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It's Official - RHS HOCKEY Headed to THE ROCK!

Friday - March 7, 2014


Newark, NJ

The "goal" since last Winter when the Rams went down in the semifinals to Chatham was - "State Championship" in 2013-14 or Bust!

Led by Captain Connor DiTamaso, Quinnipiac University bound Alex Whelan (Jr), Nick Botta, Tyler Harmon and a crew of workmanlike comrades, the Rams are heading to Newark on Sunday at 5pm to play for the Public School State Championship vs. Morristown High School.

The stage is set and we are excited to have the boys at GE on Saturday for a Full body Team Stretch following SATs and prior to THE BIG GAME!

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Lights ON Alex Whelan TONIGHT

RAMSEY HOCKEY - State Semifinals


This is Quinnipiac University bound - Alex Whelan working hard in the GE BackYard in July!

But forget about his D1 College Hockey team - Alex is set to Lead the Rams tonight vs. Mendham and get back to THE ROCK on Sunday for the State Finals.

We LOVE IT at Good Energy when the Athletes that are committed, Focused and Driven to Succeed... get to Play in Games that count for EVERYTHING. Go get 'em Alex & the Rams - HARD WORK - PAYS OFF!

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Starts TODAY: 3/04/14


"In Memory of Madison..."

With the Spirit of Madison Holleran's vivacious smile and infectious leadership on the track or soccer field we will Challenge ourselves with Extra Classes & Cardio.

Madison was The Bergen Record poster child for Track & Field in 2012-13 for Northern Highlands and was a Soccer standout as well. Following her first semester at UPENN, Madison took her life and left behind an entire community grieving for her loss. With the support of her Mom, Stacey we have decided to memorialize a Gift in Madison's name to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - thru the March Challenge.

If you wish to donate towards our Memorial Gift for Madison - please contact our facility at 201-760-9900 or send us an email at

Good Energy Training

Mikey Ryan Fueling with GE!

Winter 2013-14


For the past 10 weeks we have trained the Jr. Ramsey wrestling team in the Shop on Thursdays. Pictured is Mike Ryan with GE Trainer - Victor Orellana getting some Work in before Regionals today - Sunday March 2, 2014.

Winter is finishing up at GE this week as we head into our Spring pre-season, but we ask that you continue to train through pre-season as the Snow is here for awhile and you don't want to lose the gains you have achieved through your hard work at GE this Winter.

Mikey is a great example as he and 6 of his teammates utilized GE throughout the wrestling season, districts and now Regionals. Mikey and his parents - "Get IT."

Good Energy Training is a Resource for Athletes 12 months per year - not just In Season, Off Season or Pre-Season... We Change the Script!

Don't Forget to check out our Spring Schedule on the homepage for Class or Sports Performance Workouts and/or times.

Good Energy Training
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BRETT KNIEF & FSU Face the NY Yankees

Tuesday - February 25, 2014



Brett Knief, a native of Ramsey, N.J., paced the Florida State offense on Tuesday going 3-for-3 against the Yankees. Knief led off the second with an infield single to short. He then legged out an infield single to third, followed by an infield single to second in FSU's three-run sixth. He is pictured scoring a run for the 'Noles above.

"It was one of the best experiences of my life," said Knief. "To play against my favorite team and my hometown team, I live right down the road really, so it was an amazing day. To look over and see manager Joe Girardi sitting there, I thought to myself `this is a little different than usual.' It was a big day; it was amazing."

NH Girls WIN County Tournament

Overpower Teaneck 55-47 in Final


Ramapo College - Mahwah, NJ

In front of a packed gym the Northern Highlands Girls Basketball team upset top seeded Teaneck 57-44 today in the Bergen County Finals.

We are so excited for Madison Dunbar, Emily Bonifacic and the Highlanders that trained with GE in the Fall and made it count under the lights in today's Final County Championship Game.

Teaneck creeped back in the final minutes, but the Highlanders showed their grit and desire to Finish on top by making the plays when they had to and making their free throws.

Best of Luck in the States, but enjoy this Forever Moment at Ramapo College.

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Weekend Schedule & President's Day!




We have our Normal Hours today, off Sunday and Monday will be a Regular GE Day for those home from School or Work on President's Day!

For anyone interested, we will honor FREE Cardio for any Active GE client who wants to get some GE "IN" on President's Day!

