New Years Eve Schedules

Monday 12/24 & 12/31 at GE!


5am - Adult Class
6am - Adult Class & P/T Sessions
7am - 9am P/T Sessions
9:30am - Adult Class
10am - P/T Sessions
11am - RHS Football
12pm - COLLEGE GE!
1pm - COMBO CLASS (Kids/Teens)
2pm - CLOSED

We will open a little later on 12/26 & 01/02, 7am for the first Adult Class of the Day and then we will have a Normal WORK Day!

Thank you for "working with Us" on the Holiday Schedule and we look forward to providing gr8 WORKouts during your Holiday season.

Good Energy Training
Making a Difference for You in the end!


Waterville Valley Ski Academy


New Hampshire

Ashley's IN SEASON! You don't have to know a lot about skiing to know that Ashley is Tearing Up the Mountain in this picture!!


Ashley Trained her Tail Off since she came home in March. 100% No Excuses, during 8th grade graduation parties, jaunts to the beach & everything else some normal 8th graders do. But Ashley was different. She woke up for GE, she got in late to get her GE in,...Ashley Gets IT. Her Mom and Dad are supportive, but it was Ashley who knew that ALL the WORK she put in with us would lead to Fearless Runs in her Alpine Skiing this Winter.

This is GE People - - -this IS GE!
Keep IT Going - Ash...

Good Energy Training
Train Like a Pro with a Pro!




MONDAY - 12.17.12

WINTER SPECIAL for College Students/Athletes starts TODAY! Call: 201-760-9900.

First 12 Slots on a first come, first serve basis. TWO DIFFERENT PROGRAMS. One program is the regular Strength & Power Program for Athletes and the 2nd Program is for Classes open to College Students for the 4-6 weeks you are home for Break.

Get IN Shape this Break! Don't lay around at home GET NEW GE in your Life at the Beginning of the NEW YEAR!

Good Energy Training
ALL IN - 2013 .

Good Energy Training TODAY:

Sunday, December 16, 2012


9am Adult Class: Core/AbZ/Cardio & Stretch
10am Strength & Power
11am Combo Kids Class: Speed & Agility
12pm Open Gym - Unlimited Adult GE!

Enjoy your Sunday - Stay EnerGizEd...

Good Energy Training
Making a Difference for You in 2012!

Start your 2013 GOALS - NOW!

Adult 1on1 Training in the GE BackYard


We have been sharing so much about our Team Training & Classes that we have neglected the root of Good Energy Training.


Pictured is JoAnn. An Allendale, NJ Resident with a high powered job as well as Mom duties, but that doesn't Stop her from getting GE 3x per week to Fuel her busy weeks which include travel!

No Excuses for JoAnn! Don't be misled that Good Energy is Only for Elite Athletes. We Pride Ourselves on Training anyone who is willing to WORK HARD & Believe in Our Style of Training. We have had an Influx of New Clients, so I guess the Secret is out that not only will you get a gr8 Workout, You leave with some GE MOJO too! :)

Good Energy Training
Making the Difference for you in 2012!

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