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Happy February - 2015!

3rd Annual Heart of a GE Challenge


Sunday: 02-01-2015

It's Super Bowl Sunday and ALL GE Eyes are on New England Patriots #32 - and GE's Devin McCourty. However, before you feel guilty for getting off your Winter health plan with All the good stuff at your party today - there's hope!

The 3rd Annual GE Cardio Challenge starts tomorrow so you can donate to the American Heart Association during Heart Awareness Month and Challenge yourself to do lots of Cardio to be Fit going into the Spring.

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It's Personal!

Following Devin McCourty - #32

Super Bowl Week - 2015


With the 10 GE Televisions on Sports from Open to Close, it has been hard not to take a peak at the Super Bowl Coverage to see if we might catch a glimpse of Patriots Defensive Captain - Devin McCourty getting interviewed.

After all, Dev has been GE since 2004!

We are so excited at the Shop for Devin's 2nd appearance in the BIG GAME and have been in touch with both he and twin brother Jason (Tennessee Titans) this week from Arizona.

We hope that ALL the GE Faithful will tune in to the game on Sunday and cheer for #32 as he roams the secondary for the Patriots.

Devin is proof that Hard Work - Pays Off at Good Energy Training! He started in the Shop performing similar workouts as you as a junior in high school - 2004.

Good Energy Training
Pride Still Matters
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Bonifacic & Minchin - Making NEWS

Wednesday - 1.28.15


Northern Highlands Girls Basketball team is on a roll as they head into the Bergen County tournament.

Melissa Heath received Athlete of the Week honors by the Bergen Record thanks to her 1,000th point scored last week. Very nice that GE's Sarah Minchin#20 received mention for the pass and GE's Emily Bonifacic #32 is given credit in the write-up for always covering the opponent's "Best Player." Emily is also mentioned in the Girls Fast Break feature in which it credits her for being a key contributor as she has averaged 11 points the past three games and Sarah is "fitting in" as one of the team's point guards as a sophomore.

We are excited to have Positive Reports and GOOD News In Season for our Fall Athletes who trained Hard with Us to Play Well - NOW.

Good Energy Training
since 2003

Saturday - January 24, 2015



In case you check our website for updates, just wanted everyone to know that we are business as usual this Saturday morning.

For the past 12 years we have been committed to be open our regular business hours, snow - rain, or heat wave.

Today is no different.
For people NEW to GE, our policy is that you do not get penalized for missing a workout during a snowstorm as we don't want anyone to risk harm by driving here during inclement weather.

That being said, we do Pride ourselves on the commitment to our training program and do not use a bad weather day as an excuse to "Take Off."

Thank you for Believing in Good Energy Training!

It's Personal!
since 2003

Don Bosco Prep's Anderson - Making NEWS

Fall 2014 GE WORK - Paying Off


RAMSEY When Don Bosco Prep needed baskets in the first half to build a lead on Bergen Catholic as the two North Jersey squads squared off, Brandon Anderson was there to power the offense.

And when Bergen Catholic mounted an inspired comeback in the fourth quarter, it was Anderson's scoring again that helped Don Bosco Prep hold its advantage.

The junior guard scored a game-high 20 points 15 in the first half and five in the final minutes as the Ironmen, No. 10 in The Top 20, scored a crucial Big North Conference-United Division victory over No. 19 Bergen Catholic, 54-50, at Don Bosco Prep.

GE 2015 Winter TESTING - Phase I

Feel the Power!


Marist College lacrosse captain Karl Kreshpane was not testing in this picture, but we are pleased with how our Athlete's approached their first testing week this Winter as well as their progress in performing cleans with more Explosiveness and proper movement.

You can see from Karl's depth that our Athlete's had a lower "catch" with the bar in rack position and utilized proper technique on Power day.

As the college athletes headed back to their respective schools this past weekend and early this week - we must acknowledge the increased intensity, effort and energetic atmosphere with them in our facility the last 4-6 weeks.

Great to have the old guys/girls home with a purpose and to load their tanks with some GE for the rest of their Winter preseason or off season.

Good Energy Training!
We are ONE Team.
since 2003


January 5, 2015


Finally,... the kids are back at school, and the holidays are in the past. We hope that you ALL had a FUN, safe and a Special time with friends and family during the holidays but the NEW year is 5 days in.

