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Adding another NIGHT SPIN

Wednesday's at 7pm with Victor O!


As GE SPIN evolves into the Spring, we have had some more requests for "night spin" to blow off steam after Work and get an evening Cardio session in.

We are happy to share with you that Victor will add Wednesday nights at 7pm to go along with Monday's at 6pm.

Please call us to ensure your spot in either of those two classes as we know they will fill up quickly.

Thank you for your feedback and we will continue to keep you updated as our programs change and more classes are added.

Good Energy Training


Spring 2013


Pictured is Zak Palmer, now an ALL CONFERENCE Junior third baseman for the Quinnipiac Bobcats.

This picture is from Zak's senior season at Mahwah HS when we convinced him to "STAY STRONG & FIT" throughout his season and he went on to earn 1st Team ALL COUNTY Honors and ultimately earn a spot on his College roster after being a Walk-On.

Zak is PROOF that Training In Season with Good Energy Training creates GREAT RESULTS!


Good Energy Training

The Pro & All American

Leading the Way at GE!


We had some Special People in the GE BackYard on Friday for YARDWORK and it's noteworthy.

Jason McCourty - Tennessee Titans defensive Captain is back training with GE this March and we had All American Don Bosco Prep Defensive End, Alquadin Muhammad join him.

Nasir Hooker was the Newest face at GE. Nasir was "Freshman of the Year" at East Orange HS last Fall and he will be joining the Ironmen next year to carry the ball for Don Bosco Prep.

Word is Spreading folks...
...Our Training is for those seeking to Be the BEST.

Good Energy Training
Everything to Prove.


How To Start D1 Football as a Freshman


Alquadin Muhammad was still wearing his brand new Adidas All American clothes when he long stepped into GE to find out what our Performance Center is All About.

Now, Quan can't get enough GE!

Everyday right after his last Don Bosco Prep class, Quan prepares for his Freshman year at the University of Miami with our Staff. Some days it's just 1 hour, but others it's closer to two as he feels the minutes click away and his days as a high school student coming to an end.

We are so excited to take Quan's Fitness to the Next Level and have discussed the U's Strength Program with their Head Strength Coach - Andreu Swasey.

There is BIG Stuff going on at GE and we are excited to Share as Much as we can. To be honest, the BEST Way to Be In the Know is to go On Facebook or stop By...

Good Energy Training
Everything to PROVE - 2013.

Looks like Winter...

...but IT'S SPRING in the GE BackYard!


Check out our NEW Programs for Kids/Teens and get in for your "IN SEASON" GE this Spring!

We are thrilled to announce the Ramsey HS Throwers will be coming ALL Spring to stay Strong, Balanced and prepared for their Meets into May 2013. The Track distance runners and a few Jumpers will follow suit as well.

RHS Football coming off a 11 week Program that was monumental not only in their Strength gains but changing their Mental Approach to Off Season training, will continue in the Shop at 8pm on Monday & Wednesday with Power performed at 5pm on Thursday before their Stretch workout with the Throwers.

It's an Exciting Time at GE and we are excited to share out facility with many NEW adults who have been trying our BackYard Classes and Meeting with IN HOUSE Nutritionist, Heather Campanile to manage their eating habits to prepare for Spring and Summer.

It's ALL GOOD at GE!



March 1, 2013


Anthony D'Alessandro worked his tail off at Good Energy Training before he became a starting outfielder at Duke!

We want to wish ALL our Spring Athletes the Best of Luck the next Few months. Make ALL Your Hard Work - Pay Off!

At GE We will start our NEW Spring Classes this Monday. The Kids/Teens Classes will NOW be as follows:
Monday- GE Spring Sports Specific Strength
Tuesday- GE Lacrosse Specific Speed
Wednesday- GE Combine Prep
Thursday- GE Kids/Teens Speed
Friday- GE Kids/Teens Yardwork
The Classes may have restructured times do to an influx of TEAM TRAINING for GE this Spring so we will post schedule changes on Sunday night.

Enjoy your weekend.

Good Energy Training
Everything To Prove - 2013.

