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Chooses Quinnipiac University


Tuesday: January 28, 2014

Alex Whelan excels for whomever he plays for - HS, Club and soon it will be Quinnipiac University!

Congratulations to Alex for choosing the current #3 NCAA Hockey Team in the Country!

Really gr8 news for a great Ramsey family - that's BIG NEWS at GE! The greatest thing was that before Alex had his celebratory Family dinner, he headed to GE for an In Season Total Body Workout... He gets "IT."

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Madison Dunbar

Northern Highlands Girls Basketball


Congratulations to Madison Dunbar who scored her 1,000 point over the weekend for the Highlanders.

Madison, a senior, is taking her Game to the Next Level in 2014-15 as she heads to the University of Chicago.

First things first - Madison is on the "Player of the Year" Watch List this Winter and she looks to lead the Highlanders deep into the Bergen County Tournament & States.

We look forward to Congratulating Madison in person as she & sophomore Emily Bonifacic train with our Staff "In Season" to maintain their Strength & Flexibility All Season.

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Bosco tops Ramsey 4-1

Bergen County Championship


Wayne, NJ - 1/23/14

It was great to see the Ramsey Hockey team play LIVE last night in the Bergen County Final.

The Rams hung with the Ironmen for 2+ periods until they ran out of gas and Bosco's Big guns scored 3 straight goals in the third to top off an otherwise tight game.

Having trained several of the Rams standouts at our Facility, it was exciting to see the boys skate & play at a high level since we normally just train them on "Dry Land."

The loss will be short lived as the Rams look to get back to their winning ways tonight vs. Wayne Hills and back on track for their Public State Championship run.

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Bergen County Hockey Championship


Thursday - 1/23/14

A 1 day delay because of Snow...the Championship for bragging rights in Ramsey will face off tonight at 7pm in Wayne's Ice Vault.

We look forward to the A Line of Connor DiTamaso, Nick Botta & All World Alex Whelan to prove that they can compete with Any Team in the State, not just the Public Division.

That's why they play the games...
Go Rams!

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Madison Holleran, UPENN Track



Allendale, NJ

Today we honor Madison Holleran. Madison took her life on Friday and shocked everyone. She was an athletic, intelligent 19 year old gem who was loved by everyone and was larger than life.

Her passing has shocked the entire community including ALL of Us at Good Energy Training. We have our normal schedule workouts and classes today but will have a heavy heart as we say "goodbye" to Madison.

Rest in Love - Madison...
ALL of Us at GE. xo

2nd Annual Heart of a GE Champion!

Coming Soon - stay tuned for Details


FRIDAY: 1/17/14

Just hoping that our faithful GE Clients who plan on participating in the February Challenge do NOT come tomorrow am at 6.

We have postponed our "FEBRUARY CHALLENGE SUMMIT MEETING" until further notice to be more prepared for this year's Challenge!

It's going to be a Great Time & a Challenge to complete all the variables and excel - but we know that you will ALL be Game.

Give us a few extra days to prepare so we have the categories complete, the rules & regulations in place & we finalize the extra hours and classes you will need to do at GE!

Gonna be Gr8!

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2nd Annual Heart of a GE Champion!

Starts January 20th to Anyone!


For the 2nd Year we will honor February's American Heart Association Month by Creating a Competition at GE for Cardio & Strength!

We have formulated a "14" Event Challenge that will Allow participants to accent their Strengths & Work On their Weaknesses in our facility for the next 6 weeks of Winter. This Saturday at 6am we will have a Kickoff meeting to inform everyone about the Competition as well as Nutritional & Cleanse Information that can be utilized by Participants to increase their ability to achieve greater results.

The 2nd Annual Heart of a GE Champion will be Open to all participants for an entrance fee of $240. for the 6 week Competition. Good Energy Training participants will pay $60 to go toward our Donation to the American Heart Association as well as prizes to the Winners!

Call Today for more details or feel free to contact us and let us know if you would like to attend the information session on Saturday 01/18 at 6am.

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BE Old School - '14.

Exciting Times at GE!

College Bowl Games - NFL Playoff Runs...


Sunday - 01/05/14

So it's Fun to share some pictures on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter - but "Living IT" is even more Awesome.

Love that some of our clients are not only playing and excelling at high levels of sports, but their team's are achieving Success too putting them on Big Stages to Perform under pressure and the Spotlight.

This December and January already we have had more than a handful of Athletes play in various Bowl games and Devin McCourty will play next week at home as the Patriots host the Colts in the AFC Playoffs.

Exciting times not just watching the games on TV but for our Current Athletes to know that Their HARD WORK at GE can Lead to Great Success stories for them too!

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Be Old School - 2014.

January 2, 2014 - Schedule



Pete Ohnegian in Allendale, NJ

Good Energy Training: 01/02/14
5am - Total Body w/Cardio Adult Class
6am - Total Body w/Cardio Adult Class
7-9am P/T Sessions
8:45am Spinning with Susan Reilly Larson
9:30am Total Body w/Cardio Adult Class
10:30am Power & Speed (College)
3pm - Total Body & Power (HS/College)
4pm - GE Speed (Acceleration)
5pm - Kids Speed (Acceleration)
6pm - Power (HS) & P/T Sessions
7pm - 12U Girls Soccer Team (S&C)
8pm - RHS Softball Team Training (Speed)
8pm - Total Body w/Cardio Adult Class
Let 2014 Begin STRONG. ‪#GEOldSchool‬.




We will have the Same schedule as last week on New Year's Week:

Monday: 5am-9pm
Tuesday: 5am-3:30pm
Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursday: 6am-9pm
Friday: 5am-6pm
Saturday: 7am-2pm

Call for details or put yourself IN the Schedule on the top right of the Website - MINDBODY Software. Have a gr8 Weekend & Keep GE High in Your LIFE...

Good Energy Training
EVERYTHING TO PROVE.... to the end of 2013!

SCHEDULE FOR Friday - 12/27/13



Friday: 12/27/13

6am Spin with Audra Hawtin
6am - YDWORK (Is FULL.)
9:30am - YDWORK
9:30am - Spin with Victor Orellana
10:30 & 11:30am - COLLEGE YDWORKS
4pm - KIDS/TEENS YDWORK in Allendale, NJ.

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Day after Christmas

Thursday - December 26, 2013


Slept in at GE with a 6am start for Total Body & Cardio for the Adults - also being held at 9:30am and 8pm. Sue Larson leads SPIN Class at 8:45am. College Athletes at 10:30 and 11:30am have POWER and then Speed.

The afternoon includes Sports Performance at 3, 4 & 6pm. It's a Mix of Power & Total Body sessions along with GE Speed - Acceleration at 4pm for HS Athletes and 5pm for Kids/Teens.

12U Hotspur Girls are training at 7pm while RHS Softball is at 8pm in the GE BackYard.

Call to get your son or daughter in the Schedule. We will update the schedule each day this week as well as Facebook so you can stay informed of what's going on at GE!

Don't wait until the NEW YEAR, get IN "GE SHAPE" Now...

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