Good Energy Training
Hard Work - Pays Off!

Feeling the LOVE.... at GE!

Valentine's Day 2014


Allendale, NJ

Two Snowstorms in a row in northern NJ but the GE Staff is so grateful & thankful for our Clientele - Adults and Athletes alike. They have not stopped their Drive to attack the February Challenge and Workouts as Winter Training comes to a close for Spring Athletes.

Spring sports start in 3 weeks! Despite the massive amount of snow, our Winter Training is winding down & our Athletes are Fueling their Tanks with as much GE as possible... The inclement weather has not even slowed them down as they Max on their Gains the last few days in preparation to Lead their Respective teams as GE Athletes Do.

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Thursday - 2.13.14

Good Energy Training is OPEN!


Frosty has already cancelled School for today in several area towns but here's the Good Energy Training Schedule if you wish to shovel and get a Spin, Upper Body, Speed or Cardio Workout with Us.

Upper Body Adult Class - 5,6,9:30 & 8pm.
Spin with Felicia Falco-6am
Spin with Susan Reilly Larson-8:45am.
Sports Performance 3 & 6pm.
GE Speed-4pm.
Kids/Teens Speed-5pm.
12U Hotspur Girls Training-7pm.
PreSeason Baseball Movement-7pm.
RHS Softball Speed-8pm

We are determined to keep Life normal in Allendale, NJ.

Enjoy your Snow Day! :-)
It's WINTER - GE Faithful, Embrace IT.

Such a Common Theme, right?

Get to Good Energy Training!


So many people feel this way...

...they have to "work out" a little on their own before they start a fitness regiment, health club membership or join a "training center" like GE!

So not True.

In fact, I believe what a longtime client said and that's - the Hardest thing to Do is walk thru the door the first time...

Don't Wait. If you want to get Fit and don't know how to start, Call GE - 201.760.9900 or just come in. The only important things are 1)YOU WANT TO DO IT FOR YOU & 2)You are Willing to GIVE 100% Effort to Make YOUR GOALS become a Reality.

No Excuses that "life is too busy," "Too many Mom Duties," "Your Job in NYC is Too Stressful," - One Life to Live Folks... if you want to Live a Healthy Lifestyle and "Have More ENERGY..." you have to Commit to YOU & Fitness.

Happy Sunday... Enjoy Your Day!

Good Energy Training
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GE Taking It To the Feb Challenge

Friday - February 7, 2014


at Good Energy Training

Full Adult Classes
Full Speed Classes
Full Spin Room

It's a great time at Good Energy Training. Despite the snow, the cold weather, the delayed openings, early dismissals and school closings - everyone remains On Track with their Winter Training.

Last Wednesday despite everyone off for a snow day, we had 16 Strong at 3pm. Only 3 athletes were unable to make it at the GE 3pm hour and that's a testament to our Athlete's dedication to make Every Workout Count as we get closer to the start of Spring sports.

The February Challenge has brought a Boost to the Adult Classes and Cardio Room activity as Everyone is vigorously working to check off their 5K Run, Rower, Stepmill and Extra Cardio hours this month.

Case in point is this Thursday morning's Spin class. The Challenge has been great for our Instructors like Fitness Pro - Sue Larson as it forces our clientele and Challenge participants to try new classes. It's easy to get hooked on Spin with any of our instructors - especially Sue's infectious personality & inspiration on the bike!

It's NOT Too Late if you want to get in our Challenge - it will run thru March 3, 2014 and we Will have Winners & non-Winners!

Good Energy Training

2nd Annual February GE Cardio Challenge!

Friday - January 31, 2014


It's HERE! Please Click on the Icon on the homepage to learn more about this year's Challenge! It's one month long form Monday, February 3rd to March 3, 2014.

Last year we had just over 20 participants and everyone had a great time. "The Challenge" really does force you to spend more time getting your Heart rate Up and that's the whole purpose.

We initiated this Challenge to go along with the American Heart Association's "Heart Awareness Month" and we really focused on raising awareness to Working Our Hearts not just in the GE CARDIO room but during the BackYard Classes as well.

Call us for more details at 201-760-9900 or email:

We have already matched last year's number prior to this weekend and we will be hosting information sessions about the Challenge on Saturday 2/01/14 at 6:30am and 8am.

Looking forward to getting our Heart Rate Up with you...

Good Energy Training
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