Squat Testing – Spring 2016/Phase II

Spring 2016 – Phase II

Our Spring Program began on Monday, March 7, 2016.

For the past six weeks we have periodized our Strength & Conditioning program to increase gains for our Off Season athletes.  The Lower Body, Upper Body & Power workouts have varied in exercises as well as intensity & volume, but based on their previous one rep max in the back squat, bench press & clean.

During this six week period, our personally scripted workouts have incorporated corrective exercise work, mobility, flexibility & appropriate grouping of exercises to maximize proper total body strength & power.

In addition to sharing our program with many new athletes preparing for the Next Level, we have also contacted their college strength coaches to inquire about their requirements entering their college program and prepare them specifically for their future program.

We have made eating properly a major Focus this Spring and have tried to incorporate a sound Nutrition plan for our Athletes.  Nutrition is a key component in making progressive gains in any program, but we have tried to hammer down the importance of this component this Spring to improve over all results & gains.

In this video are 4 members of Don Bosco Prep’s State Championship Team:

  1. Brandon Simon – DE – University of Iowa
  2. Mike Maietti – OC – Rutgers University
  3. Malik Bakker – RB – Milford Academy (PG)
  4. Kiyon Santos – DB – LIU

After Day 1 of Testing, we are encouraged that our Athletes are making Gains in our Program and will be Ready Day 1 at the Next Level to compete for a position.

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