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Teaching Proper Olympic Lifting Techniques

GE Performance Training - Winter 2015


Our first Power Day was a great success this past Thursday as we started from scratch and broke down "the Clean" for our Athletes.

Following 6 plus years of approaching the Clean in our specific way, we have gone back to square one. Our staff has dissected the lift and now utilizing GE Owner's Pete Ohnegian's recent course studies in which he received an Advanced Sports Performance Coach Certification (Level II) through the USA Weightlifting Association.

Pete is now considered an expert on the Olympic "style" Lifts including the Clean, Clean and Jerk, Squat, and Snatch following the completion of two levels of USA Weightlifting course work.

We are excited to be a leader in the tri-state area for Performance Athlete's in teaching proper technique in the Bench, Squat and Clean. Olympic Lifts are popular in the CrossFit forum, but we are utilizing the lifts only to provide our Athlete's with increased Power and Explosiveness - not to improve on the lift as a sport.

If you are looking for your son/daughter to improve their athleticism and strength in a safe, positive yet intense environment - Good Energy Training is a place for them to get to the Next Level.

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College Finals & Back to GE...

CASIMOS plans to Start in 2015


With some MAC schools preparing for Bowl Games, Akron's Mike Casimos had those hopes dashed the day after Thanksgiving when the Zips lossed a close one at Kent State 27-24 to finish the 2014 season 5-7.

Home now to get some NJ food, take his finals on-line and get back to GE to Reload before Winter Workouts in Ohio. A down year means a TOUGH Offseason and Preseason for Scholarship football but Mike's not concerned with the workouts - his sights are set on starting as a redshirt Junior next year.

Great to have the College Athlete's back in the GE BackYard already as our high school athlete's prepare for Spring and the Next Level as signing day will be here in just two months.

Good Energy Training
Home Sweet HOME for So Many since 2003!

Great Start Week 1 - WINTER 15

Friday - December 5, 2014


We are receiving a lot of phone calls with people asking us "When our winter program starts" or "..trying to figure out Johnny's schedule and see if we can fit in some of your training."

Figure it out, folks. But Brian McHale on the left in this picture just completed an ALL LEAGUE Senior season as a WR/DB for Ramsey HS football and he now sets his sights on Baseball which he is going to play in college next year at Babson.

Anthony Ascione is currently training with his high school lacrosse team but is going to get Professional Speed & Agility work with our coaches 2x per week this Winter.

Kevin Adams was a D1 Football Player at the University of Pittsburgh and he is trying to get back into shape so he can Go for it at the Next Level and try to get paid to play Football.

Whatever your Performance Goal is, it's time to stop thinking about it and start Doing the WORK. The benefits are to Live with Good Energy and Perform your Sport better because of our Winter Training Program.

Good Energy Training

Winter Training IN Full Swing!

December 3, 2014


Does your Team, HS, Sport have a Winter Strength & Conditioning program? Is it organized? Is it a Program or you just kind of get together and do "stuff" for one hour or so with your friends, teammates?

If your answer to the above is no and kind of, then YOU are NOT taking YOUR TRAINING Seriously. Call our facility TODAY if you want to make Gains this Winter in your Fitness, Strength, Conditioning, Speed & Agility, Wellness or become a Better Athlete TODAY.

Our time slots are filling up so in order to reserve your requested times - get into our Program now - it started on Monday 12/01/14.

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(Picture Taken on 12/03/14)

Winter Programs Begin

Monday: 12-01-2014


Our Winter Programs begin Monday 12/01/14

Whether you want to learn how to Strength Train this Winter, incorporate fitness in your daily routine or want your TEAM to get to the Next Level, we are offering it ALL at GE this Winter.

Please call us ASAP if you want to get your time slot.

Please note that we are still deciding on our GE Youth Program but that we will be training middle schoolers on Monday and Wednesday at 4pm. (Lower Body/Upper Body)

The Adult Classes will be switched to 7pm instead of 8pm so we will have a condensed schedule for this Winter and allow extra time in the evenings for Team Training.

Look forward to keeping everyone fit this Winter and preparing Spring Athletes for Greatness the next 13 weeks at Good Energy Training.

Train Like a Pro with a Pro.
Since 2003

USR Run - last year (2013)

Snow or Shine - GE is Ready - 2014!


We got a late start on putting together our Thanksgiving Day Run team but we are ready... Over 130 strong are signed up to do the 5K this Thursday on Thanksgiving morning.

It's always a great way for us to begin our Thanksgiving morning as the air is electric and the moods vibrant. This year will be no different as we expect snow to fall on Wednesday and Thursday morning to be clear and 42 degrees.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! GE will be running as a team on Thursday and opened our normal hours on Friday and Saturday.

