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Family FUN Run!

Saturday - May 9, 2015


Ramsey, NJ

The 2nd Annual Ramsey Public Education Foundation 5K and "Sprint for the Schools" was a big success on Saturday at the Municipal pool.

Although we didn't go XXL and provide a "Gold Sponsorship," rather a "family Sponsor" - the Good Energy Training team had a solid 60 participants in GE Race Team gear and at least the same amount in the race, but probably more like a few hundred strong with GE Alumni and kids.

It was really a warm, friendly and energetic atmosphere on Saturday and everyone had a great time. Pictured is Michele Stoebling and her son Nicholas during the 5K. Despite Nicholas looking like a GE Race Team fan,... he actually crossed the Finish Line 1st for Team GE and went back along the street to Cheer on his Mom!

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2015 GE Race Team Shirts

Good Energy Training - 1 TEAM


Allendale, NJ - 5.07.15
Just in time for the RPEF - Sprint for the Schools in Ramsey, NJ on Saturday, May 9th 2015- we have made an "NEW" batch of Race Team shirts for this Summer's local 5K's, Spartan Runs, Tough Mudders and whatever FUN - Fitness events you may participate in this Summer.

The tshirts are $15. and can be picked up in Allendale at our facility.

We welcome ALL New clients, players, members to Join our Quest to get more Active in your Life and create your own "Good Energy" by spreading a healthy lifestyle where you Live!

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Summer Officially Here at GE!

UVA's Mike Guerci #41 - Home


Monday - May 4, 2015

After completing his Freshman year academically and redshirt on the gridiron - Mike Guerci has returned "HOME" to the GE BackYard to Fuel for the Month of May with Good Energy everyday before he heads back early to Charlottesville, VA to take classes and prepare for his Redshirt Freshman year at the University of Virginia.

Mike transitioned well from Forked Union to UVA and is settling in at the Linebacker position. He got some time in the UVA Spring Game and hopes to add some lean muscle with GE before he heads south. His first goal is to hit the field for some Special teams and go from there.

We are Proud of Mike's HARD WORK and his resolve to make his dreams and goals come true at the Next Level.

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Spring/Summer Race Team `15

April 30, 2015


As we enter May 2015, here comes the 5K races, the traditional Summer runs and the Spartan races and Tough Mudders.

Please think about becoming part of Our Team! This year's Thanksgiving Day turnout in Upper Saddle River was so large that we didn't even get a "Team picture" but rather a Mob of yellow....which is essentially the point. More GE to Spread around our Community, the better.

NEW GE Race Shirts are $15.00 and will arrive Next Wednesday or Thursday 5/06-5/07 so Call, Email or Text today to reserve one of the first 100 Race shirts.

Waldwick 5K this weekend, Ramsey Public Education Foundation - Spring for the Schools is next weekend, then a USR Rockin' 5k the following weekend. Reserve your GE Race Team shirt today and represent your Training Team - Good Energy!

Good Energy Training
One Team since 2003!

NH Field Hockey Back to WORK!

Tuesday - April 28, 2015


Coming off another successful season in the Fall 2014 including a 20-3 record, State Sectional Championship but relinquishing their Bergen County Championship trophy to Ramsey after winning 6 years in a row - the Highlanders are back to work.

As the Spring season got into full swing, the snow having finally melted and Spring Break in the past - the 2015 Northern Highlands Field Hockey leaders approached Coach Rich Smith and said, "They were Ready to get Back to Work." Without hesitation, Coach Smith told the girls to contact Pete Ohnegian at Good Energy Training and set up a Program to cover the Spring and then revisit a Summer Program following Memorial Day.

The girls came back to GE with a "New" Focus and Dedication to having a Great season in the Fall and committed to perform Strength training 2 days per week this Spring as a team.

The Good Energy Training staff welcomed the girls back today and look forward to providing a Strength base before we take the Program to the Next Level in the Summer which we consider "Pre Season" Training and will focus more on Conditioning and Total Body Strength, mobility and flexibility.

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Final Week of GE's April Cardio Challenge

Monday - April 27, 2015


Last week of the April Cardio Challenge and a GE Donation to Autism. Jason Nagy has been Awesome in ALL three Challenges - February, March and April and won his Office Pool for Weight Loss!!

Remember, if are not currently signed up to our facility, but would like to to check out Good Energy Training and/or just utilize our Cardio area especially on a rainy day - it's $5.00 to anyone and we provide a towel and a water.

