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* Adult Class Special *

FREE Intro Class + 6 Classes


- - - $75.00 - - -

1. Obstacle Race prep
2. Traditional Strength Training
3. Alternative Strength Training
4. 5K, Wedding Prep

Whatever your reason is to "Try Good Energy" please
just give us a call. Even if you don't want to
take advantage of this "Special" you can feel free
to stop by to see the facility or give us a call
and make an appointment for a free
Introduction/Trial session to learn more about our

We look forward to sharing GE with you.
Monday - 6am Total Body
Wednesday - 7pm Upper Body
Saturday - 8am Total Body

Call to Reserve your spot:

Offer for 1st time participants.
All offers end on 11/28/16

Prepare for GE Winter Session:
11/28/16 thru 3/04 2017

* NEW Classes * Offering More - Charging LESS!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!
GE Program since 2003

* Adult Class Special *

- FALL 2016 -


FREE Intro Class + 6 Classes
- - - $75.00 - - -

1. Obstacle Race prep
2. Traditional Strength Training
3. Alternative Strength Training
4. 5K, Wedding Prep

GE Intro Classes:
Monday - 6am Total Body
Wednesday - 7pm Upper Body
Saturday - 8am Total Body

Call to Reserve your spot:
Offer for 1st time participants.
All offers end on 11/28/16

Prepare for GE Winter Session: 11/28/16 thru 3/04

* NEW Classes *
Offering More - Charging Less

Good Energy Training
GE Program Since 2003

Strong Performance by Liv Kraebel

Bergen County Girl's Soccer Tournament


Bergen County, NJ

It's exciting for our staff when we have Athletes
playing against each other in Important, Meaningful
games, but there has to be a Winner & Loser.

Congratulations to Liv Kraebel pictured here during
a Summer training session for her Goal & leadership
in Ramapo HS's 2-0 win vs. Ramsey HS in the
quarterfinals of the Bergen County Soccer

Liv has had a super career for the Green Raiders
and is finishing up strong before she heads to Elon
University on Scholarship next Fall.

Good Luck the rest of the way, Liv and we look
forward to getting you back in our program after

Good Energy Training
since 2003

High School Fall Regular Season coming to the end

October 13, 2016


Allendale, NJ

Pictured is former Northern Highlands High
School Cross Country standout, Katie Nestor who
went on to a successful four year running
career at The College of New Jersey.

Katie was one of our cross country runners that
actually trained 1-2x per week during the fall
season because it was her main season and she
wanted to stay fit and strong all fall.

As we come to the end of Fall 2016, we wanted
our readers to understand that our Winter
program is always a busy time of year and a
great time to recover, rejuvenate & regain your
strength you may have lost during the Fall.

All new high school athletes will be put
through our one hour evaluation/assessment
prior to beginning our program.

Call today if you want to make an appointment
for the Winter. Our Winter training program is
Monday: 11/28/16 through 3/04/17.

Good Energy Training
Preparing you during the Work Process!
Proven Results Since 2003

Specificity to Sport - Training

Fall 2016


There is a lot of promotional marketing today
with regard to "Sport Specific" Training and
mimicking sport movements including in the
weight room, with your sport coach, or your
sport specific trainer.

What are you doing?
Or, what is your son or daughter doing?

If you are really serious about getting the
best results for your son or daughter, you
should ask the coach or trainer what they are
doing to work on your student athlete's
weaknesses to improve performance.

In many cases, a sound strength & conditioning
program could be the answer. Is it jumping for
basketball? Is it being able to accelerate with
a better burst or changing directions more
quicly? Have you had your son or daughter
evaluated by a coach or fitness professional to
understand what can make your son or daughter

Is the plan - Believable?

At Good Energy Training we have been evaluating
and writing appropriate strength & conditioning
templates for over 13 years.

Our program's success is results based on our
athletes performing better in their sport,
playing with improved confidence and avoiding
many serious injuries by learning proper
strength, speed & movement techniques and
mechanics in our program.

Although our data is "unpublished" in the
Strength & Conditioning realm, as a staff since
we have expanded into a Strength & Conditioning
Center in 2012, we have had less than one
handful of serious injuries including - ACL
tears, rotator cuff/labrum, broken limbs,
concussions, etc.

Our inclusive program is set up for our
Athlete's to get stronger, mobile & more
explosive while focusing on proper technique
and a workman like mindset that leads to more
coachable, confident, tough competitors.

Hundreds of athletes have come through our
doors since 2003 and we pride our training on
getting successful results now, and laying the
groundwork for new trainees to strive for
greatness at each "next level" whether it be HS
Freshman, JV, Varsity, College or the Pros.

We have worked with ALL Levels and provide the
same thought process & training for beginners
to the Pros. Our Staff is Serious about your
results - become prepared to Work & be coached.

Good Energy Training
Excited about our Positive Results
GE Program since 2003

From GE Youth to GE Bride!

Krissi Gorsuch weds Matt Florian


Bonnet Island Estate
Manahawkin, NJ

The weather could not dampen one thing on
Saturday evening - October 1, 2016.

It was nothing but smiles, fun, happiness &
Love on Saturday night as a GE Original was
married to her beau at the Jersey shore.

