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What are U Training For?

A few GE Clients TRI'ed Something NEW!


Thanks to "IN HOUSE" Triathlon veteran Terri Peri, we now have several more who can claim to be TRI Athletes.

Kristin Shute & Dee Cheyne joined Terri in the New Jersey Shore - Sprint TRI last Sunday (9/08/13) in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. They trained HARD not only at GE but in the pool, lake, on the road cycling & in the Spin Room as well as Road Work on foot.

Such a great feeling to have adults physically GOING FOR IT this Summer and accomplishing their Fitness Goals.

Thank you to Terri Peri for Motivating, Inspiring & reassuring Kristin & Dee throughout the process as they trained together for this event. Several of our clients went down to cheer them on so I think we may have a larger GE TEAM competing in the next TRI.

GE Pass IT On!
Good Energy Training

Happy Labor Day - GE!

September 2, 2013


WORK n. 1 effort exerted to do or make something; labor

What we do, make, teach & specialize IN at Good Energy Training. "Labor Day" might as well be "New Year's Day" at GE.

A Much Needed RELOAD before we Experience the Success of our Fall Athlete's & Build Up our Winter Athlete's this Fall.

It's a satisfying Annual Cycle that Now includes Adults that Love being part of Our TEAM & Fueling Often with the Power of GE!

Enjoy your Day - website viewers. It's Exciting to see how Large Our GE Family has Grown in 10 Years & we can't wait to see what the Fall will bring starting tomorrow. #WORK #EVERYTHINGTOPROVE #GOODENERGYTRAINING

Fall Pre Season Training

August 27, 2013


Justin Larkin #1 - Ramsey Goalie
North Jersey Player of the Year
Newark Star Ledger - 2013

It was great training Justin Larkin this Summer as he prepared for the Next Level at Marist College this Fall. Thanks to the help & guidance of Maria Mountain (Canadian Goalie Training Guru) we set Justin up for Success at the Club Level for Marist with our Goalie specific sessions.

We hope that area hockey players will follow suit this Fall. Our "DryLand" Training will make you More explosive on the Ice. We have trained many hockey players the past 10 years and understand the Balance between Club Hockey commitment in the Fall & Preparing for the Winter high school season. Trust the GE TEAM to get the Job done so your hockey player skates Strong in the Fall & Excels in the Winter. That's Good Energy Training

Week 1 - Fall 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013


Quan Muhammad's BackYard Training loaded his tank with Good Energy before he headed to University of Miami.

Now Quan & several other of our D1 Athletes are starting their games. Miami plays Florida Atlantic, Rutgers plays at Fresno State on Thursday night.

It's exciting to experience how our Athlete's perform in their Sport. After all, our Preparation is for one purpose - to enable our Athlete's to Play Better because of Our Training. Best of Luck to those starting their Seasons this week & Be sure to keep Us in the Know at Good Energy Training.


GE Strength Coach Places 2nd

D'Andrea Excels in 1st BodyBuilding Competition


Union, NJ
Kean University

In his hometown of Union, Chris D'Andrea did not disappoint anyone with a Strong 2nd place finish in the Novice Middleweight Class on Saturday, August 17, 2013 in the NJ NPC Bodybuilding Competition.

For the past 30 weeks Chris has dieted, Trained like a Man possessed and Worked his normal schedule at Good Energy Training. He should be commended for his HARD WORK & Commitment for this Show - his first one. His 100% EFFORT Paid Off - Congratulations, Chris!

Good Energy Training

Good Energy Making Immediate IMPACT!

Quan Muhammad - University of Miami


Quan got a late start down to the University of Miami as most All American Freshman to be start classes in June.

Quan trained just about Every Day with Us at GE before he headed down August 1 and showed no signs of ill effects as he impressed from Day 1. Head Coach Al Golden and Defensive Coordinator Mark D'Onofrio have been quoted of saying that Quan is one of the fastest defensive lineman off the edge and it looks like he will be seeing some time on passing downs as a True Freshman.