At GE - that means Week #6 of our Winter Program. It's a TESTING Week. So, I hope the boys and girls in our Winter program have rested up this past weekend, because it's time to show how you have been doing the past 5 weeks in our program. Many athletes were coming off a rigorous Fall season, so they easily got back into the GE Routine, but NOW it's Time to show Improvement, Gains and Positive Results.

We do have a few "January Resolutions" people, so we will welcome them with open arms and hopefully get them up to speed with how we train here and get them adjusted to being on THE GE TEAM.

Happy New Year, GE...
...Let's Hit the Ground Running in 2015!

Good Energy Training
since 2003

Last Week in 2014 at GE!

Monday - December 29, 2014


We will have a "Normal" Schedule on Monday and Tuesday and then will follow the Holiday schedule Wednesday through Saturday, January 3, 2015.

Last week worked out well with the 3, 4 and 6pm Performance athletes moving up to midday in order to complete their Chest and Power days.

It is important that everyone get their lifts in this week as we are testing next week and need to prepare to continue to progress each week this Winter. We are going on Week #5, so there are two months left in our Winter session.

Continue to Train Hard and focus on Fueling properly at home during the Holiday Season. Remember a rough day/night or two can set you back one week in the gym.

Keep your goals in mind when others have a different plan for you - socially.

Good Energy Training

Holiday Schedule: 12/24/14 - 01/03/15

GE Will Be Open for Your Health & Wellness


Just so there is no grey area, we wanted to share our schedule with you so you can make arrangements to stay on your workout routine the next two weeks.

We have also posted this on Facebook and there are handouts both in the GE BackYard and at the front desk if you want to bring a copy home.

Have a Happy, Healthy and FUN Holiday Season and keep your "Good Energy" Level High throughout this Special time of year!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal!
since 2003

Teaching Proper Olympic Lifting Techniques

GE Performance Training - Winter 2015


Our first Power Day was a great success this past Thursday as we started from scratch and broke down "the Clean" for our Athletes.

Following 6 plus years of approaching the Clean in our specific way, we have gone back to square one. Our staff has dissected the lift and now utilizing GE Owner's Pete Ohnegian's recent course studies in which he received an Advanced Sports Performance Coach Certification (Level II) through the USA Weightlifting Association.

Pete is now considered an expert on the Olympic "style" Lifts including the Clean, Clean and Jerk, Squat, and Snatch following the completion of two levels of USA Weightlifting course work.

We are excited to be a leader in the tri-state area for Performance Athlete's in teaching proper technique in the Bench, Squat and Clean. Olympic Lifts are popular in the CrossFit forum, but we are utilizing the lifts only to provide our Athlete's with increased Power and Explosiveness - not to improve on the lift as a sport.

If you are looking for your son/daughter to improve their athleticism and strength in a safe, positive yet intense environment - Good Energy Training is a place for them to get to the Next Level.

Train Like a Pro with a Pro!
since 2003

College Finals & Back to GE...

CASIMOS plans to Start in 2015


With some MAC schools preparing for Bowl Games, Akron's Mike Casimos had those hopes dashed the day after Thanksgiving when the Zips lossed a close one at Kent State 27-24 to finish the 2014 season 5-7.

Home now to get some NJ food, take his finals on-line and get back to GE to Reload before Winter Workouts in Ohio. A down year means a TOUGH Offseason and Preseason for Scholarship football but Mike's not concerned with the workouts - his sights are set on starting as a redshirt Junior next year.

Great to have the College Athlete's back in the GE BackYard already as our high school athlete's prepare for Spring and the Next Level as signing day will be here in just two months.

Good Energy Training
Home Sweet HOME for So Many since 2003!

Great Start Week 1 - WINTER 15

Friday - December 5, 2014


We are receiving a lot of phone calls with people asking us "When our winter program starts" or "..trying to figure out Johnny's schedule and see if we can fit in some of your training."

Figure it out, folks. But Brian McHale on the left in this picture just completed an ALL LEAGUE Senior season as a WR/DB for Ramsey HS football and he now sets his sights on Baseball which he is going to play in college next year at Babson.

Anthony Ascione is currently training with his high school lacrosse team but is going to get Professional Speed & Agility work with our coaches 2x per week this Winter.

Kevin Adams was a D1 Football Player at the University of Pittsburgh and he is trying to get back into shape so he can Go for it at the Next Level and try to get paid to play Football.

Whatever your Performance Goal is, it's time to stop thinking about it and start Doing the WORK. The benefits are to Live with Good Energy and Perform your Sport better because of our Winter Training Program.

Good Energy Training

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