Ramsey HS Football - Phase III Testing

Monday, February 18, 2013


Here's a shot during last week's YardWork for the 12+ Rams that have trained with us 4 days per week since the season ended.

This week marks the 15th week this Winter and third Phase in the Off Season Program. We look forward to sharing with you their Results in the Squat, Bench Press, Hang Clean & some Pro Agility Drills.

Proof is in How we Train our Athletes, and of course their Results. Looking forward to introducing our TEAM TRAINING to the Ramsey Varsity Soccer Team this Spring as well as the Throwers on the Ramsey Track Team.

Good Energy Training
Professional Training since 2003


Saturday - February 9, 2013


Our Total Body Class is IN SESSION and we are prepared our Normal Saturday LOAD:

7am Total Body Class
8am Personal Training
9am Total Body Class
10am Sports Performance Training
11am GE Speed
12pm Kids/Teens Speed Training
1-3pm Ramsey Football Power/Speed Training


COLLEGE Signing Day 2013

Exciting Day for GE ATHLETES


February 6, 2013

One of the Most Anticipated Signing in ALL of Bergen County is for GE's Alquadin Mohammed. The Don Bosco Prep's All American Defensive End will put his John Hancock on a piece of paper for a very Excited Division I School's letterhead.

But Quan's Signing is not the Only one for GE Athlete's today.

Rae Caliento, one of Ramsey's Senior Field Hockey leaders will be inking her name to Holy Cross.

Not GE but hopefully soon, Zach Hermann - Mahwah HS's quarterback is signing with Franklin & Marshall as an Athlete and Zach might just show up prowling the Diplomats Secondary early in his career.

We are excited to see where Don Bosco Prep senior Center Anthony Siciliano will land. Wherever it is in DII or DIII, they are getting a steal and Anthony will be a Team Leader for most of here years in College.

Signing Day! It's an Exciting Day for Good Energy Training and will only get MORE Energy as Our Facility becomes a More Popular Venue for Local Athletes to Prepare for the NEXT LEVEL in the days, months and years to come...

Good Energy Training


Friday - February 1st, 2013


Starting "Healthy Heart" Month with a Bang!

Thank you Christine Notarangelo- Flatt for Revving up Our February with a Friday -5am Spin! 1 Spin Class in the Books for Reid, Mark Arduino, Mike & Warren. They are ALL IN the "Heart of a GE Champion" Challenge this Month. Way to Go Guys!

For more info on the GE February Challenge - Call us at 201-760-9900. You DON'T Have to be signed up as a Client or part of Our Team. Come see what the Buzz is about at Good Energy. We would LOVE to Welcome YOU!

Good Energy Training

Ramsey HS Football - Phase II Complete

Testing - Proof that GE Training WORKS!


Vince Lacagnata was the catalyst in setting up the Winter Off Season training Program for the Ramsey Rams.

Above he is pictured Hang Cleaning 250lbs, a 25 pound improvement from his 225 five weeks earlier. All the 14 Rams had similar Success in the GE Program boasting gains in ALL three Major Lifts - the Squat, Bench & Hang Clean.

Last week we had a Spirited Week in Our Facility with ALL the Sports Performance Athletes Maxing Out in Phase II of our Winter Program.

The Testing Program was definitely Highlighted this Winter by Ramsey's Commitment to get Bigger, Faster & Stronger TOGETHER at GE and we applaude their Dedication to Our Program and to Each Other.

Good Energy Training TEAMS WIN during the Season based on the Hard Work they do prior to Game Time.

Good Energy Training


Winter 2013 - Phase II


Ramsey HS QB/LB Matt Butler Going for IT in front of his teammates on Monday night.

This IS WHY we made GE 5x as Big one year ago. We WANT to MAKE MORE of an IMPACT on MORE PEOPLE who Believe in GE and what we do at our Facility.

The TEAM TRAINING has Reached a HIGH LEVEL of Focus & Intensity which is what we are striving for. Without Focus & Intensity our clients will Not achieve the Results we are trying to attain.

Looking forward to the rest of the Week and Increased Numbers to PROVE that GE TRAINING WORKS... going into our 10th Year!

Good Energy Training

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