No one OutWORKED Quan in the GE BackYard and it just proves that not only does our Training Prepare you for the Highest Level of Play, but that the BEST WORK just as Hard at the TOP!

Good Energy Training

Summer 2013 - GE heads to downtown Newark

Saturday - July 20, 2013


Central HS
Newark, NJ

On February 6, Quan Mohammad, Don Bosco's All American Defensive End signed with the Miami Hurricanes. Quan trained at GE that day after the hoopla in Ramsey, NJ and the GE Staff got to meet his family and Pop Warner coach, Nasir Gaines.

We told Coach Gaines that we would like to help him out in the future if he wanted and we did just that last Saturday.

The GE Staff brought our Sports Performance toys and headed down the Central HS to put the Brick City Lions and Central HS Football players through a 2 hour GE Style Workout.

It was HARD WORK in the 100 degrees plus heat, but so rewarding to give back to Quan's neighborhood and Coach Gaines! We look forward to hearing BIG Things in the near future from many of the Future stars at Central on Saturday and it was once again a very rewarding Experience for our Entire Staff and College Athletes that chipped in to make it a GE WORKOUT.

Good Energy Training

2013 GE Summer Camp Series

July 15-July 18 INTRO TO S&C


Allendale, NJ

1-3pm - 7/15-7/18 2013

Going to take the first 12 Participants and teach them how to Strength & Condition the GE Way. Safely, efficiently and with a Purpose. Call for More Details prior to 1pm on Monday.


Good Energy Training

July 4th Week - means GE TimeOut

July 1 - July 7, 2013


We will have a crammed week to start July at GE! Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we will go Hard & do our best to get everything and everyone IN prior to the July 4th Fireworks.

Following Wednesday, we will close Shop to Re-Group for the rest of the Summer Push and we hope you will go away and ReLoad the GE too! The remaining 6 weeks of Summer at Good Energy Training will be INTENSE & we have to continue to build on our BEST Summer Yet.

Keep IT Up - GE!

Good Energy Training
Hard Work - Pays Off, since 2003!

2nd Annual McCourty Twins Football Camp

GE helps Run the Show



It was our pleasure helping Jason & Devin run their 2nd Annual Football Camp this past Saturday in their 'ole stomping grounds of Nyack. It was quite a daunting task as they maxed the registration at 270 excited kids.

We were thankful for some timely participation from old & new GE Athletes who made ALL the Difference by assisting with the Football Specific stations and gave us 4 quality hours of their time on a Sunny Saturday morning - June 24, 2013.

Pride still matters at GE and it was great to be able to pull through for Jason & Devin who did a great thing for the city of Nyack, NY.

Good Energy Training

SUMMER 2013 - Phase I Testing Week

Monday, June 10, 2013


Pictured is Frank Failace a Redshirt Freshman from St. Francis University. (& Don Bosco Prep) Frank is New to GE, but it did not take him long to find out that our Athlete's literally Feel the GE in our Facility.

Today Frank said he would shoot for 405 in his 1 Rep Squat Max and ultimately was just shy of a 475 Lift. He is pictured Maxing 455 with Strength Coach Kevin Cline on the spot. We are excited about ALL our NEW GE Believers and look forward to BIG Results this Summer and of Course in their Sports next Fall!

Good Energy Training
Train Like a Pro with a Pro since 2003!

GE Spartan Training - WORKS!

Summer 2013


GE WARRIOR TRAINING Works! We have changed the Name from our Spartan Prep to GE WARRIOR TRAINING - applicable for any "OFF COURSE - Obstacle Race/Event" including Tough Mudders, Run-a-Muck, Savage Race coming to the Tri State area this Summer and Fall 2013.

We Will Prepare you to Compete so Race Day is FUN and not an agonizing Experience. Tomorrow at 6, 10:30 & 8pm Warrior Training w/Legs & Thursday 10:30 Warrior Training w/Upper!


Good Energy Training

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