Great Job - Jason and ALL the participants in the Cardio Challenges the past three months!! #PrepareForSUN

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WIN or LOSE - GE Wins!

Thursday - April 23, 2015


John Ponchak Field
Ramsey, NJ

After being rained out on Wednesday, there was a lot of anticipation for the Mahwah vs. Ramsey rematch from an Opening day come from behind Rams win over the TBIRDS in Mahwah.

We had a chance to see the Rams on Tuesday and were very impressed with how the entire team played, and there was quite a few GE clients present and past that contributed to the Rams win.

On Thursday we were excited to see Mahwah Centerfielder James Ciliento in action after having a phenomenal off season Winter Training Program with our Staff.

James did not disappoint as we got to see him drive in a run to make the score 3-2 Mahwah and he also had a double in the TBIRDS 4-3 Win on the Road. Ryan Remo, son of Head Baseball and Football Coach Jeff Remo pitched well and the future Fordham Ram was exciting to watch on the mound as it was clear he is a "NEXT LEVEL" baseball player.

Good Energy Training
We are ONE TEAM.

Kreshpane Leads Marist Lax

Red Foxes Earn #1 Seed in MAAC Tournament


Poughkeepsie, NY

Congratulations to Marist Co Captain - Karl Kreshpane for leading the Marist Red Foxes to a 10-3 lacrosse record and earning the #1 Seed in the MAAC Tournament heading into Senior Day this Saturday - April 25, 2015.

Karl has started ALL 13 games for the Red Foxes and has accumulated 12 ground balls as a shut down long stick defender!

We are excited that Karl is on OUR TEAM and that he is finishing his College career with a Great year!

Good Energy Training
Personal Training since 2003!

IN SEASON: GE Around the USA

April 11, 2015


It is what makes our Performance Center different than the gym down the street - at GE our Training is Personal!

We have not seen Carolyn Edler since Summer College Training ended in August - but we stay in touch with her and follow her success in the Pole Vault for UNC-Wilmington.

College Athletes train with our staff because our training compliments and mirrors much of the training they do at school.

It's great to see Carolyn having so much success this Spring and helping lead her Division I Women's Track Team. Proud she chose our facility to improve her performance!

Good Energy Training
Train With A Pro - since 2003!

GE Spring Starting Strong!

Sunday - 3/29/15


Taylor Herrmann earned Bergen Record Headlines on Sunday with her attacking leadership and goals for Mahwah on Saturday in a close playing Victory with West Morris Central.

The Ramsey baseball team earned the 3rd spot in the Preseason polls. The Ramsey roster is filled with many student athletes that have either trained with our Team at Good Energy or we have trained in other sports at the high school.

We have an influx of Off Season and IN Season athletes the last two weeks - so we are encouraged that our Athletes will stay strong and flexible throughout the Spring and we will see how our Off Season Athletes TEST OUT this week in the Squat, Bench and Clean - before their Spring Break!

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What are you Training for?

GE for Life - Spring 2015


We have a diverse clientele at GE. Since 2003 we have prided our training for personal training clients as well as making Athletes perform at their Best with the help of our Strength & Conditioning Program.

With the Spring Holidays on the horizon and Spring Break looming - we just wanted you to know that people train with us for all different goals. For example, your first 5K, Spartan race, Summer Adventure Camp, any Sport you can name or just to feel better.

Don't forget Prom 2015, Spring Break, Summer 2015 and just living a more active lifestyle. We can satisfy your Fitness goals, you just need to call 201-760-9900 or stop by our facility in Allendale and let us know what your Goals are?

If you have the Will to Reach and Achieve your Goals we know "the how," and "the way" in which You can Succeed!

Good Energy Training
It's Personal - since 2003!

GE has Sprung Ahead!

12 Week Program: 3/02-5/24 2015


Pictured are some of our Adult clients Working Hard in the GE BackYard during our Friday "YardWork" session.

We have grinded through another rough winter in northern NJ and are headed to brighter sunshine and warmer temps as we get deeper into March.

Our Winter athletes are back training following their respective seasons and GE Spring Athlete's have switched their GE training sessions to more of maintenance Work to keep their gains.

There are NO "Off Seasons" to Good Energy Training if you are preparing to play at the Collegiate level as you simple reduce the time and intensity should you be "IN Season."

Call for more details. If you are an Adult or Athlete and have not started your "Spring Fitness Routine" it's not too late - we just Pro-Rate your workout Program from now until May 24th.

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