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Women's College Soccer: Lafayette at Army-West Point

Saturday - September 24, 2016


West Point, NY

Another battle between two of our college athlete's this past weekend.

Geeja Martone & Lafayette College travelled to Army-West Point in their first Patriot League divisional game on Saturday night.

The Leopards lost a hard fought game to the Black Knights 2-1 with Clare Shea assisting on Army's first goal.

In other action, GE's Jen Moutenot helped Loyola University beat Navy 2-1 for the first time since 1994.

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GE vs. GE!

Saturday - September 17, 2016


Easton, PA

Although our Staff was unable to make this game between Jen Moutenot (Freshman - Center Def - Loyola University) & Geeja Martone (Sophomore - Center Midfield - Lafayette College), the girls promised us that they would take a picture together after the game.

Fortunately,...there was NO Loser!

This Patriot League matchup ended in a double overtime 1-1 tie.

Both Jen & Geeja started for their respective colleges and we could not be more proud of their effort in our Summer program and how well they are playing this Fall.

Congratulations Jen & Geeja!

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Sunday - September 11, 2016

15 Years later



Shop is Closed

But we all should take time out and reflect on how the world has changed since 9/11/01.

Be thankful of the Brave men and women who fight day and night to protect our freedom.

Be sensitive to others on this day of remembrance as everyone was affected in different ways and we all should collectively take a deep breath and move forward with strength that we are fortunate to be Americans and live in the United States of America.

GEt Serious!

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Fall 2016: Finishing Up Week #1

Friday - September 9, 2016


GE Headquarters
Allendale, NJ

So we are excited for our transition from Summer to Fall at the Shop as our college athletes already have a few weeks into their regular seasons and we have received lots of positive results with regard to entering preseason strong & fit and getting regular playing time on the gridiron, soccer pitch, volleyball court... etc.

As far as our Shop, we are trying to educate the locals on why it is important to train in the off season, pre season and during your season. We truly thought that at some point it would get a little easier in our 14th Fall, but society and youth sports has morphed into a different entity and we have to inform the public of the missing piece in the development of student athletes - Strength & Conditioning.

We have received a lot of feedback on our new motto: "GEt Serious" and not all positive. In fact, we think that it is evident that we may have lost a few people that may have lacked drive this Summer and therefore they are taking a break or perhaps joining a health club.

After ALL this time in the private sector and building a state of the art performance center, it is time to truly cement the parameters for what Good Energy Training is in Allendale, NJ. It has never been an "open gym" for the Community, but rather a structured program personally written for your fitness or performance goals.

We love to introduce NEW clients to our program, but we want them to know that we will take their goals seriously and it's not just a gym to grab a workout - it's a commitment and a lifestyle.

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GE FALL Starts in One Week

September 6 - November 26, 2016


Allendale, NJ

Our Fall training "officially" begins on Tuesday after Labor day, but we are excited that some of our student athletes and adults are already signed up and committed to train with our team this Fall.

As we enter our 14th Fall we have become less tolerant to those folks who are kind of "half way in" when it comes to training with us. In order to reach your fitness or performance goals, you have to commit to our training program and make the weekly sessions a priority in your schedule as well as commit financially.

We have been assisting adults and athletes reach their goals since 2003 and it is what we do. We take your fitness and performance goals seriously and want you to understand that this is not "just a gym" and that we genuinely pride our program on improving your goals and weaknesses through our training program.

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Homan selected as Pre-Season ALL AMERICAN

Boston College bound - Julia Homan - NH Soccer


Look who is our latest pre-season ALL AMERICAN!

Julia Homan started training with our team before her freshman year at Northern Highlands. She crammed a few GE Speed classes in before pre-season to get a jump start for high school soccer.

Julia grew tall and accustomed to Varsity soccer quickly as she contributed as a freshman and earned her college scholarship to Boston College as a sophomore.

Now, as a senior she returns for a 4th season hoping to continue Highlands perennial success and keep the reigns as one of the best programs in the country let alone the northeast & NJ.

Homan is joined on the pre-season All American team by her NH Teammate & former GE client, Eva Hurmm. Previous pre-season All Americans include GE's Casey Richards (Georgetown), Hana Kerner (University of Virginia) & Clare Shea (Army-West Point).

We are lucky to be down the street from an unbelievable soccer program run by legendary coach Tara Madigan & excited to assist her efforts with some productive work off the field at Good Energy Training.

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GE Baseball Players - Build Strength in the Fall

Anthony D'Alessandro (Mahwah HS / Duke University)


In the Fall of Anthony D'Alessandro's Junior year, he did not play Fall baseball or Football. Anthony trained 3-4 days per week with our staff at Good Energy Training.

He trained lower and upper body workouts, speed workouts on turf and grass as well as alternative strength training as seen in the rope sled pull in the Shop.

