GE Insider: Ready to Share GE Training

For over 13 years we have been pretty firm with our “Gotta Know to Know” with regard to what Good Energy Training is.  It has been and is a Personal Training facility,although the last few years we have spread our wings and made our facility 5x as large on the inside.

Our Clients know the basic theme of our workouts based on the day of the week but we haven’t posted the workouts of the day or shared too much with regard to who we are training and how.

Clearly we are in the age of “Show & Tell” with so many different social media avenues to share, market & self promote individuals or businesses and this is now the norm.  We are going to attempt to give you an insider’s view of what is Good Energy Training as well as share our philosophy, tips & views on GE Training.  We hope that some of the information will pertain to you and you will let us know what you want to know about our Performance Center & programs.

We want this Blog be an interactive venue for you to share what you would like to know, and for our Staff to introduce GE Training to people not physically training here on a week-to-week basis.

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting new fitness enthusiasts & athlete’s from all over the country and perhaps the World.


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