No detail was forgotten as the wedding was
filled with a beach theme, overflowing flowers,
wood signs & sayings consciously placed
throughout the estate to feel like a sense of
home - yet beautifully elegant. Music was
played throughout the event either by
violinists, a small cocktail band or a jammin'
wedding band that had the entire wedding on
their feet.

An XXL "Thank you" goes out to the Gorsuch
family for including GE at this extra special
occasion and it was certainly a prideful
evening. Krissi not only attended GE as a
middle schooler, but all the way through Holy
Angels (Softball/Basketball) and then four more
years while performing Crew at Fairfield

Congratulations to Krissi & Matt for
"officially" starting their Life as one and
best of everything in all that God has in store
for them.

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!
Since 2003

IN SEASON - Fall 2016

October 1, 2016


Kirk McNamara
Bergen Community College, Baseball

Emily Kastens
Mahwah HS, XC & Lacrosse

Here are two of our Fall Athlete's getting in
their work on a Monday night in the GE

Kirk is currently in his college Fall baseball
program and Emily is running cross country, but
her main sport is lacrosse.

Our Athletes try to get in 2x per week (2
hours) to maintain their strength gains from
their off-season and pre-season work. In
addition, their Total Body and Upper Body
workouts in our program help maintain their
stability, mobility and flexibility.

In addition to the strength exercises scripted
in each workout - we also include core,
abdominal and dynamic flexibility exercises to
help the in season athlete minimize their
aches, pains, strains and give them an edge to
compete at an increased level of performance.

The Best GE Athlete's get in 1-2 hours of work
with us during their sport. We have a flexible
schedule and it is truly never too late to get

August is a long grind for Fall high school
athletes and September is when competition gets
ramped up. Why not keep the strength,
flexibility and fitness at a higher level to
play at your Best in the middle and end of your

Good Energy Training
Train Like a Pro with a Pro!
since 2003

2016 Fall Speed Classes

Julia Bradbury (NH Lacrosse) / Morgan Micallef (NH Basketball)


Thursday - 9/22/16

We are excited about how our Speed classes are
evolving just three weeks into Fall. (Pictured are Julia & Morgan catching their breath while we breakdown a drill & set up the next one)

There are some new athletes that have been
trickling into our program (Julia Bradbury) and
they find out quickly that our Speed Class is not
just teaching movement skills but also focused
on attention to detail with regard to proper
technique and an intense approach to learning each session.

In addition to teaching movement, speed and
skills - we also want to teach our athletes how
to be coached and get the most out of them
during our one hour classes. We have found
that middle school & high school athletes that
participate in our speed classes develop good
habits & a greater confidence to play at 100% &
transfer this Full Speed mindset during competition.

If you are interested in trying one of our Speed Classes (Tues/Thur 4pm)or want to learn more about how we categorize classes into different classifications - i.e. Linear/Acceleration or Change of Direction/Transitional Speed - please feel free to call with questions: 201-760-9900

Good Energy Training
Making Athletes Move Better...
Since 2003!

Good Energy vs. Good Energy!

September 24, 2016


Huntingdon, PA

Looking for its first 4-0 start since 2002, the
Juniata football
team needed to defeat Franklin & Marshall to
remain perfect.
The Diplomats, however, had other plans as it
defeated the
Eagles 45-22 on Saturday afternoon at a packed
Stadium. The outcome of the game left the two
teams at 3-1
with a 2-1 Centennial conference record.

It's always an exciting day when two hometown
friends & GE
athletes get to compete against each other at
the next level.

Thank you for the picture!

Ramsey HS - Collegiate sophomores
Anthony Popolo #59 / Juniata / Long Snapper
Brendan Kilkenny #91 / F&M / Defensive Tackle

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!
Since 2003

Women's College Soccer: Lafayette at Army-West Point

Saturday - September 24, 2016


West Point, NY

Another battle between two of our college athlete's this past weekend.

Geeja Martone & Lafayette College travelled to Army-West Point in their first Patriot League divisional game on Saturday night.

The Leopards lost a hard fought game to the Black Knights 2-1 with Clare Shea assisting on Army's first goal.

In other action, GE's Jen Moutenot helped Loyola University beat Navy 2-1 for the first time since 1994.

Good Energy Training
Helping Athletes Reach Their Next Level!
since 2003

GE vs. GE!

Saturday - September 17, 2016


Easton, PA

Although our Staff was unable to make this game between Jen Moutenot (Freshman - Center Def - Loyola University) & Geeja Martone (Sophomore - Center Midfield - Lafayette College), the girls promised us that they would take a picture together after the game.

Fortunately,...there was NO Loser!

This Patriot League matchup ended in a double overtime 1-1 tie.

Both Jen & Geeja started for their respective colleges and we could not be more proud of their effort in our Summer program and how well they are playing this Fall.

Congratulations Jen & Geeja!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!
since 2003

Sunday - September 11, 2016

15 Years later



Shop is Closed

But we all should take time out and reflect on how the world has changed since 9/11/01.

Be thankful of the Brave men and women who fight day and night to protect our freedom.

Be sensitive to others on this day of remembrance as everyone was affected in different ways and we all should collectively take a deep breath and move forward with strength that we are fortunate to be Americans and live in the United States of America.

GEt Serious!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!
since 2003

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