Anthony's goal was to get a scholarship to play baseball for a DI school with quality academics. He did just that with a scholarship from Duke in the Summer of this year, however not after a lot of Hard Work.

In addition to his year long work with our staff, Anthony chose to run Winter Track for the TBirds to work on his speed for the National Showcases. He ran Sprints for the Winter Track team and continued his strength training at GE!

If you want to play at your best and have goals to reach a higher level in Spring sports, do no wait until preseason to prepare. The time is now and our Fall program begins the Tuesday after Labor Day - 9/06 through 11/26/16.

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Fall is for Fitness Goals & GE Results

Alicia Daniele - IHA / Emerson College Softball


Pictured is GE Alum Alicia Daniele of Mahwah performing a basic change of direction drill utilizing Peter Twist's hoops method.

Alicia was preparing for her senior year at IHA as a softball pitcher that Fall. She performed private strength & conditioning in the Shop including movement work like this, strength training and we even did some pitching specific work utilizing the Vertimax.

If you or your son/daughter is trying to play at their best in their sport - they need to perform Strength & Conditioning to play at their best, prevent injury and maximize on what they physically and mentally do.

Call us today to learn more about our Personal Performance Training and the initial Assessment/Introduction which is used to evaluate or screen our new clients and therefore script an appropriate protocol.

The GE Fall training program starts the Tuesday after Labor Day - September 6th and continues 12 weeks through the Saturday after Thanksgiving 11/26/16.

The time to start is Now - call Us:

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Winter Success - starts with a Fall Plan

Brandon Anderson - Brown University


Last Fall Brandon Anderson signed his Letter of Intent with an Ivy League school - Brown University.

Brandon went on to lead the Don Bosco Prep Ironmen to it's first State Championship since the 1970's and finished his high school career in a celebrated style.

What most people did not see is ALL of Brandon's HARD WORK in our program, on his driveway and with his AAU team.

The Athlete's that Perform the BEST are doing EXTRA Work when the lights are not on. Brandon was committed to GE Training from his 8th grade Summer before he entered Don Bosco Prep all the way to College.

We are preparing our schedule for Fall and we are hoping to see some NEW Faces of serious Student Athletes and their Parents that understand that a planned Strength & Conditioning program that caters to the Athlete's needs during the off season and preseason will help them achieve their Goals for their Sport.

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GE Summer 2016 - Strength Coaches Retreat

Shop Closed: Sat. 8/06 & Mon. 8/08


This just in: Thursday 8.04.16

"Good Energy Training Strength Coaches Retreat/Summer Reload" will go into affect on Friday afternoon thru Monday.

Shop will be closed Saturday & Monday as we are coming to the end of our 14th Summer & it's time to reflect on the Hard Work & Good Energy we have provided All Summer & throughout 2015-16.

This is our New Year's & we will be re-energized following our retreat & prepared to kick off the end of August with a Bang! ‪#NewPrograms‬ ‪#NewPTPricing‬ ‪#NewSchedule‬ ‪#NextLevel‬ ‪#GELifestyle‬ ‪#ItsPersonal‬ ‪#GEtSerious‬ ‪#GEsince2003‬

Proud of ALL GE Positive Results - Summer 2016



This picture is great because it is the culmination of a Summer of HARD WORK in the GE BackYard. Brady Roark (Amy Roark) is a rising sophomore for Mahwah HS's football team and Lacrosse. He spent most of his Summer like most other high school lacrosse players - at showcases and tournaments all over the east coast. Brady was different however, because he also put IN THE WORK when he was home to learn & improve his Strength & Conditioning with our Staff at GE. Yesterday, Brady went from starting with the Bar & green 25lb plates in May 2016 to 250 pounds in the Back Squat. We are excited for Brady and know that his HARD WORK will pay off when he hits the gridiron in two weeks for the Thunderbirds! ‪#GEResults‬ ‪#ITSPersonal‬ ‪#EVERYTHINGTOPROVE‬ ‪#TRAINWITHAPRO‬ ‪#GETAKINGOVER‬ ‪#SINCE2003


Summer 2016 - PHASE II


Allendale, NJ

Okay, so NOT Everyone is testing this week including Lisa Ellison who is just pushing through a bench press set last week during her Upper Body session.

However, we are Fired Up for our Athlete's Progress Report this week in the Squat, Bench, Clean & Movement Tests.

We have had a Great Summer with regard to Commitment to our Program as well as increased strength & speed numbers, and we hope it all comes together this week.

After this week, we will "RELOAD" With our Athlete's that are headed back the next few weeks for College & High School Fall sports and get our Fall training athletes up to speed before they start the Fall WORK.

It's an INTENSE & EXCITING Time and we Take Pride in our Program making a difference for Everyone who Believes in GE!

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