Good Energy Training
Grateful for our GE TEAM!

NO Stage Too Big - Fall 2014

Leonte Carroo #4 - GE in Nebraska


Allendale, NJ

With two weeks left in our Fall Training Program and it being TESTING Week, I just had to acknowledge ALL the GE Athlete's that Trained SO HARD during the other season's (Winter - Spring - Summer) so they can Play at their BEST Now during the end of their FALL Season.

Rutgers University Football Star - Leonte Carroo #4 doing what he does - excelling at Wide Receiver at a recent Big 10 game at Nebraska. We have had so many Success Stories this Fall and we will be sure to share with you as not everyone plays on such a Large Stage like Leonte and Darius Hamilton at RU.

Good Energy Training
since 2003

RHS Hockey Preparing for Greatness

October 21, 2014


Ramsey High School

Last year the Rams lost a heartbreaking 1-0 State Championship game vs. Morristown at the Prudential Center.

They have "Unfinished Business" this year. Led by All-State, Quinnipiac University bound Alex Whelan - the Rams have been working hard this Fall in their Weight Room preparing for another State Championship run.

In the past the Rams have performed dryland training on their own or have relied on their club team workouts. This year it is our pleasure to administer a Lower Body & Upper Body workout each week at the school.

Although we have not had a FULL Team turnout, we are excited about the strength, bond and trust we are building in the weight room this Fall. The boys are getting stronger, more flexible and athletic in our program.

Our team training is predicated on preventing injuries and building Athletes to play their Sport better while creating Mental Toughness. The Rams are succeeding in our Preseason Program.

Good Energy Training
since 2003

Winter Training is NOW at GE!

Saturday - September 27, 2014


September ends this Tuesday and we are that much closer to Winter "In Season." If you are a Winter athlete - Basketball, Hockey, Track, Swimming, do not wait until Thanksgiving to start preparing yourself.

The HARD WORK you put in now to improve your performance in early December will make a big difference. For 12 years we have mastered preparing student-athletes to perform better through our calculated program.

We will guide you through the training process and periodize the training so that you will be game ready by preseason.

Call today to learn more about our Fall 2014 Program as we are into our 4th week.

Good Energy Training
Train like a Pro with a Pro!
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GE vs. GE at West Point

Friday - September 12, 2014


It is with ultimate satisfaction when we can travel to a game and see GE athlete's on both teams of competition.

Friday night was an extra Proud night for the GE Staff as we got to watch a Division I Women's soccer match between Army & Seton Hall University.

West Point Freshman Clare Shea started at center midfield and played the entire game and Seton Hall's redshirt junior Kristin Kosch played over 40 minutes at forward/wing.

It was a great game that ended in a 1-0 double overtime win for the Seton Hall Pirates. The ultimate winners were the GE Staff that attended the game and were able to see 2 of our Athletes compete and play well!

Good Energy Training
Train Hard & Play Gr8!

McCourty grabs 2 Interceptions - Opening Day

Monday - September 8, 2014


Jason McCourty recorded 2 XXL Interceptions for the Tennessee Titans in their opening day road victory against the Kansas City Chiefs in Arrowhead Stadium.

A tough place to play, but GE's own Jason McCourty quieted the crowd and earned some quality time on ESPN Sportscenter for his super plays.

It's important to highlight "The Pro's" at GE because they did the box jumps, safety bar squats, wide bar bench presses, hang cleans - just like our newest clients - learning the GE Ropes.

If you work on your skills, believe in yourself, have some God given talent and choose to be great - U can.

Good Energy Training
Body - Mind - Spirit!

Fall PreSeason 2014 - Pro, College, HS & Kids

August 18, 2014

Devin McCourty is busy leading the Patriots in NFL Camp, but that's no surprise to the GE TEAM. We teach your son & daughter not just how to perform Strength & Conditioning but to be strong, confident & a leader outside of our facility.

We wish ALL our Fall Athletes the Best of Luck and all local GE student athletes should contact us prior to Labor Day to sign up for "In Season" to avoid soreness, weakness & preserve the gains we have produced this Summer.

It has been an Intense Summer of WORK at GE Training and we look forward to sharing in your son/daughter's successes this Fall.

There are No "Seasons OFF" from Training.

You are either "In Season" - "Off Season" or "Pre Season." Call Today if you are not sure what your son or daughter should be doing but remember - you don't want them to "OverPlay"... that is when your son/daughter gets an "Over Use" injury that could be avoided from our Professional Training Program.

Good Energy Training
